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About LAP Balance Transfer

Looking to revisit your existing loan against property terms and interest rates? Make your loan more affordable on your wallet by opting for a loan against property balance transfer at competitive interest rates.

Tata Capital offers you a mortgage loan balance transfer facility for hassle-free loan repayment. Featuring nominal processing fees, flexible loan tenure, and a top-up facility, you can avail the LAP balance transfer facility through a quick process online with minimal paperwork.

  • Minimum Loan value

    10 Lac

  • Maximum Loan value

    7.5 Crore

  • Loan Tenure

    Up to 20 years

  • Interest rate starting @

Why Choose Tata Capital for a loan against property balance transfer?

Opt for a balance transfer on EMI with Tata Capital to reduce your EMI outflow with lower interest rates and make the loan repayment much more affordable. Here are a few compelling reasons to transfer your loan to Tata Capital-

  • Affordable Interest Rates

    A loan against property balance transfer is suitable for borrowers seeking lower interest rates on their existing loan with a new lender. Because the lower the rate of interest, the more affordable your EMIs. 

  • Flexible loan tenure

    You must also consider the loan tenure while opting for a loan against property balance transfer to pay the loan EMIs comfortably. We offer you an extended loan tenure of up to 15 years!

  • Low processing fee

    We offer this facility at a nominal processing fee, reducing the overall cost of your loan.

  • Loan against property top-up

    You can also become eligible for a top-up loan. We provide competitive loans against property at convenient terms and with minimal documentation.


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What is take over loan or loan against a property balance transfer Loan?

Balance Transfer is a systematic process where a customer can transfer his outstanding principle amount to another financial institute/ bank/lender to avail better features 

With Tata Capital, you can apply for balance transfer of your existing a mortgage loan/s and transfer your unpaid principal amount (balance) on your current mortgage loan to us at an affordable rate of interest.

When you sign up for this facility, your old lender gets paid the principal balance amount, and you can start your new loan with us at better terms and competitive interest rates. Thanks to our speedy approval process, you can avail a balance transfer of loans against property and revisit your current lending terms at the earliest!

Which property can be transferred in a mortgage?

You can easily opt for a mortgage balance transfer facility against a wide range of properties. You can enjoy favourable loan terms and attractive interest rates in a mortgage transfer of property for any pre-owned residential property or commercial building. 

Eligibility Criteria for loan against property balance transfer

You must meet the following eligibility criteria to avail the balance transfer facility-

  • The applicant should be between the age of 23 to 65 years (at the time of maturity)

  • Salaried applicant must have a monthly net income of at least ₹15,000

  • Self-employed applicant must have minimum income per annum of ₹ 2,50,000 

  • The applicant must be employed for at least 3 years  to be eligible