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Business Loans By Tata Capital

Every business, irrespective of its size and nature, requires funding from time to time. A business loan is an unsecured credit that can help you meet your growing business’ urgent financial requirements. You can apply for a business loan to usher in the funds required to expand your existing business, boost its production, take your business online, procure inventory, buy equipment, and much more.

You can apply for a business loan with us and get business finance of up to Rs. 75 lakhs. You can avail of our online business loan from the convenience of your home or office. We won’t make you run from pillar to post or burden you with endless paperwork. Additionally, you can choose a suitable tenure to repay your business loan amount at your convenience.

  • Loan Amount

    ₹ 0.40 lakh to ₹ 75 lakhs

  • Loan Tenure

    12 to 60 months

  • Self-Employed Non-Professional Interest rate starting @


  • Self-Employed Doctors Interest rate starting

    @ 12.00%-15.00%

  • Self-Employed Professional Other than Doctors Interest rate starting

    @ 13.00%-17.50%

Advantages of Tata Capital Business Loan?

Customized Loan Amount

With Tata Capital, you can get business finance of Rs. 0.40 lakh to Rs. 75 lakhs. You can choose your business loan amount as per your precise requirement.

Flexible Loan Tenure

Choose your business loan tenure as per your repayment capability. You can select your loan tenure between 12 months to 60 months. 

Term Loan or OD

We offer various business funding options for its customers. You can either apply for a term loan, wherein you’re required to pay fixed EMI for the entire loan tenure, or a Dropline Overdraft Facility, where you would have to repay only the amount used by you, along with interest.

Minimum Documentation

We approve business finance with minimal documentation. We ask only for a handful of documents to approve business loan applications. You can avail of an online business loan and simply upload the required documents on our website.

Quick Approval and Fast Disbursal

We provide fast approvals for business loan applications. You can apply for a business loan and get the finances in your bank account with minimum delay. We ensure a swift disbursal process.

No Collateral Required

Another reason to apply for a business loan with us is that you’re not required to pledge any collateral for it. You can easily avail of business finance without putting your personal or professional assets on the line.

Doorstep Services

We provide doorstep services to make your borrowing experience hassle-free. You can simply apply for a business loan with us, and we will arrange for the doorstep pickup of the required documents. Our executive will be there to assist you in every step.

Get Business Loan with Our 5-Step Application Process

Tata Capital offers online business loans in India through its 5-step application process:


Online Application

Just fill in the required details in our online business loan application form.


Document Submission

Upload the required documents on our website.



Wait for the verification of your business loan application and submitted documents.


Loan Approval

After successful verification of the documents, we will approve your business loan application.



Receive your business loan amount in your bank account.


Avail TATA Capital loans directly from WhatsApp

When Should You Choose a Business Loan?

Several lending institutions offer business loans in India to help business owners meet their urgent cash-flow requirements.
Usually, you can apply for a business loan for the following purposes:

  • Expansion of Your Business

    Sometimes, you may need finances to fund the expansion of your business. This may include adding a new dimension to your existing business or procuring new spaces for expanding your reach. The best way to get business funding for expansion is a business loan.

  • Purchase Raw Materials

    If you’re into a manufacturing business, you may need continuous funding to procure raw materials or inventory. During peak seasonal fluctuations, you may need additional funds to stack up a large volume of inventory. A business loan can be of great help in such a situation.

  • Shortage of Cash-flow

    Ensuring a steady stream of cash flow is critical for a growing business. A shortage of cash flow can have a detrimental impact on your business. A business loan can help you maintain a healthy cash flow even during crunch times or off-seasons.

  • Buy the Latest Equipment

    In the competitive world, no business can survive without the use of cutting-edge technology. However, the sky-rocketing costs can sometimes deter business owners from upgrading their business equipment. In such scenarios, a business loan can ensure that they don’t have to suffer.

What Types of Business Loans are Available with Tata Capital?

With Tata Capital, you can avail of an instant business loan with zero collateral and minimum paperwork. Here are the different types of business loans available with us:

Business Loan for Women

If you’re a self-reliant business woman looking to boost your working capital and scale business operations, you can apply for a business loan for women with us.


Being the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you may need funding from time to time to nurture your business. You can apply for MSME/SME Loan with us to fulfill your business finance requirements.

Working Capital Loan

Every business, be it big or small, needs working capital to maintain its day-to-day operations. By availing of a working capital loan with us, you can ensure the smooth functioning of your business.

Machinery Loan

If you’re into a manufacturing business, you may need to install the latest machinery or equipment in your factory. You can apply for a machinery loan with us to fund the purchase of your business-related tools or equipment.

