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    Disclaimer: The aforementioned values, calculations and results are for illustrative and informational purposes only and may vary basis various parameters laid down by Tata Capital.

    What is a Loan Against Securities Calculator?

    If you need emergency finances, you can avail of a loan against security. You can leverage your investments in equity stocks, mutual funds, or bonds to raise quick funds and use them to meet your various short-term financial requirements. To know the maximum loan amount that you can borrow against your investments, you can take the help of a loan against securities calculator.

    Tata Capital’s Loan Against Securities Calculator is a simple online tool where you can enter the details of the securities held by you and determine the maximum loan amount that you can borrow against them. Our loan against shares calculator will display the total net value of your shares and the eligible loan amount within a few seconds. You can also calculate the interest amount and the EMI that you will need to pay for your loan by using our loan against securities eligibility calculator. 


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    How to Use a Loan Against Securities Calculator?

    You can easily find a loan against securities EMI calculator to evaluate the loan amount that you can borrow against your investments and the EMIs that you have to pay for it. For example, if you’ve invested in equity shares or mutual funds, you take the help of a loan against shares calculator or a loan against mutual funds calculator to know the amount you can borrow by pledging them as collateral.

    Tata Capital’s loan against shares calculator is easy to use and can display the results instantly. Here’s how you can use our LAS calculator:


    Enter Company stock name

    Enter the name of the company whose stocks you own. Once you start entering the company’s name, we will suggest the companies with similar names in a dropdown list. You can select the appropriate company name from this dropdown list.


    Enter Stock Quantity

    Then, you need to enter the quantity of the stocks that you have. For example, if you have 5000 stocks of a company, you will need to enter the figure “5000” in the relevant box.


    Add all your stocks

    If you’ve invested in more than one company’s stocks, you can click on the “ADD” button on our loan against shares calculator. Then, you can repeat the two steps mentioned above to add all your stocks one by one. You can even drag and drop a file containing the details of all your stocks if you don’t want the hassles of entering them one by one.


    Display Result

    Based on the current market price of the stock(s) and the number of stocks owned by you, our LAS calculator will calculate the total value of your shares and the maximum amount that you can borrow against them within a few seconds. You can then click on the “QUICK APPLY” button to apply for a loan against securities with us.

    How Does a Loan Against Securities Calculator Work?

    You can input the details of the stocks or mutual funds you own in a loan against mutual fund calculator, and it will gauge the maximum loan amount that you’re eligible for within seconds. At Tata Capital, we offer loans of up to 85% of the value of the pledged security. Here are the factors that our loan against securities calculator considers while evaluating your eligible loan amount:

    • The type of security

      The type of security, i.e., stocks or mutual funds, play a crucial role in determining the maximum loan amount that you can borrow against them. Since stocks are more volatile securities, we offer a lower percentage of financing against them to mitigate the risks involved.

    • Category of the Security

      We also look at the category of security while evaluating your eligible loan amount. For example, if you own a stock belonging to the Super Cat A company, your chances of getting a high loan amount increase.

    • The Current Market Value of the Security

      Both stocks and mutual funds are market-linked instruments, and hence, their current market values are considered to determine the net asset value of your investment. If you own a stock whose market value is currently bullish, you can get a higher loan amount against it.

    • Quantity of Stocks or Mutual Funds

      The quantity of the stocks or mutual funds that you are holding also plays an integral role in determining your eligible loan against securities amount. If you have large quantities of stocks, you can borrow a high loan amount against them.