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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Top 5 Haldi Decoration Ideas for Haldi Function at Home

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Top 5 Haldi Decoration Ideas for Haldi Function at Home

Top 5 Haldi Decoration Ideas for Haldi Function at Home

The Haldi function is among the sombre wedding functions of an Indian wedding. Traditionally an intimate family ritual, the Haldi function has evolved over time. Open-air Haldi functions were in vogue before the pandemic struck, but thanks to pandemic restrictions, at-home Haldi functions are back.

Want some Haldi decoration ideas to jazz up your wedding? Here are five Haldi decoration at home ideas from our vault.

Add colourful backdrops to your verandah

If you have a spacious verandah with a seating area, why not use it to hold your Haldi? Add a bright yellow backdrop complete with colourful paper fans. Complete the festive decor by adding a touch of floral goodness in the form of flowers stuffed in cane baskets, and voila!

Because the entrance to your verandah sets the standard for the rest of the day, you'll want to make it spectacular. With pieces that relate to the rest of your decor, frame the entrance to your Haldi event. Fresh bouquets and greenery are traditional mainstays, but dried reeds, lamps, lights, and even twigs along the gate will look electrifying. For a desert feel, clusters of pine, prairie grass, and succulents can line the entrance.

Want to revamp your verandah before your big day? Well, you don’t need to dig into your savings to pay for it. Get a marriage loan to cover all these costs.

Decorate your home jhoola with flowers

Have a jhoola in your living room? You can use it as the main seating area for your Haldi. Decorate it with strings of orange and yellow marigolds, add a dash of colour with festive cushions, and use hanging glass bottles to brighten up the space. You could also go the extra mile and take the oomph up a notch with felt rugs, floral bouquets and dangling floral tassels.

When most people think of decorating a jhoola, they imagine floral runners weaving their way down the sides. However, the same effect may be produced with significantly less effort. To achieve the same lush impression, tie clusters of newly foraged flowers and plants to the sides of the jhoola. Haldi function decoration ideas at home have never been this easy!

Wooden screen with floral decorations

Need yet another idea for a simple Haldi decoration at home? Use your home’s old Mughal-style wooden screen partition as a backdrop for your Haldi seating. The carved wood adds a bit of understated glam and pairs well with brightly coloured seating arrangements. Want to mix some more colour into your decor? Add some hanging origami tassels to the mix too!

This creative, simple Haldi decoration at home will instantly cheer up your designated room. You can also throw in your picture into the fold. How? Create a frame for your perfect photograph using flowers, twigs, foliage, lamps, vines, or luminaries.

Now, if you don’t own an authentic, handcrafted Mughal-style screen partition, a good quality one can cost a ton. So, get a personal loan to cover the costs.

Floral curtains

Don’t have a dedicated seating area at your place? You can transform even a few decorative cushions into a festive area. The secret? Floral curtains! These strings of hanging flowers brighten up any spot without burning a hole in your pockets. Since everyone likes flowers, a floral-patterned curtain to complement the Haldi ceremony decoration at home will provide a touch of freshness. This style of curtain will also fit your taste buds if you want to create a natural-like atmosphere in your home. Floral curtains brighten the morning and reflect a large quantity of light in the space when exposed to sunlight.

What’s more, they complement the Haldi colours too! Thanks to affordable personal loan interest rates, comfortably finance the expenses of the Haldi decoration at home.

Festive drapes and fairy lights

Another low-cost, fuss-free way to bring some magic to your Haldi ceremony is decorating the space with drapes and fairy lights. You could easily source a bunch of drapes of different patterns, prints, and materials depending on the vibe you’re going for and add fairy lights to the mix. Jazzing up an area has never been easier!

Use this low-cost, simple Haldi decoration at home idea and lighten your day. Besides, do you have a gloomy or drab area that you're not sure what to do with? For a blast of light, hang fairy lights from a hook fastened to the ceiling. You might also hang some house plants in handwoven buckets or baskets while you're at it. Just make sure your fixtures aren't overloaded. You don't want to take the plaster down!

Final word

Whether you are planning low-cost simple Haldi decoration at home or an extensive day with jazzed-up decorations, these ideas should seal the deal. Besides, for the Haldi ceremony, decorating the entire venue in various colours of yellow with traces of white is always a wonderful idea. Everything in this room is painted yellow, from the main platform to the backdrop to the seating, and it looks otherworldly, to say the least.

No doubt weddings bring up unforeseen expenses. So, if you find yourself needing a source of funds to back your Haldi decoration ideas at home, turn to Tata Capital. We offer loans at affordable interest rates and flexi-EMI schemes for all your needs. Can’t decide on a loan plan? Use our personal loan EMI calculator to help you out. Simply input your loan amount, tenure, and interest rate. And the calculator will show your monthly payables.

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