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Check Credit Score

Your credit score is extremely important. A higher score can help you get the most affordable loans in the market.

If you are an existing/new customer, please click on the buttons below to check your score.

What is a Credit score?

 A credit score is a 3-digit numerical value depicting your creditworthiness. It ranges between 300 and 900 and summarises your credit report, history, and rating. Your credit/ Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) score is calculated by the CIBIL and available as online credit score.

Your CIBIL score primarily depends on factors like-

  • New debt

  • Credit or repayment history

  • Credit mix

  • Credit utilisation ratio

When you apply for a loan, your credit score acts as a marker of your credit discipline. The CIBIL report helps the lender with your credit score information summarising your credit accounts, amount of credit used, the amount owed, number of hard credit enquiries, credit tenures, and whether bills and loan instalments are timely paid.

The higher your CIBIL score, the better your chances of loan approval. Typically, a credit score over 750 is considered excellent by lending institutions.

How to Improve Your Credit Score?

 If you don’t have a good CIBIL score, you can bring your CIBIL score up in a matter of months with disciplined credit and repayment behaviour. Check your online credit score and maintain a healthy credit score through-

  • Consistently pay your loan Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) and credit card bills on time. A credit report free of EMI defaults and late payments perks up your CIBIL score.

  • Regularly check your online credit score and CIBIL report to check for any discrepancies and understand your potential loan eligibility.

  • Your online credit score should have a healthy mix of unsecured and secured credit. Here, the lesser unsecured loans you have active, the better your credit score.

  • Your credit utilisation on your credit card must be 30%-35% or lower than your current credit limit. However, not using your card at all can also lower your CIBIL score.

  • Before applying for a new loan, check your credit history online. Credit score can reduce if you service multiple loans simultaneously and apply for new credit as well.

How to Check Credit Score Online?

 Perform free credit score check online with Tata Capital. Steps for credit score check-

  • As a new customer, to get online CIBIL score, input your first name and last name, date of birth, gender, email ID, PAN number, mobile number, address, state, city, and pin code.

  • As an existing customer, find your CIBIL score; check your report online as well by providing your registered mobile number. Use the OTP to check your online CIBIL score.

  • In the CIBIL score check online process, confirm that all your details are correct. Click on ‘Submit’. Get your online credit score and credit report for free with Tata Capital.

What Adversely Affects Your Credit Score?

  • Delaying or defaulting credit card bill payments

If you repeatedly miss your credit card bill payments, your CIBIL score will take a hit. Delinquency in repaying credit card debt reflects badly on your CIBIL report.

  • Higher number of unsecured loans

Your credit report shouldn’t depict that you are servicing higher number of unsecured loans. Not having a balance between unsecured and secured credit will drop your CIBIL score.

  • Several loan applications

If you apply for multiple loans, your credit report presents you as credit hungry and someone carrying a substantial loan burden. It hurts your CIBIL score.

  • Taking too many credit cards

Taking too many credit cards will increase your credit utilisation ratio (CUR) and negatively display on your credit report. Here, the CUR directly affects your credit score since it indicates the amount you currently owe against your overall credit limit. High CUR lowers your credit score.

  • Increased credit limit

A high credit limit means a higher debt burden, which negatively impacts your CIBIL score. Not using your credit card

If you don’t use your credit card at all, your CIBIL score falls. Consistently using credit cards under your credit limit and diligently paying bills is key to a positive credit score and CIBIL report.

What Are The Benefits Of A Good Credit Score?

 A good CIBIL score improves loan eligibility, loan approval chances and increases your likelihood of landing competitive loan terms. Check your online credit score for free with Tata Capital.

Let’s look at some benefits of CIBIL score above 750.

  • Higher chances of approval

A high CIBIL score reflects your creditworthiness and clean credit history to potential lenders. This credit score means lenders trust your ability to repay the loan amount. High online credit score results in quick approval, faster loan processing, and a speedy fund disbursal.

  • Better interest rates

High credit score benefits also include being able to negotiate better terms. A high online CIBIL score can help you qualify for attractive loan interest rates, reducing your overall repayment amount.

  • Higher loan amount

Since a good credit score indicates dependable credit behaviour, you can bag a bigger loan amount at competitive interest rates.

  • Pre-approved loan offer

If you have a sound financial background, high credit score, and a disciplined credit report free of loan defaults, lenders can also pitch your pre-approved loan offers. Besides, since the lending institution performs a CIBIL score check online and pre-approves you a loan amount, your online credit score will land attractive interest rates and flexible loan tenures.

CIBIL/Credit Score Range