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  • Baggage delay benefit and checked baggage loss benefit

What is travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the risks associated with traveling. It can cover up the costs of trip cancellation, baggage loss, medical expenses, and other losses. It can be for losses during domestic or international trips.

Travel insurance, as the name suggests, is an insurance product that is a kind of General Insurance Policy. It is useful for protection against unforeseen damage during traveling and associated financial costs. It is a beneficial plan for those traveling domestically or abroad, especially for those who are frequent travelers. Travel insurance covers the following losses:

  • Baggage loss/Loss of personal belongings
  • Theft/burglary of bags or personal belongings
  • Loss of passport
  • Trip cancellation or delays
  • Medical urgencies/Accidents
  • Death of the insured person
  • Disability of the insured person
  • Hijack
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Missed connection/departure
  • Bounced airline/hotel booking
  • Things To Remember
    One should check the travel insurance policy to ensure what costs are covered. At times, there may be coverage for more risks than those mentioned above. Many travel insurance plans offer additional risk coverage with add-on premium payments. Some travel insurance schemes are specific to the traveler or to the destination place one is traveling to.


There are certain cases when the policies do not provide coverage, often termed as ‘exclusions’. Some of these exclusions can be as mentioned below:

  • When you are high on liquor or drugs, you lose your baggage or hurt yourself under the influence. The insurance provider will not bear the luggage or medical costs
  • It covers medical costs but not that of the Ayurvedic, homeopathy, and cosmetic surgeries related costs
  • Policies do not cover pre-existing diseases/illnesses/health problems. Most of the insurers don’t cover up for HIV-related issues. Also not if you are traveling against medical advice
  • No coverage for self-inflicted injury, suicides, or indulgence in adventure sports
  • No coverage if you lose your passport, luggage, or belongings by yourself if you left them unattended. Also, if you shipped your baggage separately, then the policy does not cover that
  • There is no coverage when one is traveling to prohibited/uncovered destinations. These are usually war-prone regions. For example, if it is under a civil war or suffers due to a terrorist attack

Key Benefits

Apart from the several costs that such travel protection plans cover, as mentioned above, there are some major benefits that they provide. These are:

  • Luggage Benefits

    This policy covers the costs of baggage loss. It could be the cases of loss, burglary, or theft. These policies may cover the loss of bags, passports, important documents, cash, or any personal belongings. Also, during an emergency evacuation or any other mishap, the luggage costs can be protected

  • Cancellation/Delay Benefits

    If there is a cancellation or delay in the trip due to any unforeseen reason, travel insurance companies will reimburse the costs in such cases. Cancellations/delays could be due to weather conditions, strikes, or any other cause. They will also provide some alternative benefits like access to toilets, clothing, or food. Also, when you cancel or delay the trip due to any emergency, you can be reimbursed for the costs if you are insured under a travel policy

  • Medical Benefits

    This policy covers medical fees and hospitalization charges. It is for the expenses that incur when there is any medical emergency, illness, or injury during traveling. It covers the costs of hospitalization, ambulance, and certain others. Insurance providers arrange for cashless hospitalization in impaneled hospitals. In case of death or disability of the insured, you can claim the reimbursement for medical costs or hospitalization as well

  • Alternative Benefits

    There are certain benefits like customized policies for travelers, especially for frequent travelers, groups, or senior citizens. It is because their coverage requirements may be different from others and the general travel insurance policies may not suit them. Hence, some insurers provide customized travel protection policies as well.

The above-mentioned benefits are the major coverages that the travel insurers provide to the policyholders. However, these are subject to the terms and conditions of each policy of the insurer. So, check the T&Cs thoroughly.

Note* The features above may or may not reflect in the plans sourced by our corporate agents. Please check our plans and their features to know more.

Types of Travel Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy

    This is a one-time travel insurance policy specific to one particular trip


Types of Travel Insurance

  • Multi-Trip Policy

    Those who travel frequently should go for a cost-effective travel coverage policy. It covers you for multiple trips to certain destinations over a long duration like maybe for an entire year. This is useful for businessmen and other frequent flyers

Types of Travel Insurance

  • Educational Travel Insurance Policy

    Students who go on educational trips, especially abroad can have the benefit of this type of travel insurance policy. There is usually a set limit for the duration of the trip like it can be a maximum of 30 or 45 days

Types of Travel Insurance

  • Group Policy

    When there are too many travelers, they can go for a group travel policy. There is a maximum limit of persons that group insurance policies cover. For instance, Group Travel Insurance Policy covers 7 people. Insurance providers usually have such offers when there are trips and tours of groups picked up from various places/nations. This also depends on the age of the persons in a group and it is a cost-effective policy if traveling in a group

Types of Travel Insurance

  • Customized Travel Insurance Policies

    Apart from these, there can be specific or customized policies by the insurance companies. It can be specifically for senior citizens or families. They can create customized policies like Medical Travel Insurance Policy which extensively covers medical costs. Similarly, customized Corporate Policies can be advantageous for corporates and businessmen.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is an insurance policy that covers the costs and damage to your home or any insured property. It is a form of property insurance and one of the several types of general insurance products.

