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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Sharing a New Life Begins with The Wedding Rituals!

Loan for Wedding

Sharing a New Life Begins with The Wedding Rituals!

Sharing a New Life Begins with The Wedding Rituals!

The anticipation of living with your partner and spending your lifetime is, in a word, exciting. You get to build a new life, plan for the future, navigate through the highs and lows, in general. Before you get to your new life, there is the matter of planning your wedding. Now, as tense as the moments of planning, shopping and deciding pass by, planning your wedding can be fun.

Each ritual, each moment, has a lot of significance. Generally, it is the bride’s side that takes care of most of the planning and expenses. They would go to lengths that each and every need is taken care of so that nothing is amiss on the wedding day itself. Well, that was then.

We no longer live in the world where the bride and the groom do not have a say in their own wedding. It is all about the middle ground no, where one party no longer holds court. The new age bride and groom understand the importance of being on the same page and share everything equally like a mighty Fifty50 couple that they are. Like sharing the marriage loan and other responsibilities!

1. The Engagement Ceremony: Gone are the days when engagements used to be a serious affair between the wedding parties. Traditionally, the groom’s family would head to the bride’s home to seal the deal with a traditional ceremony. Things have changed where the wedding parties, now, create a more festive and celebratory ambiance at a common venue with a fun party.

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2. Sangeet Nights and Colour of love: Sangeet and Mehndi is an important tradition in Indian weddings. Though the groom’s family would be a part of the mehndi ceremony, the mighty Fifty50 couple add their own twist to this. Combining the mehndi and the sangeet ritual gives the family not only time to bond with each other but also adds to the ceremony in its own special way. The colour of love is enhanced with sound of music and beats that rock the dance floor!

3. Grand Entrance: Traditionally it is the groom who makes his grand entrance on the ‘Ghoda’ and the bride would be waiting for her partner. Why should the groom have all the fun? A mighty Fifty50 couple would make the grand entrance together. Being equal partners in this partnership of love, both make a grand entrance on their own ‘ghodas’!

4. Reception: The reception is where some of the best moments of the wedding is captured. While this was the time to just take some pictures, a mighty Fifty50 couple will take this moment to thank the people in the lives for being a part of this moment for them.

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5. Instagram your wedding album: Your wedding album will keep your memories alive. With modern technology seeping into our lives and with the rise in social media, the technologically active mighty Fifty50 couple make a special Instagram handle/hashtag and let their guests create a special wedding album on Instagram, with special hashtags #50Fiftyweddings.

6. Start New: The tradition of the Bidaai will always be a part of the wedding rituals, and more so one of the most important ones. This is the beginning of a new chapter of life for the bride and the groom. Marriage is the occasion when two people come together. So shouldn’t the Bidaai also mark a new beginning for the groom as well?

The mighty Fifty50 couple share this important ritual by heading to their new home, together. In this partnership of life, it is not just the bride who starts a new life but also the groom who walks the same line as his partner.

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