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Tata Capital > Blog > Wealth Services > How to Pick the Right Investments for Short-Term Goals?

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How to Pick the Right Investments for Short-Term Goals?

How to Pick the Right Investments for Short-Term Goals?

Embarking on a financial journey requires careful consideration – of both time and the choice of investments. If you're in the investment market to meet your short-term goals, be it a family vacation, paying off a short-term loan, or a big-ticket purchase, your investment choices will depend on your liquidity needs, investment tenure, and risk appetite.

From bank FDs to SIP investment and liquid funds, a number of short-term investments can help you meet your immediate financial goals. In this article, we'll discuss how you can pick the right investments for your short-term goals and make the most of them.

How do you define your short-term goals?

Before diving into the specific investment options, it's essential to clearly define your short-term goals to better prioritise them. Are you saving for a specific big-ticket purchase, or is it a contingency fund for unexpected expenses?

You can categorise your short-term goals based on the tenure of the goal and its importance. For instance, you can set goals that are up to 3 months away, such as home repairs or medical expenses, as emergencies. Other goals with a tenure of 1-3 years, such as a vacation, can be categorised as short-term.

Further, understand which of these goals are more important than the rest. For instance, planning an emergency fund or paying for home repairs could be more important than paying for a vacation. Ideally, the more critical the goals, the more you should invest in instruments that carry low risk.

How to pick the right investments for short-term goals

In addition to the investment objective, here are the factors to consider when choosing investment options for your short-term financial goals-


The returns on short-term investments such as fixed deposits, short-term debt funds, or money market instruments depend on the prevailing interest rate. These funds tend to offer decent returns when the interest rates are high.

So, it is equally important to stay informed about market trends and interest rate fluctuations and adjust your investment strategy accordingly to maximise short-term returns.

Risk tolerance

Every investment carries a certain degree of risk. Generally, lower-risk options are more suitable for short-term goals to minimise the impact of market volatility. Investments such as a bank savings account or fixed deposits are safe, or mutual funds like overnight or liquid funds are low risk.

So, consider how comfortable you are with potential fluctuations in the value of your investments.

Liquidity needs

One of the critical aspects of short-term investing is liquidity – the ease with which you can convert an investment into cash. Choose investments that allow you to access your money quickly without incurring significant penalties. This ensures flexibility and the ability to meet your short-term financial needs.

Common short-term investment options

1. Money Market Debt funds

Mutual funds that invest in debt securities like treasury bills, corporate bonds, or other money market instruments carry great potential for capital appreciation, even in the short term. They are relatively free from market fluctuations in comparison to Accrual and Duration Funds, making them a low-risk investment.

2. Fixed deposits

Bank FDs are one of the safest investments for your short-term needs. It requires you to invest a certain amount at a fixed interest rate for a fixed tenure. At maturity, you will receive the principal amount plus accumulated interest.

3. Money market accounts

Money market accounts such as commercial papers, treasury bills, or certificates of deposits are common investment options that feature low risk and no lock-in period. While it carries lower returns than other investments, it is highly liquid for short-term needs.

Wrapping up

Selecting the right investments for short-term goals requires a thoughtful approach. By prioritising your goals and considering factors like liquidity, returns, and risk tolerance, you can make informed decisions and easily meet your financial goals.

Take your first step towards your short-term financial goals with Tata Capital Wealth. Explore the top investment options, assess your portfolio, and get expert guidance.

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