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Disclaimer: The aforementioned values, calculations and results are for illustrative and informational purposes only and may vary basis various parameters laid down by Tata Capital.

What is a Home Loan EMI Calculator?

When you take a home loan, you agree to repay the loan amount in Equated Monthly Instalments or EMIs. The EMIs that you need to pay for your home loan depend upon several factors, including loan amount, tenure, and home loan interest rate.

A home loan EMI calculator is a simple and effective tool that can help you evaluate the EMI amount that you need to pay every month to repay your home loan. You can use an online home loan EMI calculator to determine your housing loan EMIs within a few seconds. A housing loan EMI calculator is incredibly quick and easy to use.

To calculate your EMIs using a home loan calculator, you will need to enter your home loan principal amount, tenure, and rate of interest, and your house loan EMI will be displayed instantly. By using a house loan calculator, you will get an idea of the right loan amount and tenure so that you can pay your housing loan EMIs without straining your finances.


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What is home loan EMI?

Home loan EMI or Equated Monthly Instalment is the fixed amount that you need to pay every month to repay your home loan. Your house loan EMI includes the repayment of the principal amount plus the interest levied on your home loan.

You can use a home loan instalment calculator to estimate your home loan EMI and plan your repayments more effectively. Calculating home loan EMI with a home EMI calculator is easy and takes no time. You can find an online home loan EMI calculator in India on home loan aggregator portals and websites of lending institutions.

Terms You Should Know About Home Loan EMI Calculator

You can use a home loan EMI calculator to know your home loan EMI by simply entering the principal amount, the applicable rate of interest, and loan tenure. But before you proceed to use a home loan calculator, here are a few terms you should know:

Principal Amount

The principal amount of a home loan refers to the amount that you have borrowed from the lender. The interest on a home loan is calculated on this principal amount.

Applicable Rate of Interest

The rate of interest is the rate at which your lender will charge the interest on your home loan principal amount.


The tenure of a loan is the period during which a borrower repays his or her home loan amount along with the applicable interest. Home loan tenure may range between 15 to 30 years, and you should choose your home loan tenure as per your repayment capability.


Home loan EMIs are the monthly installments that the borrower needs to pay as per the amortization schedule. A home loan calculator can help you know your home loan EMIs based on your loan amount, tenure, and the applicable rate of interest.

How to Calculate Home Loan EMI?

Using a home loan EMI calculator online is the easiest way to calculate home loan EMI. You can simply enter your home loan amount, loan tenure, and the applicable interest rate in a house loan calculator, and your housing loan EMI will be displayed instantly.

For example - For a principal home loan amount of Rs. 20,00,000 borrowed at an interest rate of 10% per annum and for a tenure of 10 years (which is 120 months); home loan EMI can be calculated as follows - [20,00,000 x 10 x (1+10)120]/ [(1+10)120-1], which is equal to Rs. 26,430 per month. .

You can also use the following mathematical formula to calculate your house loan EMI:

EMI = [P x r x (1+r) ^n]/[(1+r) ^n-1]

Wherein ‘P’ is the principal home loan amount, ‘r’ is the applicable home loan interest rate, and ‘n’ is the number of installments you need to pay or loan tenure in months.

Home Loan EMI Chart

While a home loan EMI calculator tells you the EMI that you need to pay for your home loan, a home loan EMI chart provides a complete breakdown of your EMI payments over the loan tenure.

Considering that you have taken a home loan of Rs. 20,00,000 at an interest rate of 9.15% per annum and for a tenure of 15 years, here’s how your home loan EMI chart would look like:

Year Principal Paid (A) Interest Payment (B) Total Payment (A+B) Outstanding Loan Balance
2022 73,260 1,20,813 1,94,073 19,26,740
2023 85,207 1,26,508 2,11,715 18,41,533
2024 91,094 1,20,619 2,11,713 17,20,439
2025 97,390 1,14,325 2,11,715 16,53,050
2026 1,04,118 1,07,596 2,11,714 15,48,932
2027 1,11,313 1,00,402 2,11,715 14,37,620
2028 1,19,004 92,711 2,11,715 13,18,617
2029 1,27,228 84,488 2,11,716 11,91,391
2030 1,36,016 75,698 2,11,714 10,55,374
2031 1,45,414 66,300 2,11,714 9,09,959
2032 1,55,462 56,250 2,11,712 7,54,497
2033 1,66,203 45,508 2,11,711 5,88,292
2034 1,77,688 34,026 2,11,714 4,10,603
2035 1,89,966 21,748 2,11,714 2,20,637
2036 2,03,091 8,620 2,11,711 17,545
2037 17,545 98 17,643 0

How do Calculating Home Loan EMIs Help in Planning the Home Purchase?

House buying is a tedious and complex process that involves huge financial transactions. Although a home loan can help you buy a house with a small down payment, you still need to ensure that your home loan EMIs aren’t straining your monthly budget.

With a home loan EMI calculator, you can know your home loan EMIs in advance and select your home loan amount and tenure accordingly. With accurate EMI calculation, you can plan your budget in a way that your other monthly expenses aren’t affected. 

A housing loan EMI calculator can therefore prove to be an essential financial tool that can help you with your house purchase.

What are the Various Repayment Plans Offered by Tata Capital?

An EMI calculator for home loan can help you plan your home loan repayments in a better fashion. To make your home loan repayment even more convenient, Tata Capital offers the following home loan repayment options:

Standard EMI Plan

The Standard EMI Plan allows you to repay your home loan principal amount plus the interest consistently for your home loan tenure. Here, the EMI amount remains the same throughout the loan tenure.

