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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Comparison with Pros and Cons

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LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Comparison with Pros and Cons

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator – Comparison with Pros and Cons

Refrigerators have come a long way since their innovation. Where once they were considered a luxury item, today they are an irreplaceable part of the modern kitchen. From French doors, top or bottom freezers to the built-in refrigerator, you have an array to choose from. 

But we understand how daunting it can be to choose the right one. What you need is the one that fits your life best and can be depended upon for the long haul. 

And if you’re in the market for a fridge, you already know that the competition comes down to LG vs Samsung refrigerators. These market leaders have constantly evolved their impressive refrigerators catalogue to bring their customers the best. 

So, without further ado, let’s compare refrigerators- LG and Samsung. 

LG refrigerator vs Samsung refrigerator: comparison of similar models

Both these South Korean electronics companies have made a global name for themselves with their class-apart offerings. And the best way to learn which is better, LG or Samsung refrigerator, is to compare similar models. Here, we’ll compare the two-door fridges offered by the two brands. These are the LG GN-D255BL and the Samsung RT29K5532BY/SV.

To settle the debate about LG vs Samsung fridges, let’s take a closer look at each. LG’s refrigerator has a classic design that has stood the test of time. Its freezer is on top with a portable ice tray. Other notable features include nano-carbon deodorant, a smart inverter compressor, and door cooling. 

The 2020 Samsung fridge offers a similar design but with a hidden handle that offers a sleeker design. Additionally, this fridge provides a twin cooling system that prevents mixing food odours, an energy-saving inverter and a moist balance crisper.

To find which fridge is better, LG or Samsung, you need to see which one meets your needs best.

Features of refrigerators: LG VS Samsung fridge

When looking at LG refrigerators vs Samsung refrigerators, we need to study their features closely to find the best for your kitchen. 

First, let’s look at the features of the LG GN-D255BL. 

  • This fridge powered by Smart Inverter technology offers nano-carbon deodorant that helps manage food odours to keep the food smelling fresh and healthy. 
  • Its multi-directional cold air feature ensures that each compartment’s temperature is effectively managed. The freezer compartment on top is separated from the main body to provide controlled cooling.
  • It provides for better food preservation with its innovative door cooling technology.
  • Its smart diagnosis feature recognises any issues in operation so that you can address them in time. 

To help you ascertain which is better, LG or Samsung refrigerator, here are the features of the Samsung RT29K5532BY/SV. 

  • Its Twin Cooling System Plus provides independent cooling systems for the freezer and the cooler compartments that retain thrice the amount of humidity a traditional fridge does. 
  • Its innovative cooling pack keeps food fresh even during a power outage. 
  • Its air filter prevents pathogenic bacteria with an activated carbon filter, effectively minimising odours and maintaining the food quality. 
  • This inverter fridge allows you the flexibility of five separate modes for improved energy utilisation. 

Merits and demerits

Deciding between LG vs Samsung refrigerators is difficult as both offer impressive designs and innovative technologies. But to find which fridge is better, Samsung or LG, you need to know the pros and cons of each. Exploring these will give you a better idea of what fits your needs best.

And so, here we’re comparing refrigerators by LG and Samsung so that you can get the best for your kitchen. 


It is essential to consider their technologies to settle the debate between LG vs Samsung refrigerators. 

LG refrigerators provide innovative and exclusive technologies like Door Cooling and Smart Inverter technologies that help maintain food quality. Its multi-directional cold air ensures that each compartment’s temperature is effectively maintained, particularly on food stored close to the door. 

Samsung has a notable twin cooling system and inverter technology. Both offer better energy utilisation. However, Samsung does fall short when compared to Smart refrigerators. 


The next point to consider in the debate about LG refrigerators vs Samsung refrigerators is capacity. Both electronic companies have launched many products with varying capacities to meet their customers’ needs. 

Depending on your need, you can find your desired capacity under both brands. And so, when deciding which refrigerator is best, LG or Samsung, you will have to weigh your options regarding the market offerings. 

Freezing capabilities

The freezer compartment is one of the most critical components of the refrigerator. This makes it an essential consideration in the debate about LG fridges vs Samsung fridges. 

The LG fridges offer multi-dimensional cooling technology for effective cooling in every compartment. Its door cooling feature ensures that food stored close to the door doesn’t suffer due to frequent opening of the fridge. 

Samsung’s fridge has similar features, like multi-directional cold air flow with air supply ports. Both Samsung and LG fridges offer superior technologies in this space. 


When deciding between LG fridges vs Samsung fridges, price is a crucial consideration. And to ascertain which is better, LG or Samsung refrigerators, you must consider the features in relation to the price of the fridge. This will ensure that you get your money’s worth. 

In the debate of LG vs Samsung refrigerators, the price of fridges offered by both is roughly the same. However, we recommend you compare market prices before making the purchase.

Which refrigerator is best – LG or Samsung?

To decide between LG vs Samsung fridges, you must evaluate your own needs first. We recommend LG for its door cooling feature if you need superior cooling features. However, the Samsung fridge would be better if you have power issues. 

To answer which is better, LG vs Samsung refrigerator, you must prioritise your needs and choose the one that fits your lifestyle best. 

To sum up

After settling the debate of LG vs Samsung fridge, you need to consider how to finance it.

And to help you keep your savings for a rainy day, we at Tata Capital help you finance your big-ticket purchases. We offer consumer durable loans at attractive interest rates and quick approvals. So, decide between LG refrigerators vs Samsung refrigerators, and visit our website to apply for a loan today!

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