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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Top 10 Smart Watches of India

Capital Goods Loan

Top 10 Smart Watches of India

Top 10 Smart Watches of India

While you shouldn’t shy away from carrying around the best smartphone available in the market, smartwatches make your life more convenient. Smart wearables are a must-have for everyone wanting to live the ultra-modern life. A perfect smartwatch is no less than the best phones 2019 has seen. 

Here are the top 10 smartwatches available in India right now

1. Apple Watch Series 7 

The Apple smartwatch Series 7 is the ultimate lifestyle update you need. This water-resistant smartwatch is compatible with Android and boasts some top-notch features like great battery life, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, gyroscope, GPS, and much more. The metal body of this smartwatch along with its customizable outlook, also ensures no compromise with style.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is for those who want the best of both the worlds, meaning - can’t choose between android and iOS systems. It is compatible with almost all the best phones of our time, and boasts a super build quality. It also has a 1.4 inch super AMOLED display and weighs only 30.3 grams. 

3. Fitbit Sense 

Fitbit excels at making premium gadgets meant to enhance your lifestyle. The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is water-resistant and comes with a 6+ day battery life. The onboard storage saves you from memory saving smartphone tips. It is compatible with iOS-enabled devices. This means you can connect it quickly to the latest iPhone. Other features include, accepting calls and calling, exchanging text messages, several fitness features, GPS tracking, fast charging, and much more. 

4. Apple Watch SE

Apple’s smartwatch SE is both light on the wrist and your pocket. It can connect to both Android and iOS systems, making it compatible with almost all top phones available in the market today. It is water-resistant, boasts a 1.78-inch display with 1GB RAM and weighs a total of 360 grams.

5. Garmin Fenix 7X Solar 

The Garmin Fenix 7X Solar is every gadget fanatic’s dream come true, thanks to its multi-activity tracking feature and an extra-long battery life. Garmin Fenix 7X Solar is compatible with both Android and iOS, which puts it in the list of top 10 smartwatches in India. 

6. Fossil Gen 6

One of the best smartwatches in India the Fossil Gen 6, is a water-resistant watch with a 1.28-inch screen size and a 416x416 resolution. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity and tracks your heart rate and oxygen levels. At 140 grams, this watch has a sleek radial dial and a long battery life. 

7. Fire Boltt Atom 

 Fire Boltt Atom is a lightweight high-performing watch, with up to 6 days of battery life, which makes it one of the best smartwatches in India. It is water and splash resistant and boasts a 1.3 inch AMOLED display. You can easily receive calls and indulge in fitness tracking with this watch, which costs less than Rs 16,000. 

8. Realme Watch 3 Pro 

The primary reason why Realme Watch 3 Pro is one of the top 10 smartwatches in India is it offers a lot for a low price of just Rs 4499. This model comes with a 1.78-inch AMOLED screen, and a battery life of up to 10 days. It is compatible with most versions of Android and iOS.

9. Boat Storm 

A lightweight model, the Boat Storm possesses a 1.3-inch screen. It is water-proof and has a 210 mAh batter that can last up to 10 days. You can receive calls and indulge in fitness tracking using this watch. All this at the price of only Rs. 2599. This is why it is on the list of the top 10 best smart watches in India.  

10. Apple Watch Series 3 

With a 1.66-inch rectangular curve dial with OLED display, this watch is for those who love Apple gadgets, but can’t pay the price for their top-wrung model. This model has a lot of features, which their flagship watches have at a lower price, which makes it one of the best smart watches in India to invest in.

To conclude

Most of the smartwatches mentioned above come with hefty price tags. If you do not wish to exhaust your savings, opt for Tata Capital consumer durable loans. A consumer durable loan from Tata Capital starts at a 0% interest rate. With Tata Capital’s customized loan tenures and flexible repayment options for EMI, mobile loans and smartwatch loans become convenient.