Who Can Take a Business Loan?

Self-employed individuals, Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, Limited Liability Partnership Firms, Private Limited companies, Closely Held Public Limited companies, HUFs, Trusts, and Societies are eligible to apply for a business loan with Tata Capital.

What is a Business Loan?

With Tata Capital’s new business loans, you can secure hassle-free funding and meet the short-term and medium-term financial requirements of your business. Whether you plan to equip your workforce with the latest technology, launch a new store shortly, or manage your company’s cash flow, our business loan offering with structured EMI options and extended tenures can be your perfect companion.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Business Loan?

At Tata Capital, we provide business finance with simple eligibility criteria and minimal documentation. You can apply for an online business loan and get hassle-free funding of up to Rs. 75 lakhs. Below are our business loan eligibility requirements you need to fulfill:

    • Your age should be at least 21 years at the time of applying for the business loan and not more than 65 years at the time of the last EMI

    • Business should be profitable

    • Minimum 2 years business stability

    • Banking balance should be at least Rs. 5000

What is a Business Loan EMI Calculator?

When you take a business loan, you’re required to pay Equated Monthly Instalments or EMIs every month towards its repayment. Your business loan EMIs depend upon various factors, including your business loan amount, tenure, and the rate of interest.

business loan EMI calculator is a simple online tool that can help you evaluate the EMI amount that you will need to pay every month for the repayment of your business loan. Your EMIs will constitute both - the repayment of the principal component as well as the interest component of your business loan.


Here’s the formula a business loan EMI calculator uses to compute business loan EMI accurately:

E = P x r x (1 + r) ^ n / [(1+ r) ^ n – 1]

Here, E is the EMI amount, P is the principal amount, r is the rate of interest applicable on a monthly basis, and n is the tenor or duration for which the loan is taken.

How to Apply for a Business Loan in India?

How to Apply for a Business Loan in India?

You can apply for a business loan in India with Tata Capital in the following ways:

  • Branch

    You can visit your nearest Tata Capital branch with the required documents, and our executives there will guide you through the process.

How to Apply for a Business Loan in India?

You can apply for a business loan in India with Tata Capital in the following ways:

  • Online

    You can visit the Tata Capital website and apply for an online business loan by filling out a business loan application form.

  • Over the Phone

    You can contact our customer care number and request a call-back to apply for a business loan over the phone.

  • Virtual Assistant

    You can get in touch with TIA - our 24x7 virtual assistant, to apply for an instant business loan from your home or office.

What are the Available Business Loan EMI Options?

For your convenience, Tata Capital provides multiple EMI options on new business loans. Below are the available business loan EMI options:

Fixed EMI

Under the fixed EMI option, your business loan EMI would be fixed for the entire loan tenure.

This EMI option is ideal for you if you have a steady and consistent income from your business.

Structured EMI

Under the structured EMI option, you can choose a repayment process that’s best suited to your monthly income.

This EMI option is ideal for those who do not have a fixed or steady source of income.

Fostering MSME Growth in India

Tata Capital provides the best business loans in India to strengthen new-age entrepreneurs. Being an owner of a micro, small, or medium-sized enterprise (MSME), you can avail of our MSME loan to nurture and expand your business. We also offer business loans for new businesses at a competitive business loan interest rate to support new entrepreneurs. You can use our business loan calculator to know the EMIs that you would have to pay for your small business loan and plan your repayments accordingly.

Women entrepreneurs can apply for business loans for women and avail of some exclusive features and added advantages. Our eligibility criteria and the documents required for a business loan are the bare minimum. Furthermore, you don’t have to fret about how to get a business loan, as you can apply for it by filling out a business loan application form on our website, dialing our customer care number, or visiting your nearest
Tata Capital branch.

Instant Business Loans in your city

Tata Capital provides unique and flexible Business Loans for salaried individuals. Now that you know what is a businessl loan, the following can get a Business Loan from Tata Capital:

Business Loan in Bangalore

Need to manage immediate expenses in the Garden city of India? Take an instant Loan

Business Loan in Mumbai

Get the best loan interest rates in Mumbai. Connect with Tata Capital in your city.

Business Loan in Hyderabad

Fund your unforeseen expenditures in the city of pearls, Hyderabad with Tata Capital.  

Business Loan in Pune

Enjoy customised Business Loans in Pune. Find more at Tata Capital.

Business Loan in Chennai

Facing a cash shortage in Chennai? Head over to Tata Capital for affordable Business Loans.

