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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Plan Your Dream Wedding without Dipping into your Future Savings!

Loan for Wedding

Plan Your Dream Wedding without Dipping into your Future Savings!

Plan Your Dream Wedding without Dipping into your Future Savings!

When childhood friends Anshul and Aditi decided to take the big leap into making their relationship more secure, they knew they wanted a wedding that would be an extension of their personalities. Aditi who believed in fairy tales and big beautiful gestures wanted something that would resemble a storybook wedding. Anshul, on the other hand, wanted have a destination wedding in Goa, where he had proposed to Aditi.

However, one aspect that they both agreed on was the fact that they wanted to bear all the wedding expenses themselves, without burdening their families.

While planning their nuptials, they realised that the hotel in Goa would expensive and their budget for the décor had increased by two manifolds.

This is when both realised that they would need to borrow some funds in order to plan their wedding. Since asking their family to chip in was out of the question, both decided that they would take a joint wedding loan from Tata Capital. They decided to take a personal loan for wedding expenses, as it would cover most of the costs.

Anshul, meanwhile, wanted to do something special for his bride-to-be. He knew she loved big romantic gestures and wanted to get her a solitaire engagement ring. While looking for options, he came to the conclusion that the ring he liked would not fit in his budget and a bit of additional help would be needed.

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His conundrum was solved when the store owner told him that there are payment plans that cover engagement ring financing.

Engagement ring financing is a part of the personal loan for wedding expenses. Just like the personal loan, there would be a specialised engagement ring payment plan that Anshul would have to follow. He would be paying monthly EMIs for a limited time like he would be for his wedding loan.

Since there would be no collateral and a reasonable personal loan interest rate , Anshul decided that this would be the best way to get his beloved something special.

Anshul is among many millennials who understand that there is no point in dipping into your future savings to make certain dreams come true. Joint personal loans that cover wedding expenses is fast catching up with. Financial institutions provide loans not just for the wedding expenses but also for special events like engagement ceremonies.

Be it for wedding ring financing or taking a personal loan for wedding expenses, documentation for them is minimal. You would not have to provide and collateral and at the same time would have competitive interest rates.

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Ultimately, everyone wants their wedding to be special, and you need not get buried under a sea of debts, before starting your married life. You might require funds to buy a house, or plan for your honeymoon travel. So if you are in a conundrum as Anshul was, you have options that you can exercise to make your beloved’s dream come true!

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