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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Budget-Friendly Laptops for Students: Dell vs. HP

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Budget-Friendly Laptops for Students: Dell vs. HP

Budget-Friendly Laptops for Students: Dell vs. HP

Shopping for a laptop is stressful–especially so when it is for academic purposes, and you’re on a budget. With so many brand, product, and feature options available, it becomes difficult to find the exact fit that will serve all your needs adequately. In such a case, narrowing down on brands can be your best option.

And when it comes to choosing the best budget-friendly laptop for students, the age-old debate often comes down to one question: Dell or HP: which is better for students? Both companies have a storied history in the tech industry, offering reliable laptops that combine performance with affordability. 

But how do they stack up against each other, especially for the student demographic? Let’s dive in.

HP vs Dell laptop comparison

When looking for budget-friendly laptops, you need to strike a perfect balance between features and price.
Since both brands offer a range of laptops for student use across varying price points and feature profiles, we’ll consider the mid-range series of both brands for comparison–the Dell Inspiron series vs the HP Pavilion series.

The in-depth comparison below will help you understand how the two brands fare against each other in terms of performance, battery life, design, and price.

Dell or HP: which is better for students in terms of performance?

When it comes to computing, Dell laptop performance is often praised for its optimum use of fast processors and integrated GPUs. This makes them as capable of designing workflows and coding as intensive browsing and multitasking. For a student, that’s a win-win. 

On the other hand, HP laptops are known for their innovative features, such as the HP Fast Charge technology that provides half a day’s worth of juice in just 30 minutes or HP Sure View, which blocks outside viewing and improves privacy. Moreover, HP laptops also have a good GPU profile, which makes them suitable for graphic-intensive tasks.

Nevertheless, among users, HP laptop performance ranks lower than Dell’s when it comes to raw processing speed. 

Dell or HP: which is better for students in terms of design and build quality?

HP takes the prize in the design department with their sleek and sophisticated looks as well as thinner form factor and lightweight profile. HP’s Pavilion laptops are a good example of this, featuring a 2-in-1 convertible design with a 360-degree hinge that enables tab-like usage.

Generally, Dell doesn’t invest in style as much as it does in reliability and convenience. Therefore, you’ll find Dell maintaining a more uniform style across devices. They may not always be the most stylish, but they’re built to last.

Talking about build quality, HP has always tried to merge style with affordability. But while they certainly look more appealing than their Dell counterparts, many consider HP’s build quality to be acceptable at best, often criticising it for its ‘plastic-y’ feel. 

On the other hand, Dell’s budget-friendly range, like the Inspiron series, is known for its reliable build quality, making the occasional knock or drop less distressing for students always on the move. 

Dell or HP: which is better for students in terms of battery life?

As a student, battery life is one of the most important factors to consider, as it directly affects how you use your laptop– freely or constantly looking for a charging port. 

HP slightly edges out Dell laptop battery life in this category, with its mid-range laptops churning out 8-10 hours of battery life, thanks to the brand’s power optimisation features. 

But Dell’s battery backup isn’t far behind HP laptop battery life. It offers a decent 6–8-hour battery life, which can comfortably last you through an average day at college. 

Dell or HP: which is better for students in terms of price?

Typically, Dell laptops are more cost-effective than HP models, making them a favourable choice for students on a budget. Also, Dell laptops tend to have better high-performance components than their mid-range HP counterparts, which gives them points in the value-for-money department. 

But even though HP laptops are pricier than Dell’s, they do offer great style, innovation, and features. That’s why HP laptops are more popular among students who appreciate high-end technology. 

When talking specifically about their mid-range offerings, HP comes out ahead with their Pavilion series laptops, with the Inspiron laptops coming at a higher price tag. 

But given their bigger size and better components, Inspiron wins regarding value for money. 

Dell or HP: which is better for students in terms of customer support?

Dell has always been praised for its customer service. Their warranty options are straightforward, and they offer an efficient system for repairs or replacements. In fact, their customer service ensures that you get your laptop as soon as possible. 

While HP does have a vast support network, some users have reported longer wait times for service. However, the quality of service, once received, is usually top-notch.

HP vs Dell laptop comparison - closing words

Today, laptops have become as important as textbooks. Perhaps even more. With more institutions mixing remote and on-campus learning, having a laptop you can use on the go has become an academic essential.

For students, Dell and HP are among the best laptop brands to buy from in 2023. The final choice, however, will depend on your individual choices. If you are looking for a balance of performance, power, and durability, Dell is the way to go. For innovative features, cutting-edge design, and better battery performance, choose HP.

Remember, new models are released every year with upgraded features. Always keep an eye out for the latest reviews and make an informed choice based on your requirements.

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