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Retirement Calculator



 The retirement calculator enables you to find how much corpus you require to maintain a comfortable retired life and plan your savings accordingly today.

 Several variables must be considered while calculating your retirement corpus and monthly savings required to achieve the same. These variables include:


  • Your current age, the age you wish to retire and your life expectancy
  • Your current monthly expenditure
  • Your present savings including investments in Mutual Funds, Shares, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, life insurance policies (excluding term life policy) etc.
  • Expected rate of inflation in the economy
  • Your pre and post-retirement rate on return on your investments


Please note that the pre-retirement rate of return on investment is usually higher than the post-retirement. Because as the person becomes older, they tend to become a conservative investor.

After considering these figures, you can calculate your retirement corpus and the savings required per month to build it up.

Retirement is meant to be quiet, hassle-free, and relaxed. Nothing can and should spoil your retired life - not even finances. Hence, retirement planning right from the age you start working is vital. The earlier you plan for retirement, the better are your chances of accumulating a sizeable corpus. A simple and easy way to do so is with the help of a retirement planning calculator.


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