Your hard work deserves to reap continuous rewards. With Tata Capital’s Wealth Management Services, you get access to decades of expertise in the field that will help you make the right financial decision to secure your future. Our services are tailor-made to minimise risk and maximise your portfolio. We constantly monitor the market conditions and the economy to provide financial advice based on your unique needs. Our holistic approach is entirely designed to boost your wealth for generations to come.

Our offerings include, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Alternate Investment Funds and Structured Products, Real Estate Services, Life Insurance & Bonds.



“Consistency in performance to achieve wealth appreciation with the greatest focus on risk containment and capital preservation”


We aim to be India’s most trusted and leading wealth management firm, recognised in the Investor fraternity for our integrity, fiduciary approach, excellence, unbiased value advice and superior customer delight.

The pillars for Tata Capital Wealth Management Services are:

Your money deserves to be secure and protected. Tata Capital is part of one of the most respected conglomerates in India and your wealth will have the backing of a storied institution. Your valuable assets will find a safe haven within the strong foundations of brand Tata.
At Tata Capital, we take pride in developing long term relationships with cherished customers like you. We also understand that dealing with new relationship managers can result in teething problems that will cause you discomfort. That’s why we make sure that you will only have to work with our “vintage” relationship managers. They are the specialist that you have already established a rapport with and will continue supporting you in your financial decisions. Your relationship manager will create a personalized strategy around your full financial goal, focusing on the things that matter most to you.
We truly believe in putting you and your needs first. That means we understand that no one product will be able to cater to your unique financial needs. Therefore, our services are not restrained by simply group products. That’s why we constantly develop partnerships in market for products that are designed to grow your wealth.
Tata Capital is committed to maximise the potential of your finances. That’s why our dedicated team has been built with a strong focus on industry expertise and a history of excellence. Coming from a strong background in portfolio management, we customise a strategy that blends our knowledge of the market with your unique resources. This strength is further accentuated with the group’s experience in other facets of financial services that also adds value to the whole proposition.

Our approach to your finances is not simply limited to investments and returns. We go beyond capital preservation and appreciation and take on a holistic approach that provides end-to-end solutions that are tailored to augment your wealth. We go far beyond advising investment opportunities and management your wealth taking into consideration the tax impact. Our approach entails a broad range of considerations and inter-disciplinary skills and planning that will secure the successful transfer of wealth from one generation to another. We also provide legal services, legacy planning and safeguarding the wealth from changes in laws. For this, we have tie ups with partners who are industry leaders in these various facets of business and through them we offer:

• Multigenerational Wealth Management

• Estate planning & succession planning


The foundation of one of India’s biggest and most respected business conglomerates – Tata, was laid in 1868 by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. Today the Tata name is synonymous with trust and is a unique example of entrepreneurship, passion and conscientious corporate citizenship.

Tata as a brand today continues to touch the lives of more than a billion people across the world and in various industries. The conglomerate has a presence in seven key sectors - communications and information technology, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and chemicals.

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