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Loan Against Property

Do you know that your home holds the key to your future? Whether you want to expand your business, or you need funds for your personal use, our Loan Against Property will cover all your financial needs. We offer an array of attractive options based on your specific needs along with flexible property loan tenure and attractive interest rates.

Our loan on property has unrestricted usage and can be used to avail a Loan against property, mortgage loan against property, business loan against property, and much more.

  • LAP Loan Amount

    ₹ 5,00,000- ₹ 5,00,00,000

  • LAP Loan Tenure

    12- 240 months

  • Interest Rates Starts at

Advantages of Tata Capital Loan Against Property

Quick & Easy LAP Loan Processing

We know that you need funds immediately, which is why we process your loan against property application swiftly. With minimal paperwork and online application, the entire LAP loan process can be done online. It’s easy. It’s fast. 

Nature of Collaterals Accepted for Loan on Property

We accept a wide range of collateral for loan on property to fund your immediate financial needs. You can get a loan against residential/commercial property, loan against land, loan against plot, loan against industrial property, and much more.

Longer LAP Loan Repayment Tenure

Choose a loan against property repayment tenure that fits your budget and requirements. With Tata Capital, you can avail of a property loan for up to 15 years.

Competitive Property Loan Interest Rates

Tata Capital's loan against property interest rates start at 10.10%, providing you access to higher property loans at affordable rates.

Loan Against Property Overdraft Facility

Looking for extra cash? Our loan against property comes with an overdraft facility to help you meet your financial contingencies.

Pre-Qualified Top Up on Property Loan 

Getting extra finance couldn’t get easier. Our existing LAP loan customer gets the facility of a Pre-qualified Top Up loan. With Tata Capital, you can easily avail of credit over and above your property loan amount to fund big expenses.


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Why Choose us for your Property Loan Requirements?

Customized Products

Need a personal loan against property? Loan against land? Home loan against property? A longer or shorter tenure? We've got you covered for all. Our loan against property is completely customizable to suit all your small or big requirements.

Minimum Documentation for LAP Loan

When you're in urgent need of funds, lengthy paperwork and endless documentation for loan against property can be frustrating. But not with Tata Capital. You can avail of a property loan quickly with minimal documentation requirements.

Easy Property Loan Application Process

You can avail of a loan against property from Tata Capital online in a few simple steps. Click on 'Apply' to get started with your loan against property application. Check your LAP loan eligibility, fill out the form, and submit it along with the required documents. That's it.

Strong After Sales Service for Loan Against Property

Your journey with Tata Capital doesn't end after your property loan gets approved. Our executives are ready to help you with all your LAP loan queries and requirements throughout the tenure of your property loan.

Properties Covered Under  Loan Against Property

With Tata Capital, you get multiple options to avail of a loan on property. These include-

    • Loan against residential property

    • Loan against commercial property

    • Loan against industrial property

    • Loan against land/plots

  • To avail of a loan against property, the property must be self-owned by the borrower.

4 reasons why Loan Against Property is the right choice for you

  • Multi-Usage of the Loan

    Loan Against Property is one of the most diverse loans you can take. Using your property as collateral, you get access to funds that can address your needs. You have the choice to use the money to expand your business or use it for more personal reasons such as education or wedding. You can even use it to renovate your home or for unexpected medical expenses. It is entirely up to you as you have full freedom.

  • You still own the property

    You use your property only as collateral while you continue to own the valuable asset. Only in the event that you feel that you are unable to repay the loan amount, you get the choice to sell your property in order to settle the loan. However, you have the power to tailor your repayment options to make sure you never have to lose your property.

  • Choice in property type

    You have the choice when it comes to what kind of property you wish to use to secure a loan. We at Tata Capital accept both residential and commercial properties as collateral. You can also apply for Loan Against Property if you own the property with other people as long as they are also co-applicants of the loan.

  • You repay at your convenience

    At Tata Capital, we offer Loan Against Property that is completely customisable to your needs. You can tailor your loan while selecting your loan tenure, amount and your repayment option according to what works best for you. 

Purpose of  Loan Against Property

You can avail of a loan on property for various purposes.

These Include :

    • Loan on property to start or expand a business

    • Loan on property to meet Working Capital Needs

    • Loan on property for Consolidation of Debt

    • Loan on property for Mortgage Buyout

    • Loan on property for Investment

    • Asset Allocation

    • Renovation of Property

    • Asset Acquisition

    • Refinance of Self-financed Property

Loan Against Property Eligibility

Loan Against PropertyEligibility

If you're a salaried individual, you must fulfil the following loan against property eligibility criteria:

  • Segment - Working in MNC / Public Ltd. Co/ Large Pvt. Ltd. Co./State Govt/ Central Govt. / PSU

  • Age - Minimum- 23 Years and Maximum- 65 Years or age of retirement - whichever is earlier at loan maturity

  • Income per annum - Rs 2,40,000

  • Occupational Stability - Minimum 3 Years

Loan Against Property Eligibility

If you're a self-employed professional, you must fulfil the following loan against property eligibility criteria:

  • Segment - Doctors, Architects, Chartered Accountants

  • Age - Minimum- 23 Years and Maximum- 70 Years at loan maturity

  • Income per annum - Rs 2,50,000

  • Occupational Stability - Minimum 3 Years

Loan Against PropertyEligibility

If you're a self-employed individual, you must fulfil the following loan against property eligibility criteria:

  • Segment - Traders, Retailers, and Wholesalers

  • Age - Minimum- 23 Years and Maximum- 70 Years at loan maturity

  • Income per annum - Rs 2,50,000

  • Occupational Stability - Minimum 3 Years

What Is a Loan Against Property?

A loan against property or Home Equity is a secured loan that helps you avail of credit using your existing property as collateral. A LAP loan has zero restrictions, which means you can use it to finance any big-ticket expense. With a loan on property, you can benefit from the value of the property while you continue to occupy it.

When you avail of a loan against property, you submit your property documents with us as collateral. This is also called a mortgage loan against property.

With Tata Capital, you can get a property loan for all your needs-

  • Business needs

  • Working Capital for Business


    Consolidation of Debts






    Personal needs



    Renovation of property



    Asset Acquisition



    Mortgage buyout


Disclaimer: Loans against Property are originated and serviced by Tata Capital Financial Services Limited (TCFSL) and are at its sole discretion. Terms and conditions apply.

What our customers say about us

Overall the experience was good and hope to continue the same. Also Tata Capital executive were nice and polite from the beginning.

Prasenjit Sen

Loan Against Property | 13 January, 2023

Tata Capital's staff is really cooperative. Documents process is also good.

Harshad Laljibhai Rathod

Loan Against Property | 30 November, 2022

Very good staff with nice work. Liked the way they treat us. Thanks Tata Capital.

Prashant Madhukar Gaikwad

Loan Against Property | 08 November, 2022

Good service from Tata Capital. Keep it up. Thank you.

Ankit Kumar Jain

Loan Against Property | 08 August, 2022