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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Which Phone Is Better: iPhone Or OnePlus?

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Which Phone Is Better: iPhone Or OnePlus?

Which Phone Is Better: iPhone Or OnePlus?

When you’re in the market for a smartphone and have money to splurge, you want a phone that is worth every penny. And if you’ve been paying attention, you know that OnePlus and Apple are the top two brands in the running. So, which phone is better, iPhone or OnePlus?

Both the brands offer stellar smartphones for daily use but at vastly different price points. So, the choice between OnePlus vs iPhone, does it all come down to preference? Brand loyalists will disagree. And we, too, think it’s more than that.

The answer to the question - iPhone or OnePlus, which is better is not a straightforward one. And a Google search with the keywords ‘Which phone is best; iPhone or OnePlus’ will only help you so much. Let us look at how smartphones from both brands differ to help you to arrive at a decision.

Without further ado, OnePlus vs iPhone, let the duel begin.

iPhone or OnePlus - which phone is better?

1. Build quality - OnePlus vs Apple

OnePlus vs iPhone, which brands fares better in terms of build quality?

Today, the high-end OnePlus and iPhone models come with glass backs that support wireless charging.However, the newer iPhones have metal frames compared to the OnePlus’ plastic frames. So, when you compare Apple vs OnePlus, Apple takes the cake solely due to its quality materials.

Apple also offers water resistance on its smartphones. All its smartphones have an IP rating of IP67 and upwards. This means they can easily survive a drop into water of 1-meter depth for about 30 minutes at minimum. But can OnePlus hold up? Yes, OnePlus offers water resistance of IP68 and above on its recent products.

So, OnePlus vs Apple, which brand offers a better build quality on their smartphone? The answer is Apple, solely due to its higher quality materials.

2. Technology- Apple vs OnePlus

Armchair experts will tell you that the answer to ‘is OnePlus better than iPhone’ comes down to the performance the phone provides relative to price. But if you keep tabs on the smartphone market, you’ll know that both companies add the best tech to their devices. So, OnePlus vs iPhone, how do you decide?

Well, OnePlus and Apple have different approaches when adding tech to their devices. Understanding this difference will help you understand better iPhone or OnePlus, and which one is better for you.

OnePlus uses tech from industry-first chip providers like Qualcomm to achieve its trailblazing performance. It attaches a smooth, bloat-free user experience to screens with quick refresh rates to ensure that the performance is snappy.

But that is not all. OnePlus ensures its products have great battery life and support quick charging before shipping their products. So, how does it maintain its mid-tier price point? By cutting back on other features and not incorporating the tech required for it.

Apple offers high-end products, which means it can recover the costs involved in production. And so, it has an in-house research team that works on chip technology. Therefore, it can produce world-class chipsets like the A15 bionic that beats industry standards. And since it is not trying to keep costs low, it can incorporate technology like better quality speakers, cameras, and more as well.

But, Apple vs OnePlus, which brand offers better tech? Apple clearly offers better quality technology than OnePlus. But it comes at a steep price. OnePlus, in contrast, offers all the tech you would want in a modern smartphone at a reasonable retail price.

So, there is no clear winner for OnePlus vs iPhone when it comes to tech.

Two points in, and still cannot decide ‘Which phone is better, iPhone or OnePlus?’ Read on.

3. Operating systems - OnePlus vs Apple

The next point one cannot miss when addressing the ‘is OnePlus better than iPhone’ debate is Operating systems. And that’s because they play a major role in establishing the user experience for both these brands.

Apple runs its proprietary iOS operating system across all its devices. This system, when combined with the built-in animations, gives iPhones their buttery smooth experience. Apple also sends regular software updates and security patches to all its iPhone variants. This means you never miss out on any of the new software features, even if you own an older iPhone. Does that mean Apple wins this OnePlus vs iPhoneround? Not necessarily.