Step Up Flexi EMI Plan

The Step Up Flexi EMI Plan offers greater flexibility in the repayment of housing loans. With this repayment option, you can choose to pay lower EMI initially and then increase it gradually as your income increases.

What are the Benefits of Using a Home Loan EMI Calculator?

A home loan calculator helps you know the EMIs that you need to pay for your home loan within a few seconds. Several

lending institutions offer home loan EMI calculators online to make your home buying process easier. Here are a few

benefits of using a home EMI calculator:

  • Easy to Use

    Home loan EMI calculators are very easy to use. To use an online home loan calculator, no complex mathematical formulas need to be solved. All you need to do is enter the home loan amount, applicable interest rate, processing fee (if any), and loan tenure, and the house loan calculator will display your EMIs within seconds.

  • Selecting the Right Tenure

    When you increase your home loan tenure, your EMI amount decreases, and vice versa. Knowing the right EMI allows you to decide the right home loan tenure for yourself. You can enter different loan tenures in a home loan calculator and then select the right tenure as per the suitable EMI amount.

  • Proper Loan Management

    It could be possible that you may have extra funds after paying your home loan EMIs and you may wish to make pre-payments to reduce your home loan EMIs. In such a case, a home loan EMI calculator can help you calculate your new EMI and manage your home loan more efficiently.

  • Comparing Loan Offers

    Different lending institutions levy different home loan interest rates and charges. By using an EMI calculator for home loan, you can know the EMIs and compare loan offerings from different lenders. A home loan EMI calculator will help you know the total cost of each loan and make an informed decision.

Steps to Calculate Home Loan EMI Using a Home Loan EMI Calculator

A home loan calculator is user-friendly and easy to use. It can display your home loan EMI within a few seconds. Below are the steps to calculate your EMIs using a home loan EMI calculator:


Enter Loan amount

Open the home loan EMI calculator and enter the loan amount by typing in the box or using the slider.


Enter interest rate

Similarly, enter the applicable home loan interest rate by typing in the box or using the slider.


Expert Loan duration

Now, choose the loan duration or tenure by moving the slider. You can enter the tenure in months or years as per the selected option.


Calculate EMI

Wait for the housing loan EMI calculator to display your home loan EMI and the interest payable. It should not take more than two to three seconds.

How Does Tenure Impact Home Loan EMI?

The home loan EMI is inversely related to the home loan tenure. It means that the higher the home loan tenure, the lower will be the EMI amount, and vice versa. Let us understand this with the help of an example - Consider three different principal amounts and three different tenures for the same interest rate of 9.15% per annum.

The table below depicts that home loan EMI reduces as the tenure increases.

Rs. 10,00,000 Rs. 12,668 Rs. 10,143 Rs. 8,997
Rs. 20,00,000 Rs. 25,335 Rs. 20,285 Rs. 17,995
Rs. 50,00,000 Rs. 63,338 Rs. 50,713 Rs. 44,986

What is the Interest and Principal Component of Home Loan EMI?

Your home loan EMI comprises the principal component and the interest component, wherein the home loan principal component is the amount that you’ve borrowed from the lender, and the interest component is the amount you need to pay over and above the principal loan amount. This interest amount is calculated based on a specified home loan interest rate for a fixed tenure.

In the initial months of the loan tenure, the interest component is significantly higher in home loan EMIs as compared to the principal component. Gradually the interest component keeps on decreasing, and in the latter months, home loan EMIs mainly comprise the principal component. However, the EMI amount remains constant during the entire loan tenure.

You can check out your home loan amortization schedule to understand how your EMIs are broken up over the tenure of your home loan.

What is the Home Loan Amortization Schedule?

A home loan amortization schedule is a table containing all details related to a home loan repayment. It begins with the details of the outstanding principal home loan amount, followed by the details of the scheduled payments or EMIs that the borrower will have to pay at fixed intervals. 

Then, the total interest and the principal amount paid by the borrower are displayed. The last row of the amortization schedule shows the closing balance that will be carried forward to the next period.

Considering that you have taken a home loan for Rs. 50,00,000 for 20 years at a 10% interest rate, this is what your annual amortization schedule will look like:

Year Opening Balance EMI*12 Interest paid yearly Principal paid yearly Closing Balance
1 50,00,000 5,79,013 4,96,276 82,737 49,17,263
2 49,17,263 5,79,013 4,87,612 91,401 48,25,863
3 48,25,863 5,79,013 4,78,042 1,00,971 47,24,891
4 47,24,891 5,79,013 4,67,469 1,11,544 46,13,347
5 46,13,347 5,79,013 4,55,788 1,23,225 44,90,122
6 44,90,122 5,79,013 4,42,885 1,36,128 43,53,994
7 43,53,994 5,79,013 4,28,631 1,50,382 42,03,612
8 42,03,612 5,79,013 4,12,884 1,66,129 40,37,483
9 40,37,483 5,79,013 3,95,488 1,83,525 38,53,958
10 38,53,958 5,79,013 3,76,270 2,02,742 36,51,216
11 36,51,216 5,79,013 3,55,041 2,23,972 34,27,243
12 34,27,243 5,79,013 3,31,588 2,47,425 31,79,818
13 31,79,818 5,79,013 3,05,679 2,73,334 29,06,484
14 29,06,484 5,79,013 2,77,058 3,01,955 26,04,529
15 26,04,529 5,79,013 2,45,439 3,33,574 22,70,955
16 22,70,955 5,79,013 2,10,509 3,68,504 19,02,451
17 19,02,451 5,79,013 1,71,922 4,07,091 14,95,361
18 14,95,361 5,79,013 1,29,215 4,49,718 10,45,642
19 10,45,642 5,79,013 82,203 4,96,810 5,48,832
20 5,48,832 5,79,013 30,181 5,48,832 0

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