Home Insurance – Coverage & Exclusions
Home insurance is also called homeowner’s insurance. It safeguards your bungalow/apartment/rented flat/owned house/built home against potential risks. It covers the costs of damages due to any unfortunate event. Home insurance can be claimed for damage due to the following causes:

  • Natural calamities such as windstorms, hails, fire or lightning
  • Man-made problems like riots, theft, vandalism, or property destruction due to any civil commotion
  • Damage due to rail or road constructions
  • Collision of airplanes or any vehicle (not your own)
  • Explosion or smoke

Coverage offered under Home Insurance Policy

The home insurance policy covers various kinds of damage. For example, damaged electric lines/wires, water pipelines, or structure damage. It also provides coverage for broken windows/doors/floors/walls. Not only the house but also covers for the loss and damage to the contents of the house. It can be broadly divided into four kinds of costs on the insured property as below:

  • Interior damage costs
  • Exterior damage expenses
  • Loss/damage of personal assets/belongings from a house
  • Coverage for physical injuries that may occur while on the damaged property
  • Home insurance policies may differ in what coverage they provide depending on certain factors. It varies according to the residence type (rented/owned) and size of the residence. Other characteristics like age, place of residence, replacement value, and location as well as the cost of belongings also matter. Your claim history or crime rate in the area can also matter. Finally, it depends on you what kind of coverage you choose. It is your choice about the amount of premium and deductible you are ready to pay. The deductible is the amount you have to pay before making the claim if the premium amount falls short of. When the deductible is high, the premium is less and vice-versa.


Although home insurance covers both natural and man-made causes, there are few accidents that go uncovered. For instance, there is no coverage for intentional damages, damages due to neglect, war situations, or ‘Acts of God’. These count as exclusions. Listing a few of them below:

  • ‘Acts of God’ include calamities like floods and earthquakes are excluded in a home insurance policy. Some providers may come with additional coverages for these disasters in specific cases or customized policies
  • Damage occurring due to low or zero maintenance and neglect of the property
  • No cover for damage due to termites, rodents, birds, rot, molds
  • Although there can be cover for fire and smoke in some circumstances, it doesn’t cover up smoke arising from industrial or agricultural operations
  • If any damage is done by a home member intentionally or accidentally. For example, a collision with one’s own vehicle will not be covered under a home insurance policy
  • Any destruction to the property under Ordinance of Law or court’s order
  • Damage due to nuclear hazards or war in the country

Why should you have a Home Insurance Policy

You should have a home insurance policy because it covers the financial loss. You may also have to bear the damage to property and its belongings under conditions not controlled by you. The benefits of a home insurance policy are:

  • You can get monetary aid for repair and damage control due to unfortunate events

  • If a third party causes damage, you can claim insurance without getting into a legal rift

  • It is easier to get a mortgage (home loan) for repair/reconstruction/expansion if there is property insurance

  • The costs of loss of home’s belongings and content can also be covered up. Home belongings like appliances, furnishings, furniture, gadgets, or jewellery

  • Coverage is there not only for damages due to accidents or calamities but also due to theft, robbery, or burglary

  • Note* The features/benefits above may or may not reflect in the plans sourced by our corporate agents. Please check our plans and their features to know more.

How to Claim Home Insurance?

In order to claim home insurance money, you may need documents and evidence for the damage. Documents like police FIR/investigation report and statements from fire brigades/authorized organizations/residential society. Also, medical officer’s certificate of death or disability if required. Apart from that, you may need court summons, repair estimates, invoice/proof of owned contents, etc.

You must pay the deductible for making a home insurance claim. The insurance amount you get will depend on the type of policy you have. It depends if your coverage provision will be based on the actual cash value or the replacement value. It is explained further below:

Actual cash value gives the present value of a house/house item. It deducts the depreciation from the cost of the item when it was new. Depreciation is the loss of value of an item/property due to the age and condition of the item. Depreciation calculation may depend on the insured item and the insurance provider


Suppose a television set is insured and is damaged/stolen due to robbery. The insurance amount will be the coverage of the cost of the TV based on its reduced value at the time of the claim

Replacement value coverage means it will cover the actual cost of the damaged property or an item. It will provide the insurance amount to replace it

Let’s assume the damaged/lost television set is 3 years old and coverage is as per its replacement value. Then, one can claim the insurance amount as the cost of the TV set at the time of its purchase. The insurer shall cover the cost of buying/replacing with a new TV set of similar quality in place of the lost/damaged one

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