The companies you do business with, undoubtedly have impeccable credentials. But why take a chance? Tata Capital, with its associate banks, offers Letter of Credit (LC) facilities which arms you with guarantee of payment - especially useful while transacting with companies you have had limited exposure to and also for importing your capital goods from any part of the world. We offer two types of letter of credit - Sight and Usance LCs, both inland and foreign.

Considering the dynamic nature of international dealings like distance and differing laws, the use of letters of credit has become a critical aspect of international trade. Our Letter of Credit will provide you with the highest security and minimize your credit risk. Tata Capital’s Letter of Credit gets sanctioned and issued quickly, and is competitively priced.

Tata Capital Advantage:

  • Offers two types of Letters of Credit: Sight & Usance LC, both inland & foreign
  • Tie ups with large global OEMS
  • Structuring of financing solutions in foreign currency at LIBOR rates to avail extended credit against the Letters of Credit
  • Financing up to 100% of LC value
  • Convenience of payment as per LC terms
  • LIBOR based pricing upto 3 Years
  • Quicker approvals
  • No Extra Collateral


We provide a number of Structured Products that are tailored to the unique needs of businesses.