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With Loan Against Securities (LAS) from Tata Capital you can unlock the potential of your investments. All you have to do is pledge your equity shares, mutual funds, bonds or securities and get access to instant liquidity.

Financing for Promoters

You have built a company so big, that thousands of investors are placing their faith in it at the stock exchanges every day. We value your aspirations to own a bigger stake in the company you have grown or to replicate the success with another group company that needs financial support. As one of the largest players in promoter funding markets, Tata Capital will help you achieve your goal.

Not listed you company yet?

We also have solutions for financing promoters whose companies are not listed yet or who are looking at listing in the near future.

For Small and Emerging Corporates

With Tata Capital, you may leverage your investment portfolio of equity shares, mutual fund units, or debt instruments etc. for meeting expansion requirements, working capital requirements or meeting other business exigencies without having to dilute your investments.

Financing for Large investors and businesses

If you are a seasoned investor seeking to leverage your large investments & to tap other investment opportunities, Tata Capital will help you raise short term or long term financing against your investments.

Tata Capital Advantage:

  • Loan can be availed against your investments in shares, mutual funds or debt securities
  • Easy access to funds while you continue to earn return against your financial assets
  • Customized product offering
  • Option to avail additional finance by pledging additional shares
  • Instant liquidity
  • Flexible payment options
  • Quicker approvals
  • Transparent practices


We provide a number of Structured Products that are tailored to the unique needs of businesses.