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Home Loan advantages in Jaipur

Fastest Growing Tier II Cities

A safe and well-connected city, Jaipur is already witnessing significant government spending on its infrastructure, thus making it one of the fastest-growing tier-II cities. Many private players are also opening their office floors here, inviting professionals interested in real estate in Jaipur. This is already boosting the demand for home loan in the city. 

Proximity to New Delhi

Jaipur is only a 3 to 4-hour drive from New Delhi. Therefore, many small business owners base themselves here and travel to Delhi or other cities as and when needed. Due to this, an increase in real estate buying is inevitable. 

  • Loan amount offered

    ₹5,00,000 - ₹5,00,00,000

  • Loan tenure

    Upto 30 Years

  • Interest rate starting @

    8.60%* p.a.

Features of Home Loan in Jaipur?

Tata Capital offers you instant home loans so you can purchase or build your dream house. Have a look at some features of home loans in Jaipur.

Best-in-class Interest Rates

With Tata Capital, you get some of the most affordable home loans in Jaipur. A lower interest rate results in much more manageable monthly instalments so you can move into your home house without any worry.

Simple Eligibility

We have simple eligibility criteria in place to fast-track your loan approval and disbursal. Determine your eligibility with our online Home Loan Eligibility Calculator.

Adequate Funds for Diverse Housing Needs

Jaipur has residential areas with properties for individuals with all housing needs. Tata Capital offers home loans of up to Rs. 5 crores in Jaipur. Whether you prefer an apartment or an independent house, you can easily get one.

Easy Repayment

We offer you a flexible tenure of up to 30 years so you can repay the loan at your own pace without straining your finances.

Investment for Future

Jaipur’s proximity to Delhi makes it ideal for businesses to establish themselves in the city. At the same time, the city’s infrastructure is developing rapidly. Now is the right time to invest in a property and secure a valuable asset for the coming years.

What are the Interest Rates for Home Loan in Jaipur?

If you’re interested in borrowing housing finance, perhaps the first thing you’re looking for is an affordable interest rate. Therefore, we’ll have you know that home loan interest rates in Jaipur are at an all-time low.

Don’t believe us? Check out our lowest home loan rates in Jaipur. Not only will you find out ROIs pocket-friendly, but they also come with flexible repayment terms.

With such favourable interest rates, flexible home loan repayment terms, and a hassle-free online documentation process, applying for a housing loan in Jaipur will feel like a cakewalk. So, why wait any longer. Remember, the lower your home loan’s interest rate, the cheaper the total loan cost.   

What is the Eligibility Criteria for a Home Loan in Jaipur?

Usually, the eligibility criteria depend on your source of income. It differs for salaried and self-employed people. For perfect clarity on your eligibility, check out Tata Capital’s home loan eligibility criteria now. 

What are the documents required to avail a Home Loan in Jaipur?

Salary Slips

Age Proof

Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, Birth Certificate

Income Statement

Address Proof

Bank Statement/ Voter ID

Processing Fee Cheque

Identity Proof

Aadhar Card/ PAN Card/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport

How to Calculate EMI for Home Loan Online?

EMI stands for equated monthly instalments, which you pay every month to eventually pay off your loan. Now you can calculate your home loan EMI in Mumbai without the help of any loan expert. How? With the help of a home loan EMI calculator available on our website.

All you need to do is input the total loan amount you desire, along with a tentative tenure and a potential interest rate. Once you do this, the calculator will show you your monthly EMI figure. It will also give you a breakdown of how much you'll be paying towards the principal and interest component.

Sure, you can try different combinations using this calculator until you arrive at the one that hits the sweet spot. So, ditch the old pencil and paper and use an online EMI calculator to figure out how much home loan in Jaipur you should apply for. 

How to apply for a Home Loan online in Jaipur?


You start by providing us with your personal, occupational, property and loan details. After filling this short digital form, we quickly check whether you fit our eligibility criteria.


If you do, we extend an offer for a loan and request you to submit minimal paperwork.


Our experts quickly verify your documents and also inspect the house you wish to purchase. If all goes well, we sanction your loan and provide an E-sanction letter. You can download this letter online.


After receiving the letter, we releaser the funds as quickly as possible into your bank account, which you can use to buy your home.

Other Ways to Apply for a Home Loan in Jaipur

  • Customer care: 18602676060

  • Email –

  • Registered Branch – TCHFL, The Guman - 1, Ground Floor, Amrapali Circle, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021