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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > Here’s a glimpse of the different types of weddings in South India

Loan for Wedding

Here’s a glimpse of the different types of weddings in South India

Here’s a glimpse of the different types of weddings in South India

Most of us, at some point, have been guilty of believing that all South Indians and their traditions and cultures are the same. Every state and region are different than the other. They differ in several aspects such as their language, eating habits, culture among other things. The one thing that stands out are the weddings. Weddings are characterized by a host of rituals across different states and every culture has its own set of pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding customs to be practiced.

Weddings in south India are replete with rituals, customs and community affairs. They also involve the exchange of gifts and considerable investment in jewelry. A wedding loan or a personal loan can help you meet the various expenses and maintain your prestige in the community.

Now, let’s have a look at the different types of weddings in South India:

Tamil weddings

Weddings in Tamil Nadu follow diverse customs. A Brahmin wedding begins with the families blessing the bride and groom and performing puja to ensure a peaceful wedding as part of Pandh Kaal Muhuratham ritual. This is followed by Vratham wherein the families observe fast for a prosperous marriage. Then as part of Pallikal Thellichal, the women immerse pots of grain soaked overnight in a nearby pond. The groom is then welcomed with fireworks, music and an aarthi in the Jaanavasam ritual. Next is Nichiyadharatam, which includes the exchange of gifts between the families.

The groom then performs Kashi Yatra where he jokingly pretends to forsake marital bliss and is then convinced otherwise by the bride’s father. This is followed by Oonjal where the couple enjoys a swing and drink banana milk, accompanied by traditional songs. The bride and groom then proceed to mandap for the formal wedding which includes Kanyadaan, Muhuratham, and Saptapadi. A wedding loan can be availed to take care of these expenses.

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Kannada weddings

A Kannada wedding lasts for a week. It begins with Nischay Tamulam which involves horoscope matching and deciding on a date for marriage. It is accompanied by the exchange of coconut and betel leaves between the two families. Naandi - puja is performed next by a priest to ensure a peaceful wedding. Then comes the Haldi ceremony where the bride and groom are covered in turmeric paste and take a holy bath. The groom then performs Kashi yatra.

Dev Karya - a visit to all neighbouring Ganesha temples is the next ritual to ensure an auspicious beginning. Once the groom reaches the mandap, the marriage is performed complete with Mandap Puja, Jai Mala, Saptapadi and Kanyadaan. The Okhli ceremony is also commonplace and involves fun games between the couple and their families. This is followed by Bidaai, where the bride’s family wishes her well in her new life.

Telugu weddings

A Telugu wedding begins with the couple’s families meeting for Nischitartham to make the engagement official and decide on a Muhuratam or auspicious date for marriage after matching horoscopes. The couple is then blessed by the elders of the family, and the groom’s mother gifts gold ornaments and clothes to her future daughter-in-law. Expenses like buying gifts and jewellery can be managed with a wedding loan. If you are eligible for a personal loan, you can apply online as well.

After the exchange of gifts comes the Snatakam, in which the groom wears a silver thread around his body to signify he takes over household responsibilities. This is immediately followed by the groom performing Kashi Yatra. At the mandap, the couple applies a paste of cumin and jaggery on each other’s forehead to signify their eternal togetherness. The wedding happens with the customary practices of Kanyadaan, Mangalsutra tying, and Saptapadi.

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Malayali weddings:

A Malayali Hindu wedding is a relatively simple affair. It begins with the Muhuratham ritual where the couple’s families and the priest match horoscopes and decide on an auspicious date. This is followed by a formal announcement of the engagement by the families known as Nischayam. A day before the marriage, a feast is arranged at the bride’s house where she sits facing the east decked up in silk saree and fine jewellery.

The wedding takes place early in the morning. Before reaching the wedding venue, the couple takes blessings from elders in a ritual called Dakshina Kodukka. The groom is then invited to the Kalyan Mandap after his feet are washed by the bride’s brother. The marriage proceeds with Kanyadaan, Mangalsutra tying, and Saptapadi as essential rituals. The groom also gifts a saree to his would-be bride as part of Padamuri, vowing to provide for her life-long. Finally, a meal consisting of 25 dishes is served to the couple as part of the Sandhya ritual. The bride then bids farewell to her family and the wedding concludes.

Weddings can be an expensive affair and planning the financial part is as important as the rest of the rituals. A personal loan can take care of all the expenses that arise during the wedding. All you need to do is check your personal loan eligibility, get all your documents in place and apply for one. Once the papers are vetted, your personal loan can be disbursed in 72 hours.

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