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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Hidden Wedding Expenses That You Should Keep in Mind While Taking a Marriage Loan

Loan for Wedding

Hidden Wedding Expenses That You Should Keep in Mind While Taking a Marriage Loan

Hidden Wedding Expenses That You Should Keep in Mind While Taking a Marriage Loan

Booking your dream wedding venue, hiring a talented photographer, and appointing the best caterer are some of the typical wedding expenses you can cover with a personal loan for marriage. But are these the only expenses you should worry about? Absolutely not!

Though the venue and caterers form the bulk of wedding expenses, there are many other costs that can fly under your radar. These expenses can then pile up into a huge amount.

So, to prevent any surprises later, here are some of the hidden wedding expenses you should consider before signing a marriage loan deal.

Overtime charges

It’s always possible that your party gets a little more exciting and extends beyond its agreed-upon duration. In such cases, the venue and various vendors – DJ, caterers, decorators – may charge you extra depending on how long the party is extended.

So, make sure to leave some wiggle room in your loan deal, just in case your wedding party goes on all night.

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Service tax and charges

Well, you can never outrun taxes, not even when it’s your wedding. And if you’re throwing a particularly extravagant party, the taxes may snowball into a huge, worrisome amount.

Therefore, it’s best to sit with the vendors and understand the expenses and their associated taxes before applying for a marriage loan.

Clean up charges and security deposit

Most wedding venues have clean-up charges for tidying up the venue once your wedding’s over. So, do factor in this cost while planning for your loan. Plus, you might also need to pay an upfront security deposit, which usually depends upon the venue size.

Though you or your guests might be unlikely to trash the place, it’s best to include the deposit cost into the loan amount to be on the safer side.


If you’re hosting different wedding events at different venues, you may need to provide transportation to your guests. And this comes with transportation costs. The expenses may depend on the number of guests invited.

So, if you have a long guest list, you must factor in the transportation costs before signing any loan deal.

On a side note – Though it’s not a wedding expense, it’s important to compare the various personal loan interest rates lenders offer and choose one which results in maximum savings.

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From organisers and servers to decorators and other service providers, it’s a combined effort of a lot of people that makes your wedding day memorable. So, it’s only fair that you tip them!

However, if you’re feeling too generous, or if there are numerous people to tip, it’s best to add the expense into your loan tab.

Over to you

Now that you’re aware of some of the most overlooked wedding expenses, you can plan your marriage loan better. So no hidden expenses crop up at the eleventh hour.

If you’re looking for a reliable marriage loan partner, Tata Capital can help. With our loans, you get affordable interest rates, flexible repayment tenures, and easy personal loan eligibility criteria. 

Start planning your wedding finances with our personal loan EMI calculator today!

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