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Equipment Finance

Avail Digital Equipment Loans
up to Rs. 1 Crore

  • Attractive ROIs
  • Customizable Loan tenure

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for all asset classes

  • Up to 100% financing
  • No additional collateral required

Business Loan offerings and advantages in Bangalore

Structured EMI plans
Pay off your business loan on your terms with Tata Capital. Select a loan repayment plan that matches your spending capacity today!

Attractive interest rates
Save money in Bangalore by opting for a business loan with Tata Capital. Get the most affordable interest rates with us, and enjoy hassle-free loan repayments, thanks to lower EMIs.

Collateral-free loans
Enjoy collateral-free business loans that can cover all your immediate business requirements with us at Tata Capital.

Simple documentation
Want to make getting a business loan in Bangalore easier? At Tata Capital, we do this by making document verification seamless for you. Just submit a few mandatory documents, and leave the processing to us. Thanks to limited documentation, loan approvals are quicker too.

  • Loan Amount

    ₹ 0.40 lakh to ₹ 90 lakhs

  • Loan Tenure

    12 to 60 months

  • Self-Employed Non-Professional Interest rate starting @


  • Self-Employed Doctors Interest rate starting

    @ 12.00%-15.00%

  • Self-Employed Professional Other than Doctors Interest rate starting

    @ 13.00%-17.50%

Special Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

Be a part of the start-up boom in India and start your own business venture with various business loan schemes for women. Here’s a glimpse into the various schemes offered by the government

Stree Shakti Yojna

The Stree Shakti Yojna offers financial aid to women entrepreneurs enrolled under the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP). Any woman with majority ownership in a business can avail an interest subsidy of 0.05% on a loan amount of more than Rs. 2 lakhs.

KBL Mahila Udyog Loan from Karnataka Bank

For women entrepreneurs in Bangalore looking to meet their capital requirement, Karnataka Bank offers an affordable loan of up to Rs. 10 lakhs for an extended repayment tenure of 120 months. Any woman with a minimum of 51% shareholding in a company can avail this loan.

Purpose of Business Loans

Known for its bustling economy, Bangalore offers an excellent networking culture for many new start-ups and small businesses. That is why a reliable source of funding like a business loan can help give wings to your business ideas.

Introduce working capital

Running a successful business in Bangalore demands a continuous supply of enough working capital. So when you need ample funds for everyday business needs like salaries, inventory, overhead costs, and more, a business loan from Tata Capital can help you.

Purchase assets

As a business owner, you will need to purchase various assets like the latest machinery, software, new office premises, and more to keep your business up-to-date. A business loan allows you to finance such asset acquisition and boosts your business growth.

Fund a marketing campaign

Launching a new marketing campaign will include various expenses like hiring professionals and executing promotional strategies, and a lack of funds can hamper your efforts. A business loan from Tata Capital will provide you with ample funds to finance all your business needs.

What are Interest Rates for Business Loans in Bangalore?

Loan interest rates play a major role in determining the EMI amount you pay to your lender. Usually, the higher the interest rate, the higher your loan EMI, and the more money you spend on paying it off. So, if you want to save your earnings, given the high cost of living in Bangalore, you should choose a lender offering a business loan in Bangalore at a low rate.

At Tata Capital, we offer the lowest Business Loans rates in Bangalore. As a result, when you get a loan with us, you save the money spent on interest and benefit from easier loan repayments.

So why wait? Get a business loan with us and enjoy affordable business loan interest rates in Bangalore!

What are the eligibility criteria for a Business Loans in Bangalore?

The Business Loans eligibility criteria  at Tata Capital are as follows:

  • You should be between 25-65 years old.

  • You should have a profitable business for over three consecutive years.

  • Your business should have a positive turnover.

  • Your balance sheet should be audited by a Chartered Accountant.

What are the documents required for getting Business Loan in Bangalore?

A photo identity proof

Business Proof

Income Proof

Bank Statements

KYC Documents

How to calculate EMI for Business Loans Online?

When you get a business loan, you need to pay it off as regular equated monthly installments or EMIs. This monthly amount is determined by your loan amount, the loan tenure, and the lender’s interest rate.

Knowing the EMIs for your business loan in Bangalore allows you to allocate finances towards your EMI repayments beforehand. This makes the loan payments more affordable for you.

Looking to calculate your business loan EMI in Bangalore? Let our online Business Loans EMI calculator do the job for you. Simply click on the link to visit the calculator webpage and enter your loan details like loan amount, tenure, and interest rate as prompted. When you hit submit, the calculator automatically displays your monthly EMIs on the screen. It’s that simple!

How to apply for a Business Loan online in Bangalore?


Click on the Apply now button on our website. This will take you to the online application form.


Fill in your personal details as mentioned and click the submit button. Once you do this, we will verify the details to ensure you meet our eligibility requirements.


Upon successful verification, we will extend a loan offer depending on your eligibility. Then, you will need to upload the documents for verification. We might also call you during this process.


Once we verify the paperwork, we sanction the loan.


Lastly, we disburse your funds straight to your account.

Other Ways to Apply for a Business Loan in Bangalore

You can apply for business loan in Bangalore with Tata Capital in the following ways too:

  • Via phone call
    Call our customer care number at 18602676060, and request a callback..

  • Virtual assistant
    Put a request online with our virtual assistant any time.

  • Offline
    Visit our Bangalore branch to complete the offline application process and connect with our seasoned lending experts. Apply for a business loan with us today!