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Home Loan FAQs

Getting Started

We know that buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make. We at Tata Capital understand the need for everyone to have a place called home. You can take a Home Loan for the following purposes:

  • Buy a plot of land or property and construct a house on it
  • Buy an already constructed house or apartment
  • Renovate your home (Home Improvement) or home repairs
  • Add new built-up area to an existing house (Home Extension).

Some of the benefits of the Home Loan are:

  • Flexible repayment solutions
  • Lower home loan interest rate
  • Tax benefits
  • Door to door services.

Our Home Loans are tailored to help you cover costs across your housing needs. The Home Loan can be used for the following reasons:

  • Buy a new home/apartment
  • Buy a plot/or build a house on it
  • Remodelling
  • To add new built-up area.
Loan Details (Amount & Tenure)
You can take up to 30 years to repay your housing loan.

You can apply for Home Loan from ₹ 5 lakhs to ₹ 5 crores. The maximum amount is subject to 80% of the market value of your property.

Our interest rates begin from 6.90%* and are highly competitive. We offer concessional interest rates to women beneficiaries. Additionally, we provide subsidized home loans to low income groups under PMAY subsidy.

You can apply for maximum of ₹ 5 crores as loan amount. However, there is an overall cap that the loan amount cannot exceed 80% of the market value of the property in consideration.

No. The processing fee is non-fundable as we incur expenses when we process your Home Loan application. Processing involves scrutiny of your application, verification of your documents, assessing your application, calculating your home loan eligibility and so on.

Our repayment mode includes -

  • Post Dated Cheques (PDCs)
  • Electronic Clearance Service (ECS) facility, where the Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI)) are periodically debited from your account with your consent.

We give you flexibility to decide whether to opt for Fixed Rate Home Loan or Home Equity Loan for the initial term of three years which will get auto converted into Floating Rates at the end of three years.

As per the under-construction contract, you will be required to take the disbursal in tranches (i.e. as and when the builder demands funds on completion of specified slabs of the building). Simple Interest on your tranche payments, for up to two years, is chargeable on a monthly basis till the property reaches a specified stage as agreed upon between the parties. On completion of this stage, the regular EMI option is activated.
Maximum of 30 years is provided to repay a loan. This is subject to retirement age of the borrower or 65 years in the case of self-employed applicant.
Home Loan is disbursed in full for outright purchase of ready-to-occupy property, as soon as all the formalities are completed and the sanction conditions are met. For under-construction project, the disbursement will be in instalments, based on the construction stage/level.
Home loans are meant for the special purpose of providing housing facility to individuals at affordable costs. Whereas through Loan Against Property, funds could be raised for business/personal purpose, generally targeted at business expansion/infusion of working capital in the current business or to meet personal requirements.

You can reduce your housing loan tenure by:

1. Increasing your EMI

2. Making a part pre-payment of your housing loan, or

3. A combination of these two (step 1&2)

To reduce your loan tenure, please visit the nearest loan serving branch. After the change in EMI, you should submit new Electronic Clearance Service (ECS) mandate/Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) with the updated amount.

The processing fee for a Home Loan may vary, but it will not exceed 2% of the total home loan amount. We charge you a processing fee to cover fixed legal and technical verification cost. It is the cost charged by the empanelled agencies.

You can take a top-up loan on your Home Loan once your eligibility meets our predefined terms and conditions. 

Copies of your loan agreement are dispatched along with the welcome letter. In case you require an additional copy, please call us on 1860 267 6060 or email us at

Home Loan statement of accounts and the Provisional interest certificate are available on the customer portal. Your customer log in details are provided in the welcome letter.

Following are the foreclosure charges for a loan:

Home Loans

Party to  The Agreement
Foreclosure Charges
  Partial Prepayment Charges
  Closure By Own Funds
Closure By Balance Transfer
Closure By Own Funds
Floating Rate Scheme  All Individuals  No Charges No Charges No Charges
  Individual/Non individual 2% + Taxes 2% + Taxes 2% On prepaid amount over 25% of principal outstanding (O/S)
Fixed Rate Schemes  Individuals/Non Individuals No Charges 2% + Taxes No Charge


Home Equity

Rate Party to  The Agreement Foreclosure Charges   Partial Prepayment Charges
Description   Closure By Own Funds Closure By Balance Transfer Closure By Own Funds
Floating Rate Scheme  All Individuals  No Charges No Charges No Charges
  Individual/Non individual 4% + Taxes 4% + Taxes 4% On prepaid amount over 25% of principal O/S 
Fixed Rate Schemes  Individuals/Non Individuals No Charges 4% + Taxes 4% On prepaid amount over 25% of principal outstanding (O/S) 

For your benefit, Tata Capital offers a Credit Cover for life. In the event of an eventuality, the insurer will clear the loan outstanding or the amount insured in favour of Tata Capital and upon clearance of the principal outstanding, the original property document will be handed over to your nominee. However, this credit cover is dependent on an authentic declaration of good health from you. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before signing the insurance documents.

