Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to blow up huge amounts of money on your wedding. You can have the most beautiful wedding, even within a fixed budget. 

To meet any shortfall or to even fund your entire wedding, you can always rely on a wedding loan. These marriage loans are just like a personal loan for wedding and can be availed for all wedding-related expenses.

Here are some simple yet effective tips on how to plan the perfect wedding under Rs. 5 lakh:

  1. Budget for every penny: Weddings are notorious for going over budget. Create an Excel sheet that accounts for everything. Consult married friends and family. Keep a small amount for contingencies.
  2. Get married in the off-season: Get married in the summers than the wedding season of November to February. You will be able to book venues, decorators, photographers, caterers and other vendors at a lower cost.
  3. Try offbeat venues: Skip the 5-star hotel routine and choose a cottage resort close to the city to save money. If your friends or relatives have a farmhouse, use it to host the wedding. You can get the venue cheap or even for free!
  4. Keep it a small intimate affair: Trim your wedding list. You do not need to invite everyone you know and their families. Invite people you love and mean a lot to you, and those who you know will make your wedding day special.
  5. Hire a local wedding planner: Wedding planners know vendors that cater to all budgets and can help you get great deals, along with handling all the preparations. Be upfront with them about your expectations and ensure they stick to it.
  6. Send e-invites: Invitation cards are costly; not to forget, it is a waste of paper too. Don’t do a disservice to the environment. Create digital invites instead and send them via WhatsApp and e-mail. Do follow it up with personal phone calls.
  7. Encourage guests to RSVP: While Indians don’t believe in RSVP, encourage your guests to do so. This will help avoid wastage of food. Additionally, it will also help you budget and plan your wedding better. 
  8. Get a good home caterer: There are a lot of people catering from home. Such services are cheaper than hiring established and popular wedding caterers. These budding businesses will also provide better services. Make sure everything on the menu is checked for quality.
  9. Merge functions: Let’s avoid a 5-day saga! Merge your pheras with the reception or haldi with mehendi. Host the smaller functions at home or bungalow of a relative.

Create a wedding fund as soon as you have some disposable income. The rest can be leveraged via a wedding loan or marriage loan from Tata Capital. Tata Capital’s personal loan is extremely easy to get and comes at competitive interest rates, starting at 10.99%. You can get a wedding loan for part or entirety of your wedding budget with minimal paperwork. You can check your personal loan eligibility and apply for this personal loan online.

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