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What is a Personal Loan Pre-Payment Calculator

Do you have an unexpected cash inflow and don't have plans to use it? Why not pay off your personal loan? Tata Capital allows you to prepay your personal loans even before the loan tenure ends. You can prepay your personal loan in part or full depending on your preference.

How to use a Personal Loan Pre-Payment Calculator

You can use the personal loan pre-payment calculator by following the steps mentioned below–


Use the ‘Loan Amount’ slider to set the personal loan amount.


Use the ‘Tenure’ slider to choose the loan tenure, either in months or years


The next step is to use the ‘Rate of Interest’ slider to set the desired interest rate in the pre-payment calculator personal loan.


Using the next slider, choose the ‘Part Prepayment Amount.’


The next and final slider of the personal loan calculator will help you select the payment tenure, in months or years. The pre-payment calculator will automatically display the EMI and the Revised Tenure

Note: You can either use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ symbols to increase or decrease the amount. Alternatively, you can even enter the amount manually in a box

What are the Benefits of Pre-Paying your Loan amount?

Pre-payment of personal loan, both full and in part comes with several benefits, as mentioned below-


  • Become Debt-Free Faster: For a nominal pre-payment fee, repaying your personal loan before its due date whether in part or in full, allows you to become debt-free faster

  • Good Credit Score: Full Pre-payment of a personal loan will improve your credit rating in the long run. A part-prepayment will also boost your credit rating as the early repayment will allow you to pay off the outstanding principal amount in a timely manner, which will in turn show up on your credit history positively

  • Save on Interest Out-Go: Partial or full pre-payment allows you to save on interest.

What are the Pre-Closure charges in a Personal Loan?

A part prepayment of personal loan amount of upto 25% of the principle outstanding is permitted. You will be levied pre-closure charges as 2.5% + GST (on the amount over and above 25% of Principal outstanding).Note– You can apply for part pre-payment of your personal loan only once a year. To know more about the personal loan pre-closure charges, visit our personal loan charges and fees page

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Personal Loan for government employees

If you are a government employees looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

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Personal Loan for salaried employees

If you are a salaried employees looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

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Personal Loan for doctors

If you are a doctor looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

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Personal Loan for women

If you are a women looking for a way out of a cash crunch, let Tata Capital ease your financial pains! Get an instant personal loan within a few minutes.

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Overall the experience was good and hope to continue the same. Also Tata Capital executive were nice and polite from the beginning.

Prasenjit Sen

Loan Against Property | 13 January, 2023

Thank you TATA Group for making India proud with all your hassle free and excellent services, Thanks Team


Personal Loan | 31 December, 2022

I want to thank Tata Capital for giving Loan, During the process I was kept updated. Wanted to thank Tata Capital executive for answering my queries and keeping me updated on Status. Thank you


Personal Loan | 30 December, 2022

This is surprisingly easiest way to avail personal loan. I am completely happy with the service provided. Thank you team TATA CAPITAL!

Venugopal Raju

Personal Loan | 28 December, 2022

I was impressed with the way your staff handles their customers and if i come accross any family or friend who may be looking for any financial assistance, I shall surely recommend Tata capital


Business Loan | 24 December, 2022

One of the best Mobile App, Tata capital only took 3-4 working day for loan approval.


Personal Loan | 23 December, 2022

The services of Tata Capital is very good.. Approval process, loan charges are not hidden, every aspect was explained to me by Tata Capital executive before taking loan, very good transparency. Keep it up..

Prasanna Shriram Agashe

Personal Loan | 10 December, 2022

Excellent customer service with clarity and politeness. Thanks to TATA Capital having wonderful field staff.

S hari Haran

Two Wheeler Loan | 08 December, 2022

I am very happy that I got timely loan in my worst time.


Personal Loan | 07 December, 2022

Find the right Loan for you

Overdraft Loan

Need instant cash for those unexpected needs? Tata Capital offers Personal Loan Overdraft facility with the flexibility to withdraw funds as per your need and pay interest only on the utilized amount.

Avail multiple withdrawals and part-payment facilities without any extra charges.

Overdraft Loan

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Personal Loan for Wedding

A marriage today comes with its fair share of frills, thrills and not to mention - Bills.

An equal lifetime as partners, with highs and lows, joys and woes for better or worse, must begin with taking equal financial responsibility for your wedding too

Personal Loan for Wedding

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Personal Loan for Medical

In times of emergency, getting funds should be a hassle free experience. That’s how we have designed our Medical Loan - a loan that is easy, fast and convenient.

We provide flexible repayment options for all cosmetic, medical and dental procedures.

Personal Loan for Medical

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Personal Loan for Travel

Want to fund your vacation but falling short on funds? An EMI based loan can be an ideal way to pay for a holiday that you can’t quite cover in one go.

Tata Capital Personal Loan for Travel is how you can make it happen. Head off on your next adventure.

Personal Loan for Travel

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Personal Loan for Education

Tata Capital offers Education Loan to help students pay their tuition fees and living cost when they are looking to take the next steps in their education, both in India and abroad.

With quick approval rates, minimal documentation and competitive interest rates, we are levelling the playing field with Student Loans so you can fulfil your potential.

Personal Loan for Education

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Personal Loan for Home Renovation

Thinking of revamping your home? A home that reflects your personality, your style and your taste. We help you do just that with our Personal Loan for Home Renovation.

From making extensive upgrades to your interiors to finally addressing your basic repair and maintenance needs, we are the answer to your home needs. You deserve a better home. We’re here to help you.

Personal Loan for Home Renovation

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