Tata Capital believes in India Inc's growth story and we are willing to place our bets on promising business. Our investments can be structured as mezzanine capital, in the form of convertible bonds or non-convertible debentures, based on your need for capital alongside maintaining a healthy debt equity balance. Not only will we share your company's risk, we will also partner your management to capitalize on the Tata group of companies’ knowledge arbitrage over the market.

Tata Capital Advantage:

  • Products are structured for both long and short tenure with exit options at intervals for both parties.
  • We provide tailor made solutions to meet your requirements, while mitigating credit and price risk.


Some of the customized products offered to the customers are given below:

  • Holding company financing
  • Option monetization structures
  • Receivables discounting
  • Acquisition financing
  • Pre-IPO financing
  • Convertible debt financing / quasi equity instruments
  • Financing against listed/unlisted shares, mutual fund units, debt instruments
  • Financing promoters for private equity exits
  • Lease Rental Discounting / CMBS
  • Investment in PTCs or Direct Assignment of Portfolios


We provide a number of Structured Products that are tailored to the unique needs of businesses.