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Tata Capital > Blog > Wealth Services > Exploring Alternative Investments in India: Opportunities Beyond Stocks and Bonds

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Exploring Alternative Investments in India: Opportunities Beyond Stocks and Bonds

Exploring Alternative Investments in India: Opportunities Beyond Stocks and Bonds

Gone are the days when saving money alone was enough to prepare for the future. Today, diversified investments have become paramount, with India’s inflation rate averaging 6.01% in the last 10 years.

While stocks and bonds are some of the most popular investment avenues to generate lucrative returns, they often come with high risk. Therefore, it’s crucial to explore other investment instruments to diversify your portfolio and optimise your returns to beat inflation.

Here are some popular investment avenues you can consider beyond traditional stocks and bonds to enhance your overall investment strategy.

Alternative investment funds

Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) is a privately pooled fund, different from traditional investment avenues like stocks, bonds, or bank deposits. Regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), AIFs are designed exclusively for sophisticated investors willing to take higher risks for potentially higher returns. These funds are categorised into three classes: Category I, Category II, and Category III.

-Category I funds invest in venture capital funds, angel funds, social venture funds, and infrastructure.

-Category II includes private equity funds, debt funds, and funds of funds.

-Category III funds use diverse or complex trading strategies, including hedge funds.

While AIFs typically involve higher risks compared to traditional investments, they also offer the potential for higher returns, making them ideal for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Real Estate and Fractional Real Estate

Real estate investment has long been regarded as a cornerstone of wealth creation and portfolio diversification. The allure of tangible assets, potential appreciation, and rental income make real estate an attractive option for investors seeking long-term financial stability. Traditional real estate investment often involves significant capital, property management responsibilities, and potential liquidity challenges. However, in recent years, a new avenue has emerged—fractional real estate investment—providing an alternative and more accessible way for individuals to participate in the real estate market.

Fractional real estate investment allows investors to own a fraction of a property, enabling them to diversify their portfolios without the need for large capital outlays. This approach democratizes real estate investment by breaking down property ownership into more manageable and affordable shares. Investors can now gain exposure to a diverse range of properties, from residential apartments to commercial spaces, spreading risk and minimizing the impact of market fluctuations on their overall investments.

One key advantage of fractional real estate investment is the enhanced liquidity it offers compared to traditional real estate ownership. Investors can buy and sell their fractional shares through online platforms, providing flexibility and reducing the burden of long-term commitments associated with traditional property transactions. Additionally, fractional ownership platforms often handle property management, streamlining the investment process and allowing investors to enjoy potential returns without the day-to-day responsibilities of owning and maintaining a property.

As an alternative investment option, fractional real estate investment provides a middle ground for those who seek exposure to the real estate market but may find traditional ownership impractical or cost-prohibitive. It opens up opportunities for a broader segment of the population to participate in real estate investment, contributing to a more inclusive and diversified investment landscape. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, fractional real estate investment stands as a compelling option for individuals looking to build wealth and secure their financial future through real estate.

Private Equity Investment

Private equity investment, a dynamic alternative to traditional investment avenues, involves investing in privately held companies with high growth potential. In this landscape, investors commit capital to private equity funds, which, in turn, strategically deploy funds into promising businesses. Private equity offers a unique opportunity to participate in companies not publicly traded, fostering active involvement in their strategic decisions. This proactive approach aims to enhance the value of invested companies, potentially yielding substantial returns. While it entails a longer investment horizon and higher risk, private equity remains an attractive alternative for investors seeking diversification and the potential for significant capital appreciation.


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) present a compelling alternative investment option, offering a unique way for individuals to gain exposure to real estate without the direct ownership of physical properties. REITs are companies that own, operate, or finance income-generating real estate across various sectors, such as residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Investors can buy shares of publicly traded REITs on stock exchanges, providing liquidity and diversification benefits. The appeal lies in the regular distribution of a significant portion of their income to shareholders, often yielding attractive dividends. REITs democratize real estate investment, allowing even those with modest capital to participate in a professionally managed portfolio of properties. This alternative offers a balance between the potential returns associated with real estate and the liquidity and ease of trading associated with traditional stocks, making it an attractive option for investors seeking income and diversification.

Venture Capitalist

Venture capital stands as a dynamic alternative investment option, involving the funding of early-stage, high-potential startups in exchange for equity. Investors in venture capital funds support innovative ventures, often in technology or biotech sectors, with the aim of achieving substantial returns upon successful exits, such as initial public offerings or acquisitions. This form of alternative investment requires a tolerance for risk due to the inherent uncertainty of startup success, but it offers the potential for significant capital appreciation. Venture capital not only fuels entrepreneurial growth but also provides investors the thrill of participating in cutting-edge industries and groundbreaking innovations.

Portfolio management services

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are specialised investment services offered by financial institutions to manage and optimise investment portfolios on behalf of clients. Professional fund managers will manage your portfolio based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon.

They invest in several securities, including fixed-income securities, equities, cash, commodities, and more to help you enjoy greater returns and better flexibility.

To sum up

Stocks and bonds are not the only way to earn attractive returns on your savings. You can opt for numerous investment instruments that better suit your financial needs and align with your risk appetite. However, before making any investment, you must research well or seek advice from a financial advisor.

At Tata Capital Wealth, our team of experts help you make informed financial decisions. From investment suggestions to portfolio management services, our professional team of wealth managers is ready to assist you on your investing journey. Visit our website to know more!

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