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Women's Loan

At Tata Capital, we believe in today’s time and age, women deserve financial independence as much as men. To help women manage their short-term and long-term financial goals, we offer specially crafted Personal Loan for Women. Now, you can finance your higher education abroad, purchase big-ticket items put on hold, and organize the wedding of a lifetime without relying on anyone else!

Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, we offer women loans that can cater to your diverse financial needs. Our personal loans, starting at an interest rate of just 10.99% for a maximum tenure of 6 years, don't require you to pledge any collateral.

While loans for housewives seem like a far-off possibility as lenders often look for income stability, you can easily avail of one from Tata Capital. All you need is a co-applicant with a documented income, and you can get the required funds within a couple of days!

Features of Personal Loan for Women

Borrow from one of the most trusted names in the industry

Tata Capital is one of the most trusted brands in India. Along with our unmatched services, we also offer competitive personal loan interest rates and repayment terms. 

Get attractive interest rates

Whether you take a personal loan for housewives or working women, you get the desired terms on interest rates. We offer some of the lowest ROIs within the industry to all our customers.

No pre-payment fee after 6 months

It's a great thing to be able to repay your loan early! We at Tata Capital appreciate this, which is why we don't charge any penalty on loan pre-payment once the initial 6 months of the borrowing period have lapsed. Now you can opt for a ladies personal loan and repay it within or before time without any extra charges.  

Pay a minimal processing fee

Our processing fee is nominal and can go up to a maximum of 2.75% plus GST of the total borrowed amount. Rest assured, you will be informed of the final loan processing fee before you sign the loan agreement.

Borrow without pledging a collateral

When taking a loan for ladies, you don't need to pledge any guarantees. We don't require any collateral from you. What we will check is your CIBIL score while verifying your loan application. 

Flexible repayment tenures

With us, you can enjoy a personal loan repayment tenure going up to 6 years. This way, you can pay smaller monthly instalments. It’s a great way to maintain your lifestyle quality and keep your savings intact.

Enjoy an overdraft facility

The initial years of repaying the loan can prove a little heavy on the pocket. But, not with us! Whether you take a loan for a housewife or a working woman, we extend an overdraft feature in both cases. Here, you pay only the interest component of the loan for 2 years. After which, you can switch to repaying the total sum (principal + interest) for the next 5 years. 

Quick disbursal of funds

We are exceptionally quick with our fund disbursal routine. Once our experts approve your loan, you will have the funds in your bank account within a few working hours. 

Eligibility criteria for Personal Loan for Women?

Believe it or not, we offer relatively relaxed personal loan eligibility criteria for extending Personal Loans to Women. All you need to do is check if you meet our basic eligibility conditions and apply!

To avail of a women loan from Tata Capital, you need to meet the criteria listed below:

  • You must be between 22 and 58 years of age.

  • You must have a documented monthly income of at least Rs. 15,000.

  • You must have at least a year-long work experience.

While these criteria apply to women with income, a homemaker can also apply for a personal loan with a co-applicant. The co-applicant also needs to fall within the above-listed eligibility criteria. 

Documents required for Women's Loan

At Tata Capital, we only ask you to produce minimal document proofs for verification, including your income, photo identity, and address proofs.

Documents required for salaried women

  • Recent bank statements

  • Salary slips

  • Employment certificate

  • Photo identity proof

  • Address proof

Documents required for self-employed women

  • Address proof

  • Photo identity proof

  • Income proof

What is the process of applying for a personal loan for women?

FAQs on Personal Loan for Women

While a stable income is a critical requirement for applying for a personal loan, it does not mean a homemaker cannot apply for one. If you're a housewife looking for a personal loan for housewife with Tata Capital, all you need is a co-borrower or co-applicant. This co-borrower must either be a salaried or a self-employed individual and should meet all the necessary eligibility criteria.

At Tata Capital, we extend a minimum loan amount of Rs. 75,000 and a maximum loan amount of Rs. 35,00,000 on loans for housewife. However, the final loan amount will depend on the income and creditworthiness of your co-applicant.

Your credit or CIBIL score is essentially a measure of your repayment capability. If your CIBIL score is below 750, here is how you can quickly improve it to get a Personal Loan for Ladies:

  • Don’t default on your credit card payments. Make them on time and in full.

  • Don’t go above your credit card limit often. This shows a high credit usage, which can dent your CIBIL score.

  • Pay your ongoing Personal Loan EMIs, if any, on time.

  • Avoid taking too many loans before applying for a personal loan.

  • Don’t inquire about your CIBIL score too many times in a month.

  • Try to retain your old credit cards as that lengthens your credit history. 

Tata Capital requires you to show a documented income of at least Rs. 15,000 per month to avail of a Personal loan for Ladies. If you are a housewife, then your co-applicant must meet the minimum income requirement. 

The speed of the verification and approval process depends on the medium of application. If you want faster loan approval, you can apply for a ladies personal loan with Tata Capital online. Once you have submitted the application, you can expect loan approval within a matter of minutes, and in some cases, hours.

As for offline applicants, the approval process takes just a couple of days. You only need to visit one of our branches and submit all the requested documents, including a duly filled application form. 

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