Some of the common reasons for change in home loan interest rates are:

  • Revision in the Prime Lending Rate of the company
  • Your interest rate shifting from a fixed rate to floating rate upon maturity of the fixed term of the loan as agreed at the time of home loan disbursal
  • Switch of Return on Investment (ROI) on request
  • On submission of switch fees to get a discount over the Prime Lending Rate.

To be eligible for a Home loan, you should be above 24 years of age at the time of borrowing and 65 at the time of completion of the Home Loan. If you are a salaried individual, you should earn at least ₹30,000 per month and have a minimum of two years of experience. In case you are an entrepreneur, you should have three years of experience in your current field.

We only need some basic documents to process your Home Loan. Here’s a handy guide to keep in mind.



Age Proof (Any one)


Passport, Driving License, Life Insurance Policy, Birth Certificate, PAN Card, School Leaving Certificate.


Identity Proof (Any one)


Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, Voter ID.


Residence Address Proof (Any one)


Utility Bill, Bank Statements, Property Registration Documents, Property Tax Receipt, Voter ID.


Office Address Proof (Any one)


Employee ID Card, Appointment Letter, Letter from employer on official letterhead.


Income Proof for Salaried Individuals (Any one)


Salary slips for the last three months, appointment letter, yearly increment letter, certified true copy of Form 16.


Income Proof for Self-employed Individuals (Any one)


IT returns for the last two years with supportive documents, Business profile on letter head, Registration certificate for business commencement.


Income Proof for NRIs (Any one)


Pay slips for the last six months along with employment stability documents such as appointment letter/previous employment history.


Bank Statements for Salaried Individuals (Any one)


Bank statement for the last six months from the salary account.


Bank Statements for Self-employed Individual (Any one)


Operative current account statement for the last six months, Bank statements for the last six months of CC/OD facilities, if taken.


Bank Statements for NRI Applicants (Any one)


Overseas salary account details for the last six months, Indian NRE/ NRO account statements for the last six months 


Credit Report for NRI 


NRI applicants should submit Credit Report of their current country of residence where ever it is applicable as per Tata Capital norms.


Details of Existing Loan


Existing loan details should be provided through bank statements.


Processing Fee Cheque


To be issued from the salary account for Salaried customer or the business account in case of Self


Employed customer


Please provide Aadhaar card details as part of know your customer (KYC) document.

The advantages of taking a Home Loan from Tata Capital are:

  • Attractive Home Loan Interest Rates
  • On Spot Approval: We offer in principle approval to our potential Home Loan customers
  • Other host of Features: We have an excellent property advisory team, wide range of options designed to meet your specific needs, transparent terms and conditions, competitive interest rates, doorstep service among many other features.
You can include your spouse, parents, children, siblings as a co-applicant for the Home Loan. We consider his/her income to enhance your housing loan eligibility.
Income tax benefits and insurance benefits are made available to the Home Loan borrower.

Learn more about the Home Loan Eligibility criteria in detail.

Loan Transfer/Approval
Our turnaround time is quick. We have a dedicated team of Credit Managers to respond on time. Once we receive your file, we give you a confirmation by issuing a Sanction Letter. If you are a Salaried Employee, your loan will get sanctioned within 4-5 days. If you are Self-Employed, it may take us about 7-8 business days.
Flexible EMI Plans
  • Standard EMI Plan:

Standard EMI Plan allows you to pay the principal amount along with the interest consistently for your defined tenure

1. EMI amount remains the same for the entire home loan period.

Standard EMI Plan is ideal if you have a consistent income.

  • Step Up Flexi EMI Plan:

Step Up Flexi EMI Plan offers great flexibility. This repayment option allows you to pay lower EMIs in the beginning and as your salary increases you pay higher EMIs.

1. Provides higher Home Loan eligibility

2. Pay more when you can afford

3. Helps to manage income flow efficiently

Step Up Flexi EMI Plan is ideal if you expect your income to increase at regular intervals.

Know How It Works
  • Complete A Simple Form, generally, takes about 5-10 minutes
  • Upload Documents
  • Keep all the mandatory documents handy
  • Get on spot conditional Approval
  • Get disbursal in your account within days.


We are with you any time of the day. We are digital completely. 


Our customer support team is more than happy to help you, always. 


Walk into any of your closest branch from the network of 180 branches to apply for the home loan today!

* Offer applicable only for customers availing a Home Loan via the online Home Loan application process.

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