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Tata Capital > Blog > Wealth Services > The Value-add of Wealth Management in a Volatile Macro Climate

Wealth Services

The Value-add of Wealth Management in a Volatile Macro Climate

The Value-add of Wealth Management in a Volatile Macro Climate

The macroeconomic climate across the globe appears extremely volatile right now. WHO has declared the coronavirus disease as a pandemic, and the international financial markets are reacting negatively to the development as the disease infects more people and countries with each passing day. International travel has taken a sizable blow, and trade between many countries has also been affected adversely. It also appears that we may just be on the verge of slipping into a couple of quarters of de growth along with a rise in unemployment.

In such a volatile and unpredictable macroeconomic climate, wealth management could be of great help to individual investors who are keen on preserving their wealth and protecting it from adverse developments that arise from unstable global economies. A volatile economy often comes with indicators like knee-jerk stock market movements, rising interest rates, plummeting public consumption, and in some cases, even tax reforms. Professionals who offer wealth management services can add value in a volatile economy by helping you secure your wealth against these economic developments.

Let’s take a look at how wealth management services can be useful in a volatile economy.

Wealth managers can help you pick the right assets to invest in

In a volatile economy, some assets, whether financial or non-financial, may perform a tad bit better than others. One of the strongest advantages of wealth management is that it helps you identify these areas, so you can park your funds in a safe space as the global economy gets increasingly volatile.

Picking the right assets to invest your wealth in ensures that when you come out at the other end of this economic cycle, your wealth remains intact. This way, wealth management services add a great deal of value to clients who wish to continue growing their wealth despite the poor global economic scenario.

Wealth management services can identify weaknesses in your existing portfolio

With respect to the assets already invested, how do you know those assets will perform well in a volatile economy? The answer is that you don’t, but your wealth manager can help you out here. By studying your current portfolio, these experts can recognize if any investments are likely to drag your entire selection of assets down in a volatile economy.

You can then divert your wealth from these asset classes and redirect them to asset classes and products that may remain largely unaffected, so your capital remains intact and is safe from being eroded by adverse forces in a volatile economy.

These professionals help you liquidate smartly

It’s important to ensure that a portion of your wealth is readily accessible and capable of being converted into cash or cash equivalents, so you can use it to tackle financial, medical, or personal emergencies. Professionals who offer wealth management services also help you create a liquidity cushion that can prove to be valuable in a volatile economy.

They help you divert a percentage of your wealth into short-term investment channels that are easy to liquidate. This way, you need not tap into your long-term investments and assets to obtain funds for meeting emergency expenses.

Wealth management services reduce your exposure to risk

Risk mitigation is another one of the many advantages of wealth management. In a volatile macroeconomic climate, it’s no secret that the financial markets in various countries could react unpredictably to new developments overnight. Assets that are generally considered as low-risk options could abruptly shoot up into the high-risk category, depending on the sectors affected by macroeconomic developments.

Wealth managers can assist you in minimizing your exposure to these risk factors by constantly studying the global economic climate and by managing your wealth in a manner that’s largely immune to these risky elements.

Wealth managers assist you in taking advantage of global trends

Wealth management services extend beyond mere investment solutions. The advantages of wealth management also include taking advantage of global economic and financial trends. Wealth management professionals add value in an unpredictable global economy by guiding you about how you can secure your wealth and leverage emerging economic and sociopolitical trends.

With a holistic and comprehensive approach that takes all influencing factors into account, wealth managers make it possible for you to not only secure your assets in these trying times, but also help you multiply your wealth by tapping into the right trends.

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These are the advantages of wealth management in a volatile and constantly changing economic climate. You too can experience these value-adding benefits by subscribing to Tata Capital’s wealth management services. With a team of experienced professionals to guide you through changing economic scenarios, you can rest assured that your wealth and investments remain secure despite volatile market trends.

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