With so many venues available, you’d think choosing the best one for your wedding would be easy. But it never is!

From space to accessibility, there are a lot of factors and expenses to consider while choosing a wedding venue. With so much to take care of until the big day, it isn’t easy to keep tabs on spendings and arrange for finances when necessary. One thing that can help you manage your finances is a marriage loan. However, you need to know your expenses before you can plan a budget for them.

Here are some expenses you need to keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue.

Venue rent

The first expense to consider is the rent of the venue you’ve selected for the big day. Think about whether the place will only serve as the wedding location or if you want to host other ceremonies like Sangeet or Mehendi. Get in touch with different vendors to get a clear idea of the costs and availability to plan your expenses better.

However, if your dream venue doesn’t fit into your budget, you need not worry! You can always opt for wedding loans to fund your big day.


It isn’t just you and your better half that’s going to attend your wedding. Considering it’s an Indian wedding, there’ll be a lot of guests at the ceremony. You need to make sure that the venue’s accessible to all.

Venues located in the city might charge higher than those found on the outskirts, but venues situated in the town will be easily accessible to the guests. In any case, you will have to arrange for guests’ transportation, which will add to the overall marriage expenses. That’s why you must visit different vendors and choose a place that is both in your budget and accessible.

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If you’ve planned a destination wedding or booked a venue that’s far off, you might need to provide accommodations for your guests. And if you have a lot of relatives coming over, your expenses can quickly stack up, especially if you need to book hotel rooms.

If so, look for venues that offer accommodations for relatives and guests. If you can’t find one, choose accommodations close to the venue, so the transportation doesn’t cost you extra.

But if the accommodation cost is too high, you can also go for a marriage finance option. Many lenders today provide lucrative loans at competitive wedding loan interest rates.

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Decorations and photography

Making your venue look like a paradise and hiring someone to capture it is a must in Indian weddings. However, these delights come with a price tag. Be it minimalistic or extravagant, wedding decorations cost a lot, especially if you have to rent the venue for an extra day. Also, if the venue is far off, you will have to arrange for photographers’ transport. So, plan carefully.

Your turn

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