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What are Loan Against Securities Interest Rates?

When you take a loan against security to tackle your urgent financial requirements, you must pay interest to the lender. This interest is calculated as per the loan against securities rate of interest applicable on your loan amount. The loan against securities interest rates may vary from one lending institution to another and are usually charged as percentages on principal loan amounts.

With Tata Capital, you can avail of a loan against shares, mutual funds, or bonds at the most affordable interest rates. Our loan against securities interest rates. Furthermore, depending on your loan eligibility, monthly income, credit score, and the type of security, we can determine the best loan against securities rate of interest for you.

Also, we don’t levy any hidden charges on our loans against securities. From loan against shares interest rates to loan against securities fees, we convey all charges transparently at the time of loan processing.


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How to Calculate the Interest on a Loan Against Security?

You can simply use our LAS EMI Calculator to determine the interest and the EMI amount that you will have to pay for your loan against security. For example, if you have taken a loan against equity shares, you will need to enter the total net value of your shares and the quantity, and we will instantly determine your loan against shares interest rates and EMI amount.

The table below depicts our loan against securities charges and interest rates:

Processing Charge

Up to 1%* of the sanctioned loan amount

Penal Interest/Additional Interest

3% of the outstanding loan amount

*Terms & Conditions apply.

What are the Loan Against Securities Interest Rates and Charges in India?

Loan on securities interest rates in India vary from one lending institution to another. They also depend on the type of security used to apply for the loan. For example, a loan against shares interest rate is usually higher than a loan against mutual fund interest rate since shares are more volatile securities.

At Tata Capital, we offer the most competitive loan against securities interest rates.

Apart from the rate of interest, we levy the following loan against securities charges:

Processing Charges

We levy a nominal one-time processing charge on loans against securities for processing loan applications. This fee is charged as a fixed percentage of the sanctioned loan amount.

Penal Interest or Additional Interest

We levy penal interest or additional interest over and above the applicable loan against securities rate of interest in the case of delayed EMI payments.

Miscellaneous Charges

We also levy the following miscellaneous charges on our loans against securities:

Bounce Charges

₹ 2000

Bounce or dishonor charges are levied if your EMI gets bounced

Mandate Rejection Service Charge

₹ 450 + GST

Charges will be applicable on your EMI due date in case your account does not have an active mandate after the exhaustion of the given post-dated cheques. This charge would be applied every month until there is an Active Mandate linked to your bank account.

CCOD Annual Maintenance Charges

0.25% of the sanctioned loan amount or ₹ 1000, whichever is higher, will be deducted per year from your CC or OD account.

Foreclosure Charges


Instrument Swapping Charges

₹ 550 + GST

These charges are applicable if you wish to swap or exchange your payment mode with a different financial instrument.

Charges for Selling Pledged Securities

0.35% of Sales Consideration + Brokerage and Charges (As per actuals charged by the Broker and Depository Participant).