Business Loan in Kolkata

Enjoy customised Business Loans in Kolkata. Find more at Tata Capital.

Business Loan in Jaipur

Manage unforeseen expenses with ease. Tata Capital has your back.   

Business Loan in Vishakhapatnam

Avail our multi-purpose business loans to meet your unique requirements. Connect with Tata Capital.

Business Loan in Ahmedabad

Get access to credit quickly at affordable interest rates. Find more at Tata Capital.

Business Loan in Lucknow

Finance your goals and meet your capital requirements. Connect with Tata Capital.

Business Loan in Coimbatore

Are you facing a cash crunch? Connect with Tata Capital to know more. 

Business Loan in Nagpur 

Fund your goals with ease. Know more at Tata Capital.

Business Loan in Kanpur

Secure hassle-free funding with ease. Connect with Tata Capital to know more.

Business Loan in Salem

Fund your goals with ease. Know more at Tata Capital. 

Business Loan in Raipur

Meet the short-term financial requirements of your business. Know more. 

Business Loan in Patna

Manage your company’s cash flow. Know more at Tata Capital.

Business Loan in Madurai

Secure hassle-free funding with ease. Connect with Tata Capital to know more.

Business Loan in Kozhikode

Grow your business with Tata Capital. Know more. 

Business Loan in Kochi

Fund your goals with ease in Kochi. Know more at Tata Capital. 

Business Loan in Jodhpur

Enjoy a seamless process to avail Business Loans. Connect with Tata Capital

More Business Loan products for you

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Business Loan for professionals

At Tata Capital, we provide business loans for professionals with benefits like easy eligibility criteria, minimum documentation, and quick disbursals. 

doctor mobile image

Business Loan for women

At Tata Capital, we provide business loans for women entrepreneurs to achieve new heights in the world of business and startups.

What our customers say about us

We are fully satisfied about Tata Capital's services. Just want to say great experiences with customer services and timely response.


Business Loan | 10 April, 2023

It was extraordinary work by Tata Capital upto now. There are no more suggestions.


Business Loan | 17 February, 2023

Overall experience with Tata Capital was up to the mark.


Business Loan | 16 February, 2023

I was impressed with the way your staff handles their customers and if i come accross any family or friend who may be looking for any financial assistance, I shall surely recommend Tata capital


Business Loan | 24 December, 2022

Great service for people like me who really have to grow their bussiness thank you TATA CAPITAL


Business Loan | 07 December, 2022

It's a good experience with the Tata Capital team I am very impressed with your services


Business Loan | 01 November, 2022

My name is Sukanya, and I own a gym. To fund my gym, I took out a business loan from Tata Capital, and I was wowed by how quickly and smoothly the process went. Every time I need a loan for my business, I'm going to select Tata Capital.

Sukanya Giri

Business Loan | 13 March, 2022

I operate an online business and required a loan to fund it. I tried many banks at first, but there was a lot of paperwork involved, and I was unable to obtain a loan. After that, I filed for a Tata Capital Business Loan, which they granted me at a very reasonable interest rate. They offered highly flexible repayment alternatives, as well as excellent customer service that guided me through the entire process. Because of the simple process, I was able to get a loan for my online business without any complications.

Karan Sanghavi

Business Loan | 10 March, 2022

I had just started my business and was unfamiliar with the concept of taking out a loan, but Tata Capital made it extremely easy for me. With my loan, I received wonderful assistance. It is a hassle-free service with a speedy turnaround time and competitive interest rates.

Prakash Mehta

Business Loan | 21 February, 2022

Find the right Loan for you

Machinery Loans

If you’re into a manufacturing business, you may need to install the latest machinery or equipment in your factory.

You can apply for a machinery loan with us to fund the purchase of your business-related tools or equipment.

Machinery Loans

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MSME Loans

MSMEs are the second-largest employer in India after the agriculture sector.

To help these MSMEs grow and flourish without being affected by financial hurdles, Tata Capital offers MSME loans or SME loans at competitive interest rates.

MSME Loans

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Overdraft Loan

If you’re unsure of the total loan amount that you may need for your business, you can avail of a business loan overdraft facility or an overdraft business loan.

With Tata Capital, you can get an OD loan for business of up to Rs. 75 lakhs at an affordable interest rate.

Overdraft Loan

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Small Business Loan

Tata Capital’s small business loans are tailor-made loans to help micro and small businesses in India meet their urgent monetary requirements.

You can apply for a new small business loan online and get the funding from the comforts of your home or office.

Small Business Loan

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