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Tata Capital > Blog > Loan for Wedding > How Personal Loans for Weddings Can Help Your Investment Goals

Loan for Wedding

How Personal Loans for Weddings Can Help Your Investment Goals

How Personal Loans for Weddings Can Help Your Investment Goals

Weddings are extravagant affairs in India. Be it the various rituals and traditions or the decoration and venue. The overall cost of planning a big fat Indian wedding can be massive. So, if you and your partner are ready to tie the knot, this article is for you.

In the past few years, more and more people have opted for wedding loans to make their dream wedding a reality. It makes a ton of sense because it allows you to have a fairy tale wedding without compromising. But that’s not all. Borrowing a loan for your wedding can even help you fulfil your investment goals. How? Read on to find out.

Keeping your savings intact

Since weddings are a grand affair, they can drain your finances. There’s no doubt that every person wants their wedding day to be memorable for them and their loved ones. And to make this happen, people often dig into all their savings for this single day.

But borrowing a marriage loan can help keep your hard-earned savings intact. If you have any short-term or long-term financial goals, you can invest your savings towards them. After all, investing your savings can help you generate more wealth and profit in the long run instead of using them to fund your wedding.

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No need to liquidate assets

This point will resonate with you if you have invested in any financial instruments, such as mutual funds, fixed deposits or stocks. Many people are compelled to liquidate their investments to finance their weddings. However, availing of a personal loan for weddings eliminates the need to liquidate your assets.

Remember, redeeming your assets before maturity can result in additional charges and penalties. Plus, it can be a significant setback to your investment goals.

No restriction on end usage

Since a marriage loan is a form of personal finance, you can decide how to use it. You don’t have to justify your purpose of taking the loan to the lender and can get immediate financial help. And along with the flexibility of usage, you also get to repay the loan comfortably over a flexible tenure.

Besides, with most lending institutions offering competitive personal loan interest rates, you can easily manage your EMIs.

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Need help to finance your big day? Choose Tata Capital’s wedding personal loans!

Remember, your wedding day is the beginning of your married life, and you will have various goals to fulfil after it. Hence, it is crucial to keep your savings and assets safe to fulfil them. At Tata Capital, we help you bring to life a wedding you have always dreamed of.

Be it catering, decorations, venue or beyond that. Our personal finance offerings can cover all expenses, and the swift application process will help you get the funds in no time. So, why delay? Head to our website and get a precise idea of your monthly instalments with our personal loan EMI calculator.

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