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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Must-Have South Indian Bridal Jewelry for a South Indian Bride

Loan for Wedding

Must-Have South Indian Bridal Jewelry for a South Indian Bride

Must-Have South Indian Bridal Jewelry for a South Indian Bride

Striking, scintillating, and sensational – it’s all that comes to mind when we think about South Indian weddings. From grand floral decorations to rich and resonant classical music to vibrant Kanjeevaram sarees, South Indian weddings give out a jubilant vibe. And why not! After all, it’s one of life’s monumental milestones.

But the decorations aren’t the only things that set these weddings apart. Sure, they are necessary, but the true highlight of the wedding is South Indian bridal Jewellery. Be it hand-crafted necklaces, jingling bangles, or tinkling anklets; South Indian brides have no shortage of bijouterie choices.

However, if you’re a bride-to-be struggling to find the right set for your big day, here’s a list of must-have ornaments.


A Vaddanam adds elegance to a bride’s grace and poise, especially when combined with a traditional Kanjeevaram outfit. It’s basically a gold belt that brides wear around their waist to affix the saree in place, often studded with precious gemstones and carved with images of Gods like Vishnu, Krishna, or goddess Lakshmi.

Brides can choose from a variety of designs and gemstones to go with their wedding ensemble. Plus, now you can also buy a 2-in-1 Vaddanam, which doubles up as a necklace.


Vanki, also known as arm Patti or Bajuband, are traditional gold jewelry for weddings popular among South Indian brides. These inverted V-shaped gold upper bracelets look stunning on the Mehendi-clad hands of brides. Vankis find their origin back in the times of Nagas or snake worship, creatures that are traditionally viewed as the harbingers of strength and renewal.

These gold upper bracelets go with a plethora of gemstones, and their designs are often inspired by old scriptures and paintings related to Indian mythology.

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Satlada Haar

Worn by the Nizams of Hyderabad, the Satlada haar has firmly entrenched itself in the South Indian wedding tradition. This eye-catching ornament, which has seven layers of golden chains studded with tiny pearls, instantly adds a touch of royalty to any outfit. Apart from the pearls, you can also add gemstones like ruby, emerald, or diamond to up the regal ante.

But such additions will undoubtedly cost you a considerable amount. So instead of dipping into your savings, consider taking a loan to make it easier on your pockets. Do use a personal loan EMI calculator to plan your finances beforehand.  

Jada Billa

As a South Indian bride, you have the option of embellishing your braids as well. Yes, with Jada Billas (or Jada Chotis), you can have meticulously crafted chained golden florals studded with the gemstone of your choice. Jada Billas go exceptionally well with long braids. Plus, you can also pair them up with a fresh or artificial floral wreath to further accentuate the look.

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In summary

Whether you want a Vanki for your forearms, Jada Billa for your braids, or Vaddanam as your belt, there’s no denying that these will cost you a hefty amount of money. But you know what they say – never compromise on your big day.

That’s why we at Tata Capital provide affordable personal loan for weddings, designed to help you cover the various wedding expenses (including jewelry) without breaking a sweat.

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