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Shubharambh Business Loan

When Coronavirus reigned in, businesses took a hit. Tata Capital brings special business loans to help the country get back on its feet and start a new innings in 2021. Your quest to secure funds for expanding your business or making necessary changes ends with Shubharambh Loans.

Whether it’s an existing business you want to revamp or a new business is on the cards in 2021, you can make it all happen with Tata Capital’s business loans.

You can choose a product offering that suits your present-day business requirements. Stay ahead and keep your future protected with Tata Capital’s unique business finance offerings.

Reclaim your business ambitions in 2021 with our easy-to-meet eligibility, minimal paperwork, and swift & hassle-free loan disbursals. You can also enjoy high loan amounts, attractive business loan interest rates, and other exclusive benefits with Tata Capital ShubhAarambh Loans.

Avail a Shubharambh Business Loan and ensure that no troubles from 2020 hinder your capacity to keep your everyday operations running. Apply now!

Loans granted between: ₹ 3 Lakhs to ₹ 15 Lakhs

Advantages of Shubharambh Business Loans

Enjoy longer loan tenures up to 48 months instead of 36 months for a Shubharambh Term Loan and up to 60 months instead of 36 months for a Shubharambh OverDraft Business Loan! These loans are tailored to make your life easier with relaxed repayment options.

2020 might have halted the pace of living. But, no more! At Tata Capital, we understand that as you plan to reclaim your business stability, time is of the essence. We don’t make you run around and and ensure that you get access to the funds quickly.

Enjoy a no principal repayment facility for the first 12 months of your Shubharambh Business Loan repayment tenure! Your interest payable will only be on the utilised portion of the limit for the first year. Use the limit only when you need the money and pay back whenever you have extra funds.

Forget about hefty paperwork for business loan application! At Tata Capital, we only ask for limited documentation like income documents, KYC, etc. Bring these in and get your loan sanctioned in no time.

List of Documents Required for Business Loan

All applicants must provide some necessary business loan documents, including:

  • KYC
  • Last two years Income Tax Return (ITR) and computation of Income
  • Last 12 months Bank statement
  • Last six months GST return (3 months old GSTR is allowed)

Eligibility Criteria for Business Loan

To get a Tata Capital Shubharambh Loan, you should meet some basic business loan eligibility criteria:

  • You should be aged between 21 to 65
  • You must be a self-employed individual
  • For first-time borrowers, three-year business stability is a must
  • Your credit score should be 600 or more

Discover Stories

Suraj Singh | Jaipur, India

I own a fusion eatery in Jaipur that I opened in 2017 that used to attract many visitors. However, with the pandemic and a dip in the business; I suffered a major slowdown in my revenue. People were afraid to come visit, perhaps even due to tight seating in the indoor setting. With a strong will to overcome my challenges, decided to reopen it keeping social distancing protocols in mind. However, due to the lack of adequate space to keep tables at a distance, I planned to extend the outdoor area and convert it into a safe and distanced eating spot.

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Aarti Bagri | Jodhpur, India

This is the story of Aarti Bagri, a young Interior designer from Jodhpur, who has been operating her business for the last 5 years.

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Proneet and Sujeet | Kolkata, India

Business was booming, we were looking to open another Rolls Kitchen in Kolkata and then the pandemic hit us like a storm. Orders came to a halt, our food stock perished, but we kept the staff with pay cuts.

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Raj and Mitali | Indore, India

Before the lockdown, I used to drive a rented taxi and she ran a small tiffin service. That’s how we managed our household of six. We made just about enough to make ends meet.

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