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Tata Capital > Blog > Generic > How to Fill Aadhaar Enrollment Form?


How to Fill Aadhaar Enrollment Form?

How to Fill Aadhaar Enrollment Form?

The Aadhaar enrollment form is your first step in registering for an Aadhaar card, a document that has become indispensable for Indian residents. It not only serves as proof of identity and address but also as a key to accessing various government schemes and services. 

Filling out this form accurately is essential for a smooth enrollment process, ensuring all your details are correctly captured for your Aadhaar card. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of completing the Aadhaar enrollment form, providing helpful tips, and outlining the common pitfalls to avoid. 

Sections in the Aadhaar enrollment form

The Aadhaar Enrollment Form is a document for Indian residents to apply for an Aadhaar card, a 12-digit unique identity number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This form captures vital personal information required for Aadhaar enrollment, including demographic and biometric data. Key sections of the form include:

-Personal details: This section requires basic information like your name, date of birth, gender, address, and contact details.

-Parent/guardian details: For minors, details of the parent or guardian are required.

-Biometric information: Although not filled out in the form, biometric data like fingerprints and iris scans are collected at the enrollment centre.

-Declaration and consent: This part involves declaring that all information provided is accurate and consenting to share this data with UIDAI for Aadhaar generation.

Step-by-step guide for Aadhaar card application

Completing the Aadhaar Enrollment process involves several crucial steps. Here's a detailed breakdown:

1. Get the Aadhaar enrollment form

The first step is to obtain the Aadhaar Enrollment Form. You can download it from the UIDAI website or collect it from your nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre. This form is free of charge.

2. Fill in the required details

The form requires personal information including your full name, date of birth, gender, address, and contact details. Make sure to fill out the Aadhaar form details accurately, as they will be reflected on your Aadhaar card. If the applicant is a minor, parent/guardian details must be provided. The form also includes a section for optional details like email and mobile number, which are useful for receiving updates on your Aadhaar status.

3. Attach supporting documents

You need to provide proof of identity, address, and date of birth. These could include documents like PAN card, passport, voter ID, etc. Make sure to attach self-attested photocopies of these documents with the form. The list of acceptable documents is available on the UIDAI website and should be reviewed carefully to ensure compliance.

4. Visit the nearest Aadhaar centre

Locate the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre through the UIDAI website and visit with your completed form and documents. It's recommended to visit early or check if the centre allows appointments to avoid long wait times.

5. Biometric data capture

At the centre, an authorised person will capture your biometric data, including fingerprints, an iris scan, and a photograph. This biometric data capture is critical as it forms the basis for your unique identification.

6. Get the acknowledgement slip

After your data is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement slip with an enrollment ID (EID). Keep it safe to track the application status.

7. Track the status

You can track the status of your Aadhaar application online through the UIDAI website using the EID provided on the acknowledgement slip. The status tracking feature helps you stay informed about the progress of your Aadhaar application.

How to track the Aadhaar enrollment form status?

After a successful Aadhaar form submission, you can track its status online by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit UIDAI's official website.

Step 2: Click on the 'My Aadhaar' tab and select 'Check Aadhaar Status' under 'Get Aadhaar.'

Step 3: Click on 'Check Enrollment and Update Status.'

Step 4: Enter your enrollment ID and captcha and click on 'Submit.'

Step 5: Your Aadhar enrollment form status will be displayed.

Things to consider when filling out the Aadhaar enrollment form

Filling out the Aadhaar enrollment form accurately is crucial for a smooth registration process. Here are some important things to consider while completing the form:

1. Accuracy of personal information

Make sure that all personal details like name, date of birth, gender, and address are accurate and match the details in your supporting documents. Any discrepancy can lead to delays or rejection of the application.

2. Clarity in writing

Fill out the form in a clear handwriting. Unclear or illegible writing can lead to incorrect data entry, causing issues with your Aadhaar details.

3. Correct document submission

Attach self-attested copies of the correct documents for proof of identity, address, and date of birth as per the list approved by UIDAI. Make sure that these documents are valid and up-to-date.

4. Consent and declaration

Read the consent and declaration section carefully before signing. This section typically involves consenting to share your information with UIDAI and affirming the accuracy of the information provided.

5. Providing contact details

While providing a mobile number and email address is optional, it is recommended to include them for receiving updates regarding your Aadhaar application and for future ease of use in services that require Aadhaar verification.

6. Verifying for completeness

Before submitting the form, verify that all required fields have been filled and that the form is complete. Incomplete forms can be rejected or cause delays in processing.

To wrap up

The Aadhaar card is one of the most important identity documents, opening doors to a host of services. By ensuring accuracy in your form, submitting the correct documents, and following the necessary steps diligently, you can navigate through the enrollment process efficiently. 

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