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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > 10 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles to Slay Your Wedding Look!

Loan for Wedding

10 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles to Slay Your Wedding Look!

10 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles to Slay Your Wedding Look!

Are you a bride to be? Congratulations on your wedding! As a soon-to-be bride, you must be having a hectic time picking out your perfect wedding dress, trousseau, makeup, and jewellery. In the midst of all this chaos, don't forget the main thing, or as we say, the mane thing. To make heads turn, you will need the perfect hairstyle.

To help you out, here is a list of 10 Indian bridal hairstyles to slay your wedding look. 

#1 The classic long braid

Nothing goes better with Indian ethnic wear than a classic long braid. If you have long hair, choose this hairdo. It is the simplest way to pull off an effortless yet elegant bridal look. 

#2 Embellished braid

It is your wedding day, so you can experiment with your hair as much as you like. If you want to add some glamour to your simple braid, wear jewellery in your hair, and slay all evening! 

#3 Floral braid

If you are not a fan of bling and glamour, save the day with some flowers. Adding bright-coloured flowers to your braid can take your hair from good to great in no time.

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#4 Floral bun

Do you like flowers but are not a fan of long braids? Try a chic floral bun. Make an easy, neat bun and add a string of mogra or jasmine flowers for the traditional bridal look.

#5 Embellished bun

Accessorize your bun with embellished hair clips that match your wedding dress. They will add glitter to your look and also keep your hair in place all through the evening. Perfect for windy, outdoor settings! 

#6 A medley of flowers and embellishments

Maybe you cannot decide between wearing flowers and jewellery in your hair. So, why not choose both? 

If you are eyeing the perfect wedding jewellery but have your funds locked in investments, a personal loan can help you cover your expenses. 

#7 Fishtail braid (Khajur choti)

When regular braids aren't good enough for your special day, opt for a fishtail braid instead. Fishtail braids are trendy, and if you have a party of bridesmaids, you can go with matching hairdos and steal the show. 

If you are short on funds at the moment, you can cover all your sundry wedding expenses like hair and makeup with a marriage loan

#8 Sleek ponytail

You cannot go wrong with a sleek ponytail. Add some hair jewellery or embellished hair clips, and you are good to go.

#9 Side-swept buns

Side-swept buns look graceful and give a retro feel. They are perfect for your reception night. 

#10 Braided buns

Go for a braided bun for a minimalist, clean look that compliments your heavy wedding attire. 

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In conclusion

You want your wedding day to be memorable, and so do we. At Tata Capital, we are delighted to offer you affordable personal loan interest rates so you can have the wedding of your dreams. 

We offer flexible repayment options, and you can estimate your EMI in advance with our handy personal loan EMI calculator.

To learn more about our offerings, visit our website today. 

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