Investments Calculator

Time period of the Investment
  • Investment Intruments
  • Investment Amount
  • Investment Allocation
  • Expected Return on Investment


The investment calculator helps you know your portfolio's future valuation, consisting of various instruments such as stocks, Mutual Funds (Debt / Equity), Fixed Deposits, Non-convertible Debentures, PMS, Gold etc.  

 To calculate the future value of your financial portfolio and the average expected rate of return on your portfolio of investments, you must consider the following variables.

  • Your portfolio valuation bifurcated into various investment instruments

  • The expected rate of return on various elements of your portfolio

  • The investment horizon

This way, you can estimate the future value of your portfolio and the expected rate of return on your investments.

An investment calculator is a tool that helps you figure out the returns you can collect when you park your funds in various investments. With the calculator, get a clear picture of your financial position and returns on your investments years down the line.  


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