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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > 10 Best Geysers in India 2023

Capital Goods Loan

10 Best Geysers in India 2023

10 Best Geysers in India 2023

As the winter season approaches, the demand for hot water increases. Fortunately, geysers provide the convenience of getting hot whenever you need it. However, not all geysers work the same way. Several factors, such as energy efficiency, capacity, heating speed, and safety features, come into play when selecting the best geyser for a home.

Whether you're a budget-conscious buyer or seeking the latest geyser technology, we're here with a list of the best geysers for your home that you can consider buying this winter season.

10 best geysers for home

Below is a list of geysers, with their features to help you choose the one that meets your requirements the best:

#1. USHA 3 L Instant Water Heater

USHA 3 L Instant Water Heater is a premium geyser designed to make your home's hot water supply more accessible and user-friendly. It can store 3 litres of water and heat it instantly whenever required, making it ideal for multiple users.

Its 6.5 bar pressure rating makes it suitable for medium to tall buildings, and its vertical shape allows it to fit neatly against any wall. It's also made to last, with high-quality materials and offers a rust-resistant finish, so it stays intact for a long time.

#2. Orient Electric 5.5 L Instant Water Heater

The Orient Electric Water Heater is among the best geysers for home if you need hot water instantly. This sturdy water heater provides 5.5 litres of hot water and has a 5-bar pressure Rating, making it capable of meeting the needs of both short and tall buildings. Its design is focused on streamlining usability and convenience, with a vertical shape that ensures it easily fits into your wall space.

#3. Havells Instanio 1-Litre Instant Geyser

The Havells Instanio is your solution for instant hot water, designed with convenience in mind. With its powerful 3000-watt heater, you'll have hot water whenever needed. It operates at a high 6.5 bars of water pressure, ensuring quick access to hot water.

This geyser is perfect for your kitchen, boasting a 1-litre capacity for on-demand hot water with just a touch of a button. Its Automatic Operation Type makes it effortless to use, requiring minimal effort.

#4. BAJAJ Juvel Instant 1 L Vertical Water Heater

The BAJAJ Juvel Instant Vertical Water Heater is among the best geysers for home. With a 1-litre capacity and an impressive 6.5 bars of pressure rating, your family always has sufficient hot water at your disposal for any task. Boasting a 3000-watt power input, it heats water rapidly, saving time.

Safety is a top priority with this geyser. Its automatic operation is designed to switch off once the water temperature reaches a certain level. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones' safety is taken care of while you enjoy the convenience of hot water whenever you need it.

#5. CROMPTON 3 L Instant Water Geyser

The Crompton 3 L Instant Water Geyser is ideal for those seeking a greater capacity to serve multiple users at once and rapid water heating. Its impressive 6.5 bar pressure rating is well-suited for high-rise buildings. Its sleek vertical design also ensures it neatly fits all wall spaces, making it a versatile choice for any setting.

#6. HAVELLS 6 L Storage Water Geyser

The HAVELLS 6L Storage Water Geyser is for those looking for a dependable storage geyser, making it one of the best geysers for a home. This geyser boasts a substantial 6L capacity, making it an excellent fit for larger homes or families. It's engineered to handle a robust pressure rating of 8 bar and higher, catering to high-rise residents requiring more durable geyser options.

Furthermore, its vertical design ensures a space-saving fit on your bathroom wall, preventing overcrowding. The HAVELLS 6L Storage Water Geyser is highly efficient, reliable, and robust, making it the best geyser for home.

#7. BAJAJ 3 L Instant Water Geyser

The BAJAJ 3 L Instant Water Geyser is a must-have appliance for maintaining a constant hot water supply in your home. Among the best geysers for home, its easy operation ensures quick and efficient water heating, and the 3-litre capacity is ideal for busy households.

Even in high-rise buildings, where water pressure can be a concern, this geyser boasts an 8-bar pressure rating. The main advantage of a geyser is its vertical design, which simplifies installation in spacious wall areas, offering convenience and saving space.

#8. V-Guard 1 L Instant Water Geyser

The V-Guard 1 L Instant Water Geyser benefits its users with a generous 1-litre capacity, ensuring quick and efficient hot water for bathing and washing, catering to your entire family's needs.

Boasting a 6-bar pressure rating, it's a perfect fit for high-rise buildings, and its vertical design easily integrates into large wall spaces, making it one of the best geysers for home usage. Its spill-proof design ensures safety even under high temperatures and intense pressure.

#9. BAJAJ 6 L Storage Water Geyser

With an impressive 6-litre storage capacity, unparalleled portability and easy installation, the BAJAJ 6 L Storage Water Geyser is a hassle-free addition to your home. It is suitable for low-rise and high-rise buildings due to its 8-bar pressure rating. Moreover, it's built to last and engineered for maximum energy efficiency, minimising electricity wastage.

#10.  HAVELLS 3 L Instant Water Geyser

Easily among the best geysers for home, HAVELLS 3L Instant Water Geyser has a 3-litre capacity that effortlessly caters to multiple users simultaneously. With a perfect 6-bar pressure rating for high-rise buildings and a space-saving vertical design, it's a smart choice for all homes.

Summing up

Choosing the best geyser for your home can be confusing, but you can make an informed decision by exploring and examining different options.

At the same time, updating your home with these electronic necessities doesn't have to burden your pocket. Instead, you can opt for a consumer durable loan from Tata Capital. We offer consumer durable loans at attractive interest rates with minimal documentation.

So, don't compromise on comfort this winter. Bring home a new geyser and ensure a warm and cosy season. Visit the Tata Capital website today for more details!

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