Money – it is one of the most important details to take into consideration while planning a wedding ceremony. It is important to budget your finances according to how much you are able to afford.

It may become a cumbersome task to stick to your budget given the numerous hidden costs that arise during a wedding. While the major wedding expenses include venue booking, catering, buying bridal apparel, and photography, there are certain costs that you may tend to overlook. Following is a list of seven unexpected expenses that you may forget about while allocating your wedding finances.

1. Postage

Once you have finalized the design of your wedding invitation cards and written them out, you will need to send them to your family and relatives residing away from your home. While the cost associated with posting a single invitation may not be a huge amount, the cumulative cost of sending out numerous invitations is definitely high. In order to fund such expenses, you may borrow a marriage loan.

2. Beauty treatments

Every bride wishes to look her best on the big day. Though you may have kept aside a certain amount of money for your makeup and professional hair styling for your wedding day, you have to keep in mind the expenses associated with any pre-wedding beauty treatments. This includes getting a manicure, pedicure, massage, or any other beauty treatment.

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3. Stationary

You may wonder what stationary is required for a wedding celebration. Well, place cards, menu cards, or save-the-date cards, besides others, may eat into your budget. Though you cannot eliminate this cost, you may allocate a certain part of your budget on such needs.

4. Bachelorette or bachelor’s party

Though your friends are expected to fund your bachelorette or bachelor’s party, you may end up paying, especially if you are the one insisting on having a party. You may borrow a wedding loan and utilize a part of it to fund you bachelorette or bachelor’s party.

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5. Goodies

This may not necessarily be required, but you would definitely love to present your guests with welcome bags or goodie bags. You may also provide a personalized touch to these goodies through a handwritten note by both you and your partner, along with other necessities like the schedule of events.

It is imperative to keep the aforementioned expenses in mind while deciding on your budget. You may borrow a personal loan and utilize it to cover any expenses that may arise. By borrowing such a loan, you may obtain the necessary funds to have a fun-filled and memorable wedding. You may borrow an amount based on how much you are able to repay. Many financial institutions offer personal loans at the affordable rates. You may borrow a loan and have the wedding you have always dreamt of.

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