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Human Life Value



 Human Life Value (HLV) represents the economic value of your life. It helps you identify your income expenses, investments and liabilities to determine the insurance coverage needed to ensure your family’s financial security in your absence.

 The Human Life Value calculator helps compute the monetary value of your life. It denotes the adequate life insurance amount you will need. There are several variables that you must consider while calculating this figure, such as:

  • Your current age and the age you wish to retire
  • Your net take-home income post taxes
  • Your expected rise in annual income and your expected return on your investment
  • Outstanding amount of your loans which includes Home Loan, Vehicle Loan, Education Loan, etc.
  • Details of your existing life insurance cover
  • Your current assets/savings, which will exclude your self-occupied house property

HLV is thus the discounting applied to your future flows of income. Thus life cover required is HLV net of your insurance cover, financial assets and liabilities.

Manually calculating HLV can be complicated. Hence, we offer our HLV calculator wherein all you have to do is - input the required information and know your cover of insurance needed.

This calculator will help you identify your life insurance cover by considering your income, assets, and liabilities to secure your family's finances. It helps you quickly determine your insurance needs based on the inputs you provide.


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