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Flexi EMI Home Loan


Flexi EMI Home Loan


When it comes to taking home loans, everyone's needs and circumstances are unique. However, loan products are normally based on the premise of one-size-fits-all. Wouldn't it be great if there were offerings customized according to the unique needs of customers?


Tata Capital's brings to you Flexi EMI Home Loans; a unique product that allows structuring of loan repayment schedule as per your current and future expected financial situation. So if you were worried that when you take a home loan, you wouldn't have any money left to invest for your retirement, then a product like Flexi-EMI loan comes to your rescue.


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Step-Up Flexi EMI Home Loan

Think Flexi - Step Up Flexi EMI

Generally, an individual's income tends to increase every year. Under the Step-Up option, a customer can increase the EMI amount every year to match increase in their annual income. This gradual annual increase helps you repay your home loan without taxing you financially.


Is it ideal for me?

If your EMIs are burning a hole in your pocket, this plan will give you much-needed relief. It gives you the freedom to increase your EMI along with your yearly pay hike. This option is best for those customers who want to purchases a home, through housing finance at the beginning of their career.

Opting for a home loan that offers innovative facility like flexible EMIs will not only makes it easy to match your loan repayment schedule with your projected money inflows but will also give you peace of mind.

Looking for a Home Loan? Calculate your EMI in 3 Easy Steps Using our Home Loan EMI Calculator.

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