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5 Reasons How Automation Can Help Your Businesses

Automation technologies are getting better, so businesses do not have to be concerned about trying their hands at automation. They can securely include a few proven technologies that lend analytical purposes for their companies.

At most companies, automation software is used every day when underwriting agreements to aid scrub statements, electronically sign documents, etc. You can see how automation can enhance how a business is run. Given below are ways in which automation will help your business or what the benefit of business automation is:


One of the aims of any technology is productivity, which is one of the advantages of business automation. Like many other technologies, automation can boost efficiency considerably by saving time to do regular tasks at a quicker rate. This does not prove that automation can boost all kinds of productivity. The technology works in the best way when it is used for monotonous and repetitive tasks. Artificial intelligence has gotten better in recent years, but it is yet to be a kind of substitute for the brain. Several operations or tasks in a business need human inputs, both physical and cognitive, for challenging activities. Automation can boost productivity for your business by assisting it by taking care of some core processes that would otherwise take a lot of time.


Algorithms or software programs take away the possibility of human error. Irrespective of how efficient or diligent an individual is, there remains a chance of error, and this needs extra effort in the review format to be corrected. Due to this, many efforts are overlooked until they create problems. These problems can be avoided if automation is used. Entire processes can become more accessible, also. A business can change to accounting software and other applications for accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration

A business comprises a group of moving parts, with separate teams working on separate tasks and employees donning different hats and handling several responsibilities altogether. This is why it’s simple for essential projects to lose their way, just a bit. Automation tools organise communication, keep all team members on the same page, offer references for experience and approaches, and can make the setting of goals and deadlines faultless and automatic. Getting a better idea of where resources can be allocated and keeping track of progress becomes easier with automation.

Morale of Employees

A lot of employees’ dislike monotonous tasks. Repetitive tasks get boring and offer little job satisfaction. When automation gets control of such tasks, it provides freedom to employees to focus on more efficient activities, especially those in which they can utilise their cognitive abilities. The human brain can do many great things if put to better use.

Spending a lot of time on inferior tasks exhausts individuals and makes them less motivated or creative. Automation produces an effect on employee morale which creates a chain reaction, making the culture of the business better. Tired and unsatisfied employees contribute negatively to the work culture. Employees are more driven, curious, invested, and chasing after excellence when they are happy with the work. The motivation to morale offers that type of job satisfaction.

Including Automation in Business

Automation provides adept and savvy startup and business owners a lot of leverage to ignore for a lot longer. Striving to automate the business from A to Z will feel like an invisible task if you’re starting from the beginning, especially with zero previous experience in automation.

The best way is to find two or more high-leverage zones you can attend to where automation pays enormous dividends. Review where your employees feel they are overworked, in particular. If some of their workloads can be automated, you can quickly reinvest their experience and talents in higher ROI zones. You can now secure a business loan to assist with the automation of your business. A business loan EMI calculator will help you with this.

The best approach to automation – consistently looking for ways to enhance and automate your business, is the steady way to success. It lets you optimise and track every new input without feeling like remodelling your business from top to bottom every time.

Things to Consider While Getting A Used Car Loan

For most Indians, owning a car is a big dream. It is a way to express your style and comfort. However, if you have a limited budget, you may have to put a new car purchase on hold. Not necessarily! Because you can get the same sense of comfort by buying a used car.

Besides, multiple loan options have made purchasing a second-hand car very convenient. Here are the things you must consider before getting a second-hand car loan.

Car valuation

Once you have finalised the model of the car you want to purchase based on your requirements, it is time to go for the car valuation. The car valuation is vital in the case of a used car purchase.

However, when evaluating the car, consider factors like the car title, the number of kilometres driven, used car history, the user profile (personal or commercial), places of usage, service history, etc. A clear understanding of these factors will help you arrive at a fair price for the car.

Rate of interest

Getting a fair interest rate on a used car loan is the next step. Generally, the interest rates on the used car are higher than that of new vehicles. The interest rate is calculated considering the factors like your vehicle type, customer profile, credit history, geography, market discounts, etc. 

To get yourself the best deal, you can compare the interest rates offered by multiple lenders and choose the one that fits your budget.

Down payment

The lender asks you to pay a certain amount of down payment once a loan amount is decided. So, you should be ready with your homework on how much down payment you can make. As a down payment, rates of interest, loan amount, etc., are inversely linked to each other; the more your down payment is, the less loan amount you will have to borrow, followed by fewer monthly EMIs you need to pay. 

