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Home Loans for Women by Tata Capital

A home loan for women is a loan facility offered exclusively to women. Irrespective of whether she is employed or a housewife, housing loan for women help them in having ownership rights in a property. Having her own roof over her head gives a woman a sense of security, empowerment, and financial freedom.

Just like men, women can now avail of a home loan facility to purchase or build their own house. Tata Capital offers home loan for ladies with several perks; competitive interest rates, high loan amounts, and flexible payback tenure being a few of those. Moreover, a home loan for women’s interest rate is affordable, making repayment easy on the pocket.

The interest rate for our housing loan for women starts from just 8.75% annually*. Besides, our home loan for women's eligibility criteria is very simple, and we require minimal documentation, so availing of a home loan for housewives or working women is an easy process at Tata Capital.

  • Loan amount offered

    ₹ 5 lakhs to ₹ 5 crores

  • Loan tenure

    Upto 30 years

  • Interest rate starting @

    8.75%* p.a.

Home Loan for Women Eligibility Criteria

Home loan for women's eligibility depends on several factors, and they usually vary from one lending institution to other. Lending partners may want to consider the applicant’s age, monthly income, securities, current assets and liabilities, and the cost of the proposed house or property.

At Tata Capital, we offer simple criteria for a home loan for women's eligibility:

  • The age of the applicant should be between 24 to 65 years

  • The applicant should have a minimum salary of Rs. 30,000, or if availing a home loan for housewives, can submit securities like gold, fixed deposits, etc.

  • If the woman is self-employed, she should have a business experience of at least three years

  • The applicant should be a resident of India


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Why Should You Take a Home Loan for Women?

Women can avail of a home loan from Tata Capital to fulfill their dream of having their own house. Here’s why

availing of a home loan from us is a good choice for women:


  • Buy Your Own House or Plot

    Whether a ready-to-move-in property in the heart of the city or buying a plot in the countryside for a leisurely life, with attractive home loan rates for women, Tata Capital makes your dream come true.

  • Renovate or Upgrade Your House

    We understand that a house has its own needs too. You may want to remodel your old house for a new look or upgrade the kitchen for easy maintenance; we understand your every need and provide financial assistance accordingly.

  • Make an Investment for Yourself

    A house is one of the biggest investments in today’s market that is safe from almost all volatility. Make the most of this investment opportunity for yourself and secure your financial freedom before there is a spike in the home loan for women’s interest rate.

  • Provide for Your Loved Ones

    You can gift a roof over the heads of your children, spouse, or loved ones by availing of a home loan for ladies. With us, buying or constructing your dream house is only a matter of time.

How to Apply for a Home Loan for Ladies?

How to Apply for a Home Loan for Ladies?

At Tata Capital, you can apply for housing finance for women in more than one way:

  • Branch

    You can visit your nearest Tata Capital branch to apply for a housing loan. Our executives there will guide you through the entire process.

How to Apply for a Home Loan for Ladies?

At Tata Capital, you can apply for housing finance for women in more than one way:

  • Online

    You can visit our website and apply for a home loan online in a few simple steps.

  • Phone Call

    You can simply dial 1860 267 6060 to apply for a home loan through your phone.

  • Virtual Assistant

    You can take the help of our virtual assistant to apply and learn about the home loan for women’s interest rates.

Steps to Apply for a Home Loan Online

Below are the steps to apply for a Tata Capital Home Loan online:


Fill online form

Fill out our online home loan application form.


Upload documents

Upload the required self-employed home loan documents.


Expert Inspection

Wait for the property inspection by our experts.


Loan disbursal

Get the home loan amount in your bank account.

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With Tata Capital, you can apply for a home loan for women in a few easy steps and get housing finance at competitive interest rates. 

What our customers say about us

I had applied for a home loan at Tata Capital & got the it approved quickly. The process was smooth and sanctioned with sufficient amount with tenure period of 20 yrs.

Sumeet Verma

Home Loan | 14 March, 2022

The submission of my home loan application was very simple and easy. Even the documentation process was very simple and ended in very less time.

Yukta Jaiswal

Home Loan | 11 March, 2022

The customer support service is good as they responded to my queries without any wait time. With their help, my home loan was approved in very less time.

Rashmi Singhania

Home Loan | 28 February, 2022

I got my home loan approved from Tata Capital. The reason behind going with Tata Capital home loan is they were offering home loan at best price and zero processing fee.

Aman Malik

Home Loan | 18 February, 2022

The rate of interest is moderate. Pre closure is applicable but there is locking period. Their customer service is very good.

Amiya Ranjan Swain

Home Loan | 20 October, 2021

The home loan was sanctioned on time and I easily uploaded the documents through online.

Rajesh Jain

Home Loan | 20 October, 2021

Interest rate is a bit high when I compared to Government banks, but processing time and charges for my home loan were less. Loan was sanctioned soon as well.

Manoj Kumar Mishra

Home Loan | 20 October, 2021

The process for my housing loan was immediate. Interest rates were normal at X%. The documentation process was hassle free. What else can I expect!?

Kundan Meher

Home Loan | 20 October, 2021

The processing fee was nominal for my home loan. It was processed hassle free. I am satisfied with the service.

Sridhar Pillai

Home Loan | 20 October, 2021

Find the right Loan for you

Affordable Housing Loan

  1. At Tata Capital, we believe that every single person, regardless of their financial background, deserves a home to call their own.

With this vision, Tata Capital Housing Finance offers affordable home loans at competitive interest rates. 

Affordable Housing Loan Affordable Housing Loan

Home Extension Loan

  1. As the years go by and your family continues to grow, does your house feel smaller?

Tata Capital’s Home Extension Loan is a perfect solution to help you give your family that additional space they deserve.

Home Extension Loan Home Extension Loan

Home Loan for Self-Construction

Instead of buying a ready-to-move-in house, you can choose to purchase a piece of land and construct your house on it brick by brick. 

A home loan for self-construction or simply a home construction loan is a special type of home loan given to help borrowers construct their own house on a piece of land or plot.

Home Loan for Self-Construction Home Loan for Self-Construction

Home Loan Top-up

A home loan top-up is a facility offered by lenders under which a borrower can take an additional loan over and above their existing home loan.

The home loan top-up facility is available only for existing home loan borrowers without the need for any additional security or guarantee.

Home Loan Top-up Home Loan Top-up

Home Loan Overdraft

At times, you may need additional funds to tackle your personal or business expenses. 

With Tata Capital’s home loan overdraft facility, you can avail of a home overdraft loan limit of up to Rs. 2 crores. You can withdraw funds from this overdraft housing loan limit as per your needs and then pay it back at your convenience.

Home Loan Overdraft Home Loan Overdraft

Quick Cash

Quick Cash loan is a unique Pre-Approved personal finance top-up linked to your existing Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited (TCHFL) loans. This loan is only for existing TCHFL Home Loan and Home Equity customers.

Apart from its unique features, it also offers other advantages such as faster processing, and a paperless journey, notwithstanding that all this could be availed in just a few clicks at your convenience any day 24*7.

Quick Cash Quick Cash

Balance Transfer

  1. A home loan balance transfer, or simply a home loan transfer, takes place when you transfer your outstanding home loan amount to a new lender from your existing lender.

With Tata Capital Home Loan Balance Transfer, you can transfer your outstanding home loan balance to affordable interest rates. Our home loan interest rates start from just 8.75% per annum*.

Balance Transfer Balance Transfer