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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Check Out the Best Products to Buy and Shop Wisely This Festive Season

Capital Goods Loan

Check Out the Best Products to Buy and Shop Wisely This Festive Season

Check Out the Best Products to Buy and Shop Wisely This Festive Season

Diwali is just a blink of an eye away, and many of us cannot control our excitement, even with the pandemic taking a toll on most of 2020. And, what’s more, this festive season is bringing in a bright ray of joy and celebration along with madcap Diwali sale offers.

From redecorating and revamping the house, buying new outfits and jewellery to upgrading our rides, appliances and gadgets, all go hand-in-hand with the rejoicing festive spirit. The Diwali shopping lists are often longer than the bright trail of lights on our doorsteps. But, we don't mind spending till our heart's content!

It is usually this time of the year when we decide to upgrade our ambience and lifestyle, as we switch the older things with new ones. And, this is where people like to avail the festive season sale and make the most out of it.

However, in 2020, due to the unprecedented and persistent lockdown, people were residing mostly in the comfort of their homes. This made them realize the value of essential utilities like home appliances and domestic products. No wonder an inclination towards sales of consumer goods like washing machine, television, vacuum cleaners, etc. is highly anticipated this Diwali.

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People have started to understand the importance of quality living and hence are willing to invest in premium appliances with high-end technology and quality services. They find the festive season sale one of the best occasions to invest in such appliances and products.

This salecommences some of the most irresistible deals and discounts. Also, e-commerce websites unleash the best deals for their customers during the festive season. An important trail that follows this celebratory spirit is gifting a token of love to your family, friends and colleagues.

But, With so many deals on a range of varying products, picking the best gift can be a tad confusing. Therefore, we've curated a list of best products and gifts that you can buy online during these festivities.

Here is a list of the best products to buy this Diwali:

Air purifiers

Air Purifiers are not just a luxury appliance; they are now an essential utility product. Given the ever-rising pollution levels, it is crucial to ensure a quality check on the air we breathe, especially inside our homes. Therefore, counting a bid on an air purifier during this Diwali sale offer can be an incredibly wise decision.

With an increasing demand for air purifiers, many brands have launched a wide range of purifiers that suits different budgets and include various features to suit the geographic requirements.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the most premium smart speakers available in the market today. In a very short span, the product gained popularity into every household across the country. With the love it received, Amazon has launched upgraded versions of Alexa with better features and controls to fit in a contemporary home.

The new range of Alexa is available in multiple chic designs and varied sizes with great festive season sale and discounts. This gizmo is a must-have to groove along some good music and light up your house in a smart way.

Grinder and processor set

Mixer grinders and food processors are a handy appliance. People have started to indulge in cooking a lot during this lockdown. And, with a fine set of mixer grinder and food processor, your cooking process can become effortless.

Having a processor also allows you to treat yourself with some fresh fruit and vegetable juices. After all, it is crucial to keep yourself fit, especially during these challenging times. The grinder and processor set is an excellent recommendation under appliances to buy this festive season.

Smart TV

Televisions have been a constant source of entertainment in our lives. With the changing times, the televisions available in the market have upgraded tremendously. In today's date, a range of extremely smart TVs are available for purchase.

These TVs usually have the best deals to avail during the festive season. If you're looking for a big-ticket purchase this Diwali, surf some of the smart TV options available online, it is definitely one of the best products to buy this Diwali.

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Washing machine and dryer

The lockdown confined us to do our own laundry. It made a lot of us appreciate the value of a good set of high-quality washing machine and dryer. We invest a good deal of money on clothes we buy; therefore it is highly recommended that you also invest in a pair of premium washing machine and dryer. Many eCommerce websites will have grand Diwali sale offers on the duo this Diwali.

Hairstyling appliances

With all those endless Diwali parties, you have to put up your best look to rock the festive season. And, there's nothing better than finely styled hair to go along with your perfect Diwali outfit. With advanced technology in hairstyling appliances available in the market, gifting yourself or your loved one’s styling tools can be an excellent option for products to buy this Diwali.

Air fryer

The festive season is all about preparing grand meals and hosting the perfect dinner nights. The mouthwateringdishes will likely take a toll on your health. Spend your money on an air-fryer this Diwali. This purchase is not only good on your pocket but also your health. Air-fryers help you prepare the most delicious delicacies in minimal oil. Say goodbye to deep frying and unnecessary weight gain as you add an air fryer in your cart.

Home theatre system

One of the most fun and entertaining activities of the festive season is the movie nights! With a booming home theatre system, host the most vivid and entertaining movie night. Anyway, we are always surrounded by great content, as we binge our way through hours of quality OTT series. And, a phenomenal home theatre system will only enhance your experience. Don't just watch cinema, live through it.


With work-from-home being the new normal, an efficient laptop has become a must-have in today's date. Therefore, this festive season, invest big bucks in a new and high-end laptop with convenient features. With Popular brands offering a whole new range of compact and sleek laptops on emi budget is no more a worry.

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Furniture and accessories

Contemporary furniture helps you add an element of style and richness to your home. From sleek cabinets to fancy side tables and vases, a fine range of furniture and related accessories are available on online websites like IKEA to avail this festive season.


The festive season brings in joy, celebration and cheer. Along with that, it also brings endless kilos of extra weight with all that mouth-watering food. Purchase a treadmill this festive season to take a step towards a fit lifestyle.


Smartphones are not just an item of utility, they’ve become a status symbol of luxury. Every day, mobile and smartphone brands are outdoing themselves by launching premium mobile phones, which makes this festive season the right time to purchase one.

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The festive season is all about creating endless memories with your loved ones. Capture these memories with a brand-new camera with incredible offers during Diwali sales online. With so many camera options available online, it is important to select one with apt features that appeal to your creative side.

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CCTV System

CCTV systems are a smart investment. This Diwali, take a step towards you and loved ones’ safety and purchase a CCTV system for your home. This investment will go a long way for you and would definitely be a wise choice to pick from the Diwali sale offers.

Coffee Brewing Machine

Coffee keeps us going, with the best cafes and breweries being shut or partially open during the pandemic, it would be ideal to invest in a new coffee brewing machine. You’ll find some of the best deals online during the festive season sale on coffee machines and brewing machines.

The Bottom Line

It is essential to keep evolving and upgrading in life. Therefore, keep up with the festive spirit and invest your money in various online Diwali sale offers. Grab the hottest deals of the season and add to the joy of celebration. Make this Diwali, truly joyous by reeling in those offers!

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But wait! You probably want to purchase most things from the list above, but, these big buys can be a little heavy on your pocket.

Don’t let a cash crunch thwart your festive spirits. Turn to Tata Capital’s range of consumer durable loans to make your buys possible. Not only do we offer personal finance at attractive interest rates, but we also accommodate flexible repayment tenures with minimal documentation. 

To know more about our finance offerings, log on to our website or give us a call today!

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