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Tata Capital > Blog > What’s Trending > Who Can Apply for Shubharambh Loans?

What's Trending

Who Can Apply for Shubharambh Loans?

Who Can Apply for Shubharambh Loans?

Often in life, especially during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, people who hold the capacity to do wonders lost hope. Unforeseen medical crises and exorbitant finances became impossible for people to mitigate in 2020. In this New Year after a troubled one, we, at Tata Capital, intend to support your plans with uniquely customised Shubharambh loans. Apply comfortably from your home and receive the sanctioned amount in no team.

Shubharambh Personal Finance for All Salaried Individuals and Other Professionals

When people are sowing the seeds of starting afresh in life, we understand that finances are instrumental in shaping your beginnings. That’s why our Shubharambh personal loans are multipurpose and entail easy eligibility. Whether you have two years of work experience or three, our personal finance caters to all. So, if 2021 was earmarked for a studying experience abroad or you need to whisk your budget in shape, Tata Capital will have your back.

No More Commuting Woes in 2021 for Salaried or Self-Employed

Aarti, who runs a small clinic in the vibrant city of Bareilly as a radiologist, had just begun working her first job when Covid-19 outbreak hit the country. She knew the pandemic would be challenging for healthcare workers, but many unexpected obstacles awaited her. Not only did she have to protect her family from getting exposed to the virus, but she also had to continue serving the community in a high-risk environment.

As movement restrictions were put in place, her family and neighbours were alarmed watching her travel to the clinic every day. Aarti recalls that her biggest problem was commuting since they only had one car, and taking it to her at-risk workplace wasn’t the safest choice. But determined to fulfilling her duty, she found a way out of the predicament. Availing a two-wheeler loan from Tata Capital, she brought herself a scooter and carried on with serving her oath to help people.

Just like Aarti, if ensuring safe commute is causing you to worry, but a new car sounds steep, and a bike won’t accommodate your entire family; used car loans with relaxed eligibility can back your purchase. You may be still sceptical of travelling via public transport. Two-wheelers and personal cars can offer you much-needed independence in 2021. Tata Capital’s used car and bike finance allow salaried and self-employed individuals to access flexible loan amounts at zero down payments. 

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Shubharambh Home Financing for All

Where many are rebuilding their personal lives, some are opting for Shubharambh home loans to finance their new beginnings. Owning a home and hopes is made easier with Tata Capital. Salaried or self-employed, an entrepreneur by profession or NRI by residing location, can all apply for home finance with us.

Fund Your Business Needs with Shubharambh Business Finance

People are now working on restoring their pandemic-hit businesses; enterprise owners are chalking out ways to overcome 2020 troubles. Since Tata Capital understands that maintaining creditworthiness last year was a challenge in itself, it enables customers to avail business finance at easy credit score requirements of 600 or more. From running everyday business operations to timely paying their employees, Shubharambh business loans allow companies to fund their immediate financial requirements easily.

Unlock your Property’s Potential with Shubharambh Loan Against Property

Whether you are a first-time borrower with a residential realty or a self-employed professional with a commercial property, Shubharambh loans against property (LAP) cater to all. From funding your business’ needs to taking care of medical expenses, our finance offering ensures that the power to utilise the loan amount rests solely with you.

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There are challenges that 2020 has left us all with, and we’ll need to work hard to make a successful new beginning. However, tough times don’t last; your courage mixed with a small amount of financial assistance from us can set your goals for a Shubharambh afloat. The time for postponed plans is over. Give your life goals a breath of fresh air in 2021 with Shubharambh loans.

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