While iPhones may be smooth, OnePlus’ Oxygen operating system beats them with its processing speed. Sure, this OS is a light ‘skin’ over Android. But it is highly customizable without affecting the device’s performance. Moreover, like other Android phones, OnePlus devices receive software updates for a full three years and security patches for four years.

Apple vs OnePlus - which brand offers a phone with a better operating system? If you want quick performance while retaining the freedom to customize your phone, choose OnePlus. Else, choose iPhone.

If at this point you think either phone is good, go with it. But, if you’re still asking, ‘which phone is best, iPhone or OnePlus?’ Read on.

4. Cameras - OnePlus vs Apple

As an occasional picture taker, you want your smartphone to do full justice to special moments. When it comes to cameras, the answer to ‘is OnePlus better than iPhone’ could determine which phone you pick.

OnePlus phones have a range of cameras and photography modes. They also have night mode and video stabilization for crisp photos.

But OnePlus has never equipped its phones with the best quality sensors. And this shows in the quality of photos and videos, especially in low light. But to answer the question - OnePlus camera vs iPhone Camera, which is better, let’s look at iPhone cameras.

Despite having lower megapixels, iPhone cameras are not inferior to OnePlus. Their high-quality sensors coupled with software tweaks allow even non-photographers to click stunning pictures. They also render a much better video and audio quality.

Clearly, in the OnePlus Camera vs iPhone Camera standoff, iPhone emerges the winner.

5. Voice assistants - Apple vs OnePlus

Operate your phone with your Voice Assistant frequently? Then you’d want to know which phone is the best, iPhone, or OnePlus, in terms of Voice Assistants too.

OnePlus has Google’s voice assistant built into the phone. Since it uses Google’s tech, it is accurate, recognizes voices and accents and can perform a range of tasks. But is it good enough to settle scores between OnePlus vs Apple? Let’s see.

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, can perform all the same functions. But it struggles with voice recognition, accents, complex sentences, and understanding questions.

Simply put, OnePlus wins this OnePlus vs iPhone round, thanks to Google Assistant, hands down.

By now, you’d already have a winner to your is OnePlus better than iPhonedebate. If not, this last point is bound to help.

6. Ecosystems - Apple vs OnePlus

Whether you have been googling ‘iPhone vs OnePlus which is better’, ‘is OnePlus better than iPhone’ or some other version of the Apple vs OnePlus question, one thing that will always pop up is the ecosystems. But what is it?

Apple products are engineered to offer a seamless experience across devices. And given they only offer proprietary products; it means apps and services on your phone will work well only if they meet Apple’s own regulations.

OnePlus products have no such mandates. You can download apps and programs available on the Google Play Store freely. So, it is the best choice for users who don’t want to be tied to a particular system.

Now that we’ve covered all the arguments for OnePlus or iPhone, which phone is best, let's quickly review them, shall we?

BuildMetal and glass. Premium finish. Water-resistant.Plastic and glass. Water-resistant.
TechnologyHigh-end technology with good user experience and latest features.Technology that supports user experience but not more.
OSiOS gives a smooth performance. Gets software updates and security patches.Oxygen OS is snappy performance and gets 3 years of software updates and 4 years of security patches.
CamerasLower megapixels, but better-detailed photos, night-mode, and video.Higher megapixels but cannot capture detail in low light.
Voice AssistantSiri offers all voice assistant functionalities but is inaccurate.Google Assistant offers all the basic voice assistant functionalities accurately.
EcosystemOptimal performance within the ecosystem of products and appsNo ecosystem provides good performance irrespective of apps or products.

So, iPhone or OnePlus, which is better?

The above article gave you a detailed explanation of the question ‘Which phone is the best, iPhone or OnePlus.’ But if you still need help deciding OnePlus or iPhone which is best, here is the short answer.

OnePlus is an excellent smartphone for people who want flagship features on a budget. It is quick, clicks great photos and comfortably gets you through the day. But if you’re looking for a high-end smartphone that clicks excellent pictures and videos and provides a seamless experience, choose the iPhone.

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