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Tata Capital > Blog > Capital Goods Loan > All You Need to Know About the Latest Sony Playstation 5 – Features, Specifications & More

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All You Need to Know About the Latest Sony Playstation 5 – Features, Specifications & More

All You Need to Know About the Latest Sony Playstation 5 – Features, Specifications & More

After years of anticipation from die-hard gamers around the world, Sony has finally unveiled the first look of its next-generation gaming console - the PlayStation 5. At its launch event ‘The Future of Gaming’ in June 2020, the unexpected design unveil of the Sony PlayStation 5 was met with surprise and subsequently, a lot of excitement. After all, the gaming world has long been looking forward to the latest version of PlayStation to pave the way for the next decade for the gaming experience.

At first glance, the Sony PlayStation 5 instantly catches your eye with its bold dual-tone Black and White scheme that sets a new bar for gaming hardware design. This futuristic design is also accompanied with a streak of Blue LED lights surrounding the angular air vents at the top that add a cool, modern touch to the classic console.

The Sony PlayStation 5 model comes essentially in two variants - the standard PlayStation 5 model that comes with a 4K BluRay drive and a modern PlayStation 5 Digital Edition that is entirely internet-based and does not have a disk option. The slim model of the PlayStation 5 has been represented propped up in a vertical position, but can also be placed horizontally under the television with ease of access remaining unaffected.

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Excited about the Sony PlayStation 5? Here’s all you need to know about the specifics of this next-generation console:

Hardware Specifications

For the gaming buffs, the PlayStation 5 is accompanied by a wide range of industry-leading hardware features and components that are sure to deliver on Sony’s high-performance promises. For starters, the Sony PlayStation 5 features a custom eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU that is clocked at 3.5GHz frequency. This frequency is variable which means that the CPU can shift its frequency based on the demand of the console at any time.  It also has a custom GPU that can hit 10.28 teraflops, has 36 compute units and also has a variable frequency of 2.23GHz.

All of these defining characteristics amount to the fact that the machine is ready to deliver on Sony’s promises of super-fast gameplay loading times. Moreover, these hardware specs prepare the Sony PlayStation 5 to handle the challenges of more demanding games that might be launched in the years to come.

In terms of storage,  the new PlayStation 5  has made the crucial leap from hard disk drives or HDD, to the much faster solid-state drive, or SSD storage. It offers an expansive 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a custom 825GB SSD, which strives to load as much as 5GB of data in just one second.

PlayStation 5 Features

The PlayStation 5 Controller

As with every grand PlayStation launch, Sony has made huge strides in improving the gaming experience by evolving the humble gaming controller that accompanies the PlayStation 5. The new controller has been dubbed by Sony as the ‘Dual Sense’ and offers a complementary design to the console itself.

In terms of gaming control, Sony has introduced two new exciting features on the Dual Sense. Firstly, it strives to make the gaming experience more immersive by moving from its previous ‘rumble’ feature to the modern haptic feedback. Secondly, The PlayStation 5 controllers offer a feature known as ‘adaptive triggers’ that offers the option for gamers to choose their level of resistance on their controller L2 and R2 triggers.

PlayStation 5 controller


Apart from the launch of the Dual Sense, the PlayStation 5 is also accompanied by a host of other accessories, specially designed to enhance the player’s gaming experience. First among these is an HD camera with dual 1080p lens, allowing players to live stream their gameplays online.

There are also the Pulse 3D wireless headphones that come with a noise-cancelling feature allowing players to further immerse themselves into the gaming mode. Apart from these, there is also the Dual Sense wireless charging station as well as a media remote with an in-built microphone.

Pricing and Availability

While Sony has delved into extensive details about the PlayStation 5, the price point and availability of the console still remains unclear.

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However, the previous launches of PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro and PlayStation 3, all of which came out in November, offer the first clue. Gamers looking to get their hands on the new-generation Sony PlayStation 5 can most likely expect the console to be available sometime in late 2020.

As for the price points, the bar can be placed with reference to estimated prices ranging from $450 to $600. If this appears far above your current budget, consider applying for a consumer durable loan  by a trusted entity like Tata Capital and give your gaming experience the upgrade it needs.

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