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Tata Capital > Blog > What’s Trending > What are Shubharambh Loans by Tata Capital?

What's Trending

What are Shubharambh Loans by Tata Capital?

What are Shubharambh Loans by Tata Capital?

2020 disrupted the lives of nearly everyone. Whether you are a salaried individual, a business owner, or a self-employed professional, the year was a tough one for you. There was uncertainty in your business or job, someone you know may have lost their job, a loved one’s health may have suffered, or your travel plans had to be shelved. This past year has been a life-altering experience for most of us; many have felt hopeless.

But, 2021 is here and it’s time to turn a new leaf. To help pandemic-affected businesses and individuals start afresh, get back on their feet, and rebuild what they lost, Tata Capital lends a helping hand with Shubharambh Loans.

Your Plans, Our Support – The Shubharambh Loan Suite

The Shuabharambh portfolio comprises 6 loans, each tailored to suit the financial requirements of everyone affected by Covid-19.

1. Personal loans

High medical bills, unexpected purchases, and reduced disposable income may have affected your life last year. Our Shubharambh personal loans are customised to ensure that you sail through these trying times with your savings intact.

The personal loans offer extended loan tenures and pocket-friendly EMIs so that you get rid of pandemic-afflicted financial burdens and fulfil your goals in 2021.

2. Shubharambh Business Finance

2020 postponed new store openings, business expansion plans, machinery purchases, and more. Businesses suffered to keep their everyday operations running with limited financial resources.

At Tata Capital, we understand what your business’s health means to you. Fast processing, exclusive repayment benefits, and high tenures on our Shubharambh business loan; coupled with your vim and vigour will allow you to bounce back in 2021.

3. Vehicle Loans

Covid-19 pandemic altered people’s means of daily travelling. Many are choosing two-wheeled rides to avoid public transit. Your budget is tight, and commuting is a necessity, let Tata Capital assist with Shubharambh two wheeler loans. You can ease off the expenses by availing our zero down-payment bike finance.

However, if you think your family’s travel safety is best ensured with a car right now, we will be there to back your purchase. With our Shubaramabh used car loan, you can bring a favourite car home and embark on all the trips you planned in 2020!

4. Home Finance  

Stepping into a new home is a big decision; even more so, when you leave the troubles of 2020 behind. Whether you are purchasing a house or constructing a new one, Tata Capital will be there. As you place your trust in our Shubharambh home loan, we will guarantee fast loan processing, minimum documentation requirements, and hassle-free service.

5. Loan Against Property

Sometimes life throws curveballs at us, and financial worries overpower our ambitions for a better tomorrow. In unprecedented moments, your home can secure your future. With Tata Capital’s loan against property (LAP), you can truly unlock the potential of your property, be it commercial or residential.

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Who Can Apply for Shubharambh Finance?

Rishikesh Dalal, who inherited a grocery store from his father, was dedicated to serving his community. He was a reliable neighbourhood shop, for providing fresh fruits and vegetables to nearby Vasai localities for 15 years. But everything changed in March 2020. In-store purchases declined, as customers became reluctant in buying groceries from local shops due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The enormous challenge did not stop Rishikesh from fulfilling his resolve to help his community. He recalled what his father taught him, “to run a business is to adapt to every circumstance”, and he embarked on a new journey. With Tata Capital’s Shubharambh used car loan, he purchased a Maruti Eeco and started a mobile fresh fruit and vegetable shop. Since then, not a single day had passed when Rishikesh didn’t proffer his services to housing societies and nearby residents.

With Shubharambh loans by Tata Capital, countless like Rishikesh aren’t just adapting; they are thriving. As people take their first step towards a new beginning, we understand that financial constraints can pull you back. However, to ensure you meet no more obstacles in 2021, Tata Capital is offering multipurpose finance offerings with easy eligibility.

  • Whether you are a self-employed professional or a salaried individual, an NRI or an entrepreneur, our Shubharambh home loans are available for all.
  • Business owners with a credit score of 600 or more can avail our unique business finance tailored to their current-day business requirements. 
  • Tata Capital’s Shubharambh bike loans are personalised to ensure flexible repayment. Moreover, whether you have your own venture or are employed under one, one year of employment stability is enough to avail bike finance.
  • Self-employed and salaried individuals with at least two years of residential and professional experience can secure used car loan amounts as high as Rs 10 lakhs.
  • Home equity loans from Tata Capital accept a wide array of collaterals. From residential properties to the commercial ones, avail Shubharambh finance and unlock the worth of your house.

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How Can You Apply for Shubharambh Loan?

After a tiring string of events that marked 2020, it is time to take charge and control how your life and ambitions pace. Tata Capital aims to back your decisions and plans with Shubharambh loans that offer ease in transactions, hassle-free application, and swift disbursals. You can receive your loan amount by following four easy steps and without leaving your home.

  • Reach Shubharambh finance’s application section by tapping on “Apply Now,” and choose a loan offering as per your requirements.
  • Simply provide your occupation details and proceed.
  • Now, furnish some personal information such as name, address, PAN number, etc., and move to the next section.
  • Here, applicants can share their story by adding a video/audio/photograph.

Customers can also utilise the WhatsApp platform to apply for a loan. All they need to do is send a “hi” to a phone number.

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A Helping Hand for Plans Post-Pandemic: How are Shubharambh Loans by Tata Capital Different from Traditional Loans?

Helping you kick start your journeys of development again, Tata Capital brings exclusive benefits with Shubharambh finance. From enterprise owners to women purchasing a new house, self-employed doctors to salaried individuals eyeing a two-wheeler ride, our Shubharambh offerings have something for all. Here are a few special features accompanying the loans:

  • Avail extended loan tenures on home loans, personal finance, bike loan, business finance, used car credit, and home equity loans.
  • The minimum income criteria to be eligible for Shubharambh finance offerings start at just Rs 15,000.
  • Pre-pandemic credit score will be considered valid on loan applications.
  • While availing Shubharambh finance or loan, you can club your family income too.

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We understand that in 2020, your plans, dreams, and hard-earned savings were affected adversely. However, 2021 is the year you can turn things around.

Do not lose hope! This is the year of rebuilding your life and embarking on new beginnings. With Tata Capital by your side, start a new chapter in your life. Avail a Shubharambh Loan today.

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