You can use a used car loan EMI calculator to get an estimate of your monthly EMIs and interest payable.

Repayment structure

Understanding your loan repayment structure is a crucial factor before getting a used car loan. You may want to pay off your loan as soon as possible to reduce the interest payable. In that case, you should inquire about the prepayment fees and any penalties if you are unable to pay during the tenure period.

It’s prudent to choose an EMI plan you are comfortable paying.

Required documents

Document verification is critical when you go through any loan application process. So, before you close the deal with the selected lender, you must keep the required documents in place. At Tata Capital, we require the following documents.

  • Identity, income, and address proof
  • Past three months’ salary slips
  • Vehicle Registration certificate (RC)
  • Telephone bill/mobile bill
  • Signature copy with proof

Wrapping up

Looking to get a second-hand car loan to purchase your dream car? Turn to Tata Capital for a hassle-free borrowing experience. We offer attractive used car loan interest rates, custom EMI plans, and more. Apply today!

Reasons To Buy A Used Electric Car In 2022

If buying a car is on your bucket list, why not buy second-hand electric car in 2022?

While electric cars are slowly gaining popularity because of their zero carbon emissions, skyrocketing fuel prices are the driving force behind most EV sales today. But despite their lower running and maintenance costs, buying an electric vehicle can break the bank for an average driver.

So if you’ve been eyeing an EV but don’t want to deplete your savings trying to purchase it, you can go for a used EV instead.

Still not sure? Here are some compelling reasons to buy used electric car in 2022.

Used electric cars are affordable

Electric vehicles depreciate faster than their fuel-powered counterparts. This means buying a second hand EV will be cheaper than buying a gas-powered car of the same age. You will also be able to pay off your used car loan quicker since the borrowed loan amount will be smaller.

Relatively new car

As EVs are quite new in the market, you can easily get your hands on a car that is no older than 2-3 years. This means that you can buy a relatively new car at a highly affordable rate.

Smooth driving experience

EVs offer a smooth driving experience and are quieter than cars that run on fuel. The heavyweight of the battery also makes the car feel more rooted to the road. While driving an electric car, you will feel little to no bumps or vibrations.

Low maintenance

Besides bagging a great deal on the electric car second-hand price, you will also save a lot of money on its maintenance as it does not have too many moving and machine parts. As EVs do not have a complex engine, they also require less maintenance. This means you do not have to worry about your car breaking down.


An electric car will last much longer than a car that runs on petrol or diesel. This is because they have fewer parts that don’t require frequent replacements. EV batteries also have a long warranty period and can last anywhere between 10-20 years before they require to be changed. 

Environment friendly

With no carbon emissions, EVs have zero contribution toward global warming. By purchasing a used electric car, you are being more eco-friendly than if you purchased a new one. This is because manufacturing an electric vehicle can leave a greater carbon footprint. However, its long-term impact on the environment makes up for this. 

Ready to buy?

Electric vehicles will soon take over the future of driving. Are you ready to embrace this shift? Don’t let a small budget keep you from buying an EV that suits your lifestyle. Bring your dream car home with Tata Capital and enjoy affordable used car loan interest rates and flexible repayment plans. 

You can visit our website today to check your potential EMIs with the help of our used car loan EMI calculator.

Top 10 Best Bikes In India To Look Out For In 2022

If you’re considering bringing home a pair of wheels this year, look no further. Here is a list of the best bikes in India you should be looking out for in 2022.

1 Royal Enfield Meteor 650

Royal Enfield is working on a 650cc cruiser for the Indian market. As per sources, the bike will have upgraded features such as a digital instrument dashboard, halogen headlamp, alloy wheels, dual exhaust pipes, and disc brakes on both wheels.

2 Yamaha MT-15

One of the top bike brands in India is Yamaha. Their MT-15 model is an efficient option for someone who is looking for a lightweight, every day-use bike. The vehicle comes with a 155cc single-cylinder engine and is priced between Rs. 1.46 lakh and Rs. 1.50 lakh.

3 TVS Apache RTR 180

Apache is among the most widely sold top bike brands in India and it never gets out of style. The RTR 180 model of the bike comes only in the standard variant and offers three colours – pearl white, matte blue, and gloss black. TVS has kept the pricing for this model at Rs. 1.16 lakh.

