The pandemic-struck 2020 disrupted significant aspects of people’s lives, including personal, health, travel, and business. People dug into their savings, cut back on several expenses, stayed indoors, and worked remotely. So, you are not alone in wanting to change things for yourself in 2021.

Aimed at helping India rebuild, Tata Capital’s Shubharambh Loans will cater to people across segments, including the Covid-19 warriors and pandemic impacted sectors. Each finance offering is tailored to help customers revive their interests, and aspirations. The unique initiative includes six exclusively designed products: business loans, personal loans, two-wheeler loans, used car loans, loan against property, and home loans.

Here are six ways in which you can resurrect the year, that is, with new hope to reclaim your lives, dreams, and ambitions again.

Get Your Budget on the Right Path

Unforeseen expenses, travel costs, and medical emergencies defined 2020 for most people. However, all is not lost; consolidate any debt from the last year with an easy personal loan. In no time, you will have your expenses figured out to take that much-awaited pandemic-postponed family trip in the coming months.

Assess Your Business Goals

In 2020 companies were forced to look for alternatives to run their day to day operations. While some switched to digital channels, many ensured their products’ contactless deliveries.

As enterprises adjust to the new normal, you can reassess your immediate business plans. Invest in cashless technologies, sanitation infrastructure, or remote work solutions to lead the changing business landscape.

Let a New Car Keep Your Family Safe

With increased emphasis on safe travel, you can make 2021 the year you finally bring your favourite four-wheeled model home. If a new car doesn’t accommodate your plans, you can always opt for a used car. Especially today, when flexible used car loans are available, you can even finance up to 100% of the car’s value.

Switch to a Two-wheeler

In 2021, people aim to reduce reliance on public transport, crowded buses, and taxis. Now that travel restrictions are easing off, and offices are resuming their on-site operations, daily travelling is necessary again.

In this new normal, quick trip to the grocery shop, visiting the medical store, or reaching your office two blocks down the road, is perfect with a two-wheeled companion. If you are worried about the charges upfront, opt for bike finance. Two-wheeler loans with zero-down payment are available.

Fulfill your dreams of buying a new home

Make your home buying plans a reality in 2021. Tata Capital’s Shubharambh Home Loan offerings are exclusively curated to fund your post-pandemic plans. Tata Capital’s home loan processing is seamless and comes with minimum documentation. Enjoy the benefit of low-cost home loan with interest rate starting from 6.90%.

Manage Your Post-Pandemic Expenses with a Loan Against Property

In 2021, recover financially with home equity finance aiding your endeavours. Whether business expansion is on your mind or a personal ambition is on the cards, loan against property can cover your expenses without affecting your budget.

Let Tata Capital’s Shubharambh Loans be your helping hand in 2021. Shubharambh Loans provide higher loan tenure, 20% lesser EMI, easy eligibility, and many exclusive benefits. What’s more, people can apply through a phone call, WhatsApp, or online application. However, the last date for a Shubharambh loan application is June 30, 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Tata Capital and embrace new beginnings today.

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