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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > Best UV UF Water Purifier in India

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Best UV UF Water Purifier in India

Best UV UF Water Purifier in India

The importance of clean, safe drinking water is undeniable. It is a basic necessity, and technology has evolved to meet this essential need. Water purifiers with UV and UF technology are ideal for removing all the impurities from water.

Ultraviolet (UV) eliminates bacteria, viruses, and cysts, ensuring our water is free from harmful microorganisms. On the other hand, Ultrafiltration (UF) acts as an additional filtration measure, capturing even the tiniest particles, ensuring that water is not only visibly clean but also microbe-free. Purifiers combining the UV and UF technologies provide clean drinking water while preserving the essential minerals.

With an array of options available in the market, choosing the best UV UF water purifier that meets your budget and requirements can be confusing. This blog will highlight the best UV UF water purifiers in India 2023, with their features and benefits, so that you can make an informed decision.

Which is the best UV UF water purifier in India?

Here are the ten best UV UF water purifiers that you can choose from:

1. Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF water purifier

Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Water Purifier is one of the best UV UF water purifiers. It offers a dual purification system, using UV and UF processes to eliminate impurities. It has a purification capacity of up to 30 litres per hour and features an 11-watt UV lamp, an ultrafine 0.01-micron UF membrane, and multiple purification stages, including sediment and pre-carbon filtration.

2. Livpure Glitz 7 L UV and UF water purifier

Featuring a 4-stage UV+UF purification process and an impressive flow rate of 60 litres per hour, this water purifier has an alert system that notifies you of UV lamp malfunctions or the need for filter replacements, enhancing user convenience. Among the best UV UF water purifiers, it also incorporates power-saving technology, a backflushing port to eliminate stagnant water, and a handy tray for securely placing glasses or bottles while dispensing water from the purifier.

3. HUL Pureit Copper UV Tankless water purifier

Easily among the best UV UF water purifiers, this purifier offers dual dispensing, allowing you to choose between regular UV water and copper-enriched UV water. It boasts a top-notch UV lamp with a 5-year warranty for safe water by deactivating harmful bacteria and viruses. With mineral essence technology and 4-stage purification, it retains essential minerals and complies with USEPA standards. The water-saving mode stops dispensing after 15 minutes, and Smartsense indicators provide advanced alerts about filter replacement and auto-shutoff for the Germ Kill Kit.

4. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV+UF+Active Copper water purifier

This water purifier offers a robust 6-stage purification process and comes with a substantial 7-litre water storage capacity. Its patented Active Copper Technology infuses the goodness of copper into the water. The UV e-boiling technology ensures that every drop of water is as safe and healthy as if it were boiled. The Ultra Filtration feature provides crystal-clear clarity to your drinking water and safeguards it against viral and bacterial contaminants.

Moreover, it incorporates patented Mineral Guard Technology, preserving essential minerals in your water, making it one of the best UV UF water purifiers.

5. KENT Max UV water purifier

The KENT Max UV water purifier is on the list of best UV UF water purifiers because of its dual purification process, beginning with UV treatment followed by filtration through a hollow fibre UF membrane. This combined approach thoroughly removes inactive bacteria, viruses, and cysts from the water.

6. Eureka Forbes AquaSure Aquaflo DX UV water purifier

Equipped with a dual cartridge system, the Eureka Forbes AquaSure Aquaflo DX UV water purifier effectively purifies water by removing suspended particles, organic compounds, and unpleasant odours, resulting in clean, delicious, and healthy drinking water.

7. HUL Pureit Classic G2 UV+ water purifier

The HUL Pureit Classic G2 UV water purifier is designed for water with TDS levels below 200 ppm. It features an impressive 11-watt UV lamp for heightened safety and purification efficiency. Its Advance Alert System provides a 12-day warning before any operational issues, while the Auto Shut-off feature ensures water flow stops when the Germ Kill Kit’s life expires.

Its compact, sleek, and covered design makes it a perfect fit for modern kitchens, optimising space while adding a touch of elegance. Furthermore, it meets the standards set by the USA's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), capable of eliminating an astonishing one crore viruses and 10 crore bacteria in every one litre of water, making it a reliable choice for clean and healthy drinking water.

8. KENT Ultra Storage UV water purifier

This purification system uses a dual UV+UF process, with UV treatment preceding filtration through a hollow fibre UF membrane, ensuring the thorough removal of inactive bacteria, viruses, and cysts. This purifier boasts a wall-mounted design suitable for both big and small spaces. It operates on a Single Phase 140-250 V AC, 50-60 Hz power supply with a purification capacity of 60 litres per hour and a power consumption of 36W, with an 8-litre storage capacity.

9. AquaSure from Aquaguard Smart UV water purifier

This water purifier is compatible with TDS levels of up to 200. Its UV lamp has a life span of 5000 burning hours of effective purification. With a high flow rate of 2 litres per minute (Hi Flo Rate), it also features an Energy Saver Mode. It automatically turns off the UV lamp if water is not drawn for 10 minutes, promoting energy efficiency.

10. Eureka Forbes Maxima Ultraviolet water purifier

The Maxima UV purifier is designed for use with municipal water sources. It boasts a substantial cartridge capacity of 6000 litres, providing long-lasting filtration performance. Additionally, it includes a convenient glass-holding tray for ease of use. This purifier utilises a germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nm and employs a 3-stage purification process to ensure water quality.

Parting words

Selecting the ideal UV UF water purifier for your household may seem daunting, but you can make a well-informed choice by exploring and assessing various options available in the market.

At the same time, you can avoid straining your finances while enhancing your home with essential electronic appliances like a UV UF water purifier. Instead, consider opting for a consumer durable loan from Tata Capital at attractive interest rates.

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