4 Ultraviolette F77

This bike may be one of the most eagerly anticipated electric motorcycles in the country. The F77 is a high-performance electric motorcycle built in India, and its distribution is expected to start by mid-2022.

5 TVS Raider 125

With the look of a sports bike, the TVS Raider 125 Currently offers two variants, drum (Rs. 77,500) and disc (Rs. 85,469), and a new variant with a colour TFT dash will be launched soon.

6 KTM RC 390

KTM will soon launch the RC390 bike in India. The new variant will sport a TFT instrument display with Bluetooth capability and adjustable front and rear suspension. Its price is expected to be Rs. 2,70,000. But you can finance it easily with a competitive two-wheeler loan.

7 Classic 350 Royal Enfield

The hugely popular Royal Enfield provides some of the best features that bike owners seek. Along with a retro look and subtle design, the bike offers features like two tripmeters, an odometer, an eco-indicator, and a digital clock.

8 Tiger Sport 660 by Triumph

The Triumph 2022 Tiger Sport 660 was released in India in March with a stunning sporty design. Already a hit among the bike enthusiasts, Tiger is priced at Rs. 8.95 lakhs but bookings start at just Rs. 50,000.

9 Honda Splendor Plus

Because of their comfort, features, and sober designs, bikes from Hero are popular among the office-going population. The vehicle comes in three variants: kick-start with alloy wheel, self-start with alloy wheel, and self-start with i3S.

10 Oki90 Electric Scooter

The Okinawa Oki90 is one of the first few Okinawa motorbikes to be released in early 2022. The price of the bike is Rs. 1.21 lakh, and it comes in four colour options.

At Tata Capital, we offer competitive two-wheeler loan interest rates and speedy disbursal to help you afford the bike model you desire the most.

Use our two-wheeler loan EMI calculator to know your EMIs and plan your purchase today!

Ways To Get Funds For Start-ups In 2022

Do you have a solid business idea? Are you looking for the best ways to fund your entrepreneurial journey? Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your start-up to the next level, finding the right capital sources can be tricky.

From bootstrapping to getting a business loan, there are a lot of options that you can consider to fund your start-up. Don’t forget to evaluate factors like the current stage of your start-up, its revenue, how much equity you can offer, etc. while choosing the best method.

Here is a list of all the different sources of funding for start-ups in 2022.

1 Bootstrapping

Also known as ‘self-funding’, this is the most common and recommended method for initial start-up capital. By bootstrapping your business, you will have full control over its operations and profit. This will also confirm the stability of your business when you decide to raise external funds in the future. 

2 Family and friends

Your family and close friends have the maximum trust in you and your idea. Therefore, asking them to invest in your business can be a smart move as you retain 100% of the control. Although this is a less formal method of raising funds, you can draw an agreement to protect the interest of both parties.

3 Angel investment

Angel investment or seed funding is ideal for early-stage start-ups. Angel investors are individuals with surplus cash who are willing to take a high risk for high profits. Angel investors usually offer a small ticket size of funding in exchange for equity, which means you will not have a 100% control over your start-up.

4 Venture Capital funding

We recommend you opt for venture capital funding at a later stage when you generate good revenue. Venture capitalists will only invest in your start-up if they find your business model promising. They will also evaluate different aspects of your business and expect a high return on their investment.

5 Business loan

Another convenient way of raising funds for your start-up is getting a loan from a financial institution. Based on your requirement, you can either get a working capital loan or a term loan. But looking at the high risk associated with start-ups, most lenders follow strict guidelines to approve loan requests.

6 Government loan scheme

The Government of India has introduced several schemes to promote entrepreneurship and help start-ups and MSMEs with their credit requirements. You can avail these schemes for collateral-free and affordable business loan interest rates. The Government business loan schemes include: 

  • Start-up India
  • MUDRA loan scheme
  • Stand-up India
  • Credit Guarantee Fund Trust
  • Trade-related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development (TREAD)
  • Make in India
  • Atal Innovation Mission, etc.

Grow your start-up with Tata Capital

Are you ready to take a plunge into the start-up ecosystem? Are you ready to become the next Indian unicorn? If yes, then Tata Capital is your trusted partner. With affordable interest rates and an easy loan approval process, getting funds for your business is easier than ever.

Visit our website to check your business loan eligibility today. You can also use our business loan EMI calculator to check your potential